Chrissies ParadeThis story was given to me by a very dear departed friend.Chrissie1Having received the invitation and tickets. You board the plane. Its a long flight so you have come prepared. Long flowing dress, stockings, no underwear and reading material. Overnight bag full of essentials and a few non essentials. The pain killers you took are working fine but they have reacted with the other little pill you took that arrived with your tickets.You feel lovely, all warm and floaty and slightly sleepy. But the strange thing is – you love everyone.Your club class seat is unbelievable. Fully reclining, and with partitions for privacy. Champagne as soon as you are seated. The cabin crew are very attentive and you feel they all look so yummy. Even the women !The engines scream up to full power and you are off……… You know your airport but not your final destination and the flight looks like being boring, but you don’t care because you feel so good, and everyone looks tasty. After a while as you are reading your book a hostess asks if you would like a drink? Which you decline. She then asks if you would care for any of the special services that have been arranged to be available for you. Special service you ask?Well, the hostess replies I notice you are reading a book famous for its high sex and pornography content, and judging by your pupils and your very relaxed demeanour. I would say you took one of the little pills you got with your invitation. The service is designed to make your trip as pleasant as possible. When she says the word pleasant her eyes flash and she squeezes your hand gently.Now this is interesting you think, so you agree and say the service sounds agreeable. To this the hostess tuns on her heel and is gone in a flash.Very soon, two young men arrive and ask ‘Miss Vernon’? When you reply ‘yes’, they introduce themselves and ask if they may join you. Well of course you agree. Two very fit looking men in their late twenties with Hollywood looks, and teeth. You try to stand to say hello but the big one is too quick. He puts his hand on your thigh and gives a slow squeeze. Introduces them both saying I’m Jeff and this is Rod. Rod is like an Australian surfer. All blonde hair and tan. Jeff is tall, black and stunning. Both obviously super fit. As they sit with you Jeff keeps his hand on your thigh and explains what the special service is. He and Rod are there to make you very comfortable. He never takes his hand from your thigh. Looks into your eyes and smiles……’Electricity’!!!!!!!!!!!!……… That’s it for you. You smile back, part your legs slightly and say “Make me more comfortable”Rod adjusts your seat to recline more, and just happens to brush your nipples when he does it. He then kneels beside you and very quickly and deftly opens your button front dress, exposing your lovely hard nipples and smooth fragrant cunt. He eases your legs wider apart and kisses you softly from neck to clit. Your thinking now this is more comfortable, as he expertly nuzzles and licks and eats your luscious cunt. All the while caressing your nylon encased legs. Now your thinking this is very comfortable.Jeff then stands in front of you, and looking directly into your eyes he starts to remove his tight trousers.Trousers gone, you can see he’s wearing very, very tight CK briefs. They are so tight because of the huge bulge in the front of them. He invites you to remove them.(Cue Chrissie’s wider grin)…….As you pull down the front you release an enormous black, smooth, soft, cock. Jeff hasn’t a hair on his head or body. You never had a black cock before so this is thrilling. With his briefs removed you can run your hands all over his big powerful thighs, rock hard six pack and hard round buns. You pull him towards you and eagerly put his warm, soft, black, cock into your oh so willing mouth.Now your thinking this is so, so comfortable. Rod is doing a wonderful job on your now soaking wet cunt. Jeff’s cock starts to swell in your mouth. This is new for you, as men’s cocks are always rock hard before you get them into your mouth.Oh wow your clit is full of butterflies, fluttering round your belly making you give an involuntary mew of pleasure.Rod immediately lifts your legs and parts your cheeks and plunges his tongue right into your willing arse hole.Jeff’s cock continues to grow and grow. It’s amazing. Until at last it stands hard and curved and proud. You can only get a small part of it in your mouth, and its so fat…….. With as much cock down your throat as possible you still have enough left to get both hands on it. You can’t possibly get your fingers to touch round this magnificent black weapon.Rod is doing an amazing job fucking your puttering arse hole with his tongue, as you give Jeff’s huge cock all the attention you can muster. Kissing and sucking and wanking and rubbing it all over your face.This is just so utterly and ridiculously “comfortable”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This splendid and pleasurable threesome goes on for quite some time, with you getting more and more passionate and urgent. Breathing heavier and making lovely sexy sighs and moans. Until Rod moves to fuck you. You suddenly jerk Jeff’s cock out of your mouth NO! You firmly tell them you want Jeff’s huge cock inside you.This doesn’t surprise or offend the boys in any way, and they quickly swap places. This is better for you as Rod’s cock although very fine isn’t as huge as Jeff’s. Sucking Rod’s cock is easier and you can get it all in your mouth and down your throat.Oh how happy are you Chrissie?Now you can feel Jeff place his cock on your cunt lips and start to ease it in. You are thankful that Rod was so good at cunnilingus as you are drenched in your juices and the lubrication is very much needed. With more pressure you suddenly feel ‘pop’, as Jeff’s cock head thrusts into you, and boy do you feel stretched. You never felt anything in you this big before (apart from when you tried that wine bottle when you were younger.)He slides into you for what feels like yards of cock. Its so huge! Its pushing up under your belly. Oh it hurts so good. Then he starts to withdraw and its a relief but also you want it back in even harder and further. He pushes back and you welcome the size and pleasure and pain all at once. Your full. So full. Then he withdraws again. You want to scream “Put it back, fuck it into me.” But Rod’s cock is down your türbanlı kırklareli escort throat and your sucking greedily on it. Then back it comes, so big and hard filling your cunt and belly. Your juices are pouring out of you. As he fucks you. BANG BANG and you suck and sigh and moan and fuck back You never felt like this before its so amazing.He continues to fuck you BANG BANG BANG. The pleasure. The pain, oh the PLEASURE. Then he withdraws fully. You try to look why, but your mouth is full of lovely cock and you can’t turn your head.Then suddenly its back. That huge, hard ,unforgiving, wonderful cock is back. But not in your cunt! He’s sliding into your ever eager arse. Stretching you, pushing in further and further until…..Oh the …………………..Rods cock explodes and fills your mouth with hot salty spunk. So much gushing into your throat. Leaking past your lips to drip onto your tits.Jeff starts to fuck your shuddering arse sliding in and out like a piston. Pushing in to fill you so full, then withdrawing to give you relief but emptiness. Then back in, Fucking you, Fucking you then …..WHOOOOOOSH… his cock explodes right up inside your arse. Oh the feeling Its so……………………………………………………………BOOOOOOM The lights go out. Your clit explodes, your belly and tits are full of butterflies and all up and down your spine and neck is electricity sizzling and zapping. Your eyes roll back and your arms and legs are suddenly limp……………………….CUM..CUM…CUM…CUM…CUMMMMM..MM.MMMMM.MMMM…..…………MMM…………………………..M…………………………………M…….……………………………MMM………………………………MM………………..mmmm………………..m……..…………mmmmm……………………………………………………….mmm………………m………………m…….…………………………………………………m……………………….Never have you had such a huge and prolonged orgasm. But you cant tell. It could be one huge one, or twenty one multiple ones. This wasn’t just sexual satisfaction. It was ECSTATIC OBLIVION……………………………………..2After about twenty minutes Rod and Jeff now dressed, say they will leave you to rest a while. As they leave you are just sprawled out. Arms hanging and dress wide open as are your legs.The stewardess arrives to see you. After she sponges you down with a steamed cloth. She fastens your dress and gets you a pillow, she says ‘Its so nice isn’t it. They are very good’, and as she puts a blanket over you, you fall asleep, and sleep for the rest of the journey. But the dreams you have…….. Such wonderful dreams and all so sexy……………………….Having just woken when the plane lands, and is just coming to a stop, you miss the announcement of welcome to **************The cabin crew are very attentive when you wake and give you coffee. Even though the plane is on the ground and everyone has departed.When you gather yourself together you are whisked through the VIP arrivals and into a waiting Limo, which has you at your hotel in no time.The chauffeur has your bags and you are registered in a suite.Before you know it, you are bouncing around in the jacuzzi reading what the hotel has to offer.Later, all jacuzzi’ed out and having taken full advantage of the hotels on call hair dressing and beauty and manicure and pedicure services, and having dined in the restaurant on a fine Main lobster salad with Crystal Champagne and mango and papaya dessert. You are feeling fine and ready to explore.But first the waiter brings you a note. Your outfit chosen for you for street wear is waiting in the rooms.’Your dresser is waiting for you.’ Up in your rooms he introduces himself and explains his role.Terry is lovely! Small, very good looking and also very gay and camp. You instantly like him. He is very funny, and flirts with you outrageously.He has you naked in no time. You aren’t unused to being naked in front of men but this is new for you. Terry flutters round you like a small bird and tells you ‘Darling a girl of sixteen like yourself shouldn’t be alone in the big city. A nasty big man like myself could whisk you away and eat you up’You have a lovely time chatting and joking with Terry.Then down to business……He starts with your necklace and breast harness. It’s a choker and push up halter bra combined. Made from very fine, very soft, black k** leather with silver spider web patterns all over it. The bra having no cups is a thing of engineering brilliance. Pushing your breasts up and out.Terry then produces what look like two silver and black circular spider webs.He tells you ‘Darling I have to be naughty to fit these’ He pops one into his mouth and quick as a flash sucks your right nipple and ‘pop’ you have a nipple enhancing ring fixed round your very hard nipple. Terry is delighted and tells you ‘Darling it looks wonderful.’As you look in the mirror you have to agree and tell him to fit the other one. Which he gladly does.They also feel good and make your nipples look so big.He then explains the next item is very complicated and difficult to put on.It’s a full suspender body stocking with sleeves. Also with spider web patterns. Terry has you on your back with legs in the air in no time. With lots of giggling, and stretching this way and that, and slapping of bot, and tickling here and there. You are finally encased from neck to toe in this most wonderful creation. He has to run his hands all over you to get it smoothed just right, and this feels lovely.Your next item is a waist waspy. Made from the same material as the harness. When Terry has it fitted it feels like you are being gently hugged. Your waist is easily six inches smaller.He then produces your footwear. Black CFM shoes with silver stiletto heels that fit just so, and so light and comfortable.Your jewellery is next. All filigree silver and jet. Rings, bracelets, ankle chains, necklaces and chokers and earrings. Plus a silver spiders web design tiara. Terry steps back to look at you and gives a low whistle. He tells you ‘Darling your even making my cock hard’You look in the mirror and smile. There looking back at you is a goddess of filth and sex.Your stockings have seams up the back with small bows türbanlı kırklareli escort bayan at the back just above the ankle and just below your bum cheeks. No front and back, so your cunt and whole arse are exposed.The arrowhead sleeves are held in place with finger rings and the pointed cuffs make your hands and fingers look long. As does your long nails enhanced by the diamond black varnish you have on.Terry adds the final touch, a pair of black mirror lens wraparound sunglasses. You look stunning.!!!!!!!!!!! Terry’s eyes sparkle as he trills ‘Darling I just have to’… he quickly kneels at your feet and plants a kiss on your lovely smooth cunt lips. Which has you in gales of laughter.Just then the doorbell chimes. Terry instructs you to stand just where you are as this is your escort.He opens the door and there standing in the corridor is Rod and Jeff. dressed only in body paint and small fly wings on their backs. They are flies and you are the spider. But they are both wearing small leather harnesses with chain leads attached to their penises.Jeff asks ‘May we escort you my lady?’You tell him we cant go out dressed like this. But he reassures you we can, because this is….”Florida Keys Fantasy Festival “3In the hotel foyer the three of you get many admiring looks and so many photographs are taken of you.Rod beckons to the street and with both leads to their cocks in your hands and your pussy tingling and already moist, you strut into the street. The spider taking her two flies to be eaten.You feel like a million bucks or fucks.On the street it’s like nothing you have ever seen. Hundreds, no thousands of people in all manner of costumes and body paint. Partially naked and fully naked people. Carnival floats with different sexual scenes going bye. Ordinary tourists not knowing where to look.Some people openly having sex. It’s heaven on earth for you.After strolling for three blocks feeling like the queen of the world. With many compliments and touches and strokes. You come to a huge curtained off section of the street, with about twenty large men all dressed exactly like Rod and Jeff, forming two lines either side of some steps up to, and through the curtain.They beckon you to go up the steps.As you emerge through the curtain the site that greats you is unbelievable. It’s a large carnival float decorated with huge spiders webs. But the main object which is in the centre of the float is an immense erect penis about five feet long and two feet in diameter, with huge testicles at the back. The penis is lying flat.Rods asks you to straddle this monster and points out small holes in the testicles where your heels fit into. To stop you slipping off. As you climb on, the curtain drops and you are in full view of the crowds about six feet up so everyone can see you.When you feel this giant cock it’s warm and soft and feels just like a real one. Nice… So you fit your spiked heels into the holes and mount the monster.With your legs parted so wide and straddling the giant cock you lie forward and wrap your arms as far around it a you can.Jeff says in a loud voice “Lets get this show on the road.”You feel a large engine start up below you and start to rumble. You feel a sudden snap in your legs and you cant move them.The heels of your shoes are steel not silver, and the holes you inserted them into are very powerful electro magnets, which just switched on.You are stuck!Well what a predicament. Stuck astride a giant cock, bare arsed, pussy wide open and wet, and surrounded by large well endowed naked men. In public.What fun………………………….The float starts off slowly down the street, joining other less raunchy exhibits.The giant cock then starts to rise, as if it was getting an erection because you were on it. Then it stops at about twenty degrees.Jeff asks Having fun ?To which you give your lovely mischievous grin and say “I want cock!” As you travel down the road the men flaunt and display themselves. Some have fine erections. They move around you rubbing their cocks on you, or maybe touching or stroking you. The kissing is none stop. Some are gentle and tender while others are forceful and rough.Rod tells you to slide a small lever in the top of the giant cock forward. As you do so you feel something pushing against your now dripping cunt. Of course you are open to all comers but this isn’t human. It’s a nice big dildo on the front of a fucking machine. About ten inches long and two in diameter.Oh joy! A fucking machine to try. It slips into you no problem…………………………………………..The crowds are cheering and clapping, and you are being fucked by a machine.The lever has a twist grip which alters the dildo’s speed. Nice… You keep it nice and low (For now)One of the gentle men kisses you on the lips then on the back of your neck as the first cock is slid into your oh so kissable ever eager mouth and you give him a great blow job.This is lovely you think but it just needs a little something else. As you suck on the nice cock you feel someone behind you and he slips right into your greedy arse hole. Wow…..Your arse and cunt both being fucked at once. It causes you to have a sharp intake of breath, but as your mouth is full of cock you suck him further in making him cum, blasting the back of your throat with hot sticky spunk. Your first drink of men today………..4Its a hot humid and sunny day so you are soon sweating (sorry glowing)The cock in your mouth is soon replaced with someone kissing you. He is quickly replaced by a rough man who bites the back of your neck, while another rough one pushes his hard cock into your mouth and fucks your mouth hard. While the one biting your neck grabs your nipples and pulls and squeezes them unmercifully. All the while you are being double fucked. You turn the speed up on the machine and the guy fucking your arse keeps pace, so all three cocks are ramming into you at the same time. This is so BAM !!!!!!!! Orgasm hits you like a bullet.OOOOOOOOh cum so good. Someone hits the top of the speed control and the dildo in your cunt fires a jet of hot thick something deep into your soaking cunt……….Cock! More Cock!!………….cummmminngggggg………Your orgasm triggers the cock in your mouth to explode and the one in your arse to shoot jets of hot cum so far into you. You türbanlı escort kırklareli can feel it deep in you, and more spunk to drink starts more waves of pleasure…………………………………………….Your arse is suddenly empty as he withdraws. But its immediately replaced with a fresh bone, and the cock which just filled your mouth is taken away and replaced by gentle kissing on your lips. You hear a voice you know. Jeff asks Enjoying it? Your reply? “I want more cock!”You hear the crowd cheering. They can hear everything you say. You are broadcasting over a tiny radio mike.As you look around you have such a hunger and you say “COCK! GIVE ME MORE COCK. I WANT TO FUCK. I WANT ALL COCKS!”Oh lovely naughty Chrissie.Good enough. Your arse is filled again with another hard thrusting shaft. Your mouth is also filled with hard man meat. Plus others have started to wank very close to your face. Leaving the speed control at a slow to medium fuck speed, you grab a hard shaft in each hand and wank those fine cocks. Slower, smoother and less urgent this time. The crowds are cheering and whistling and clapping.Chrissie’s heaven…..Fucking, Sucking and Wanking Cock all at the same time.The two guys you are wanking both swell and grow even harder as they begin to shoot hot jets of cum onto your faceIt’s enough for any girl to enjoy and soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you feel it crawling up inside you.Its one of those slow lazy ones where you start to cum and keep cumming and crawling round inside you, filling you with pleasure. Making your skin tingle and your eyes turn up. Then more spunk in your mouth and arse………………………………………………………..MORE COCK!!!!!!!The crowd goes wild. Two voices whisper “with pleasure”! As the two new cocks are inserted. You just know Rod’s is the one in your mouth and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that huge stallion is thrusting his enormous weapon into your arse. The men are wanking and exploding hot cum all over your body and face now. This is heaven. Sucking rods cock and now clinging to the giant one, rubbing your tits on it. Feeling it on your belly. Sliding on the warm spunk.Feeling the spunk running on your back, your face, in your hair. Oh the pain….Your so stretched with the dildo in your cunt and Jeff’s hugeness fucking your arse. You are so pleased you had so much spunk in you before Jeff began fucking you.All the way in and almost all out. Then all the way in again and again. He’s huge …14 inches of hot hard cock. The incredible pleasure.You love this so much. Spit roasted in public and drenched in spunk.The beautiful penis in your mouth, so smooth, so straight, so hard, is just….But that massive cock thrusting and thrusting deep into you. Your covered in spunk. All you can taste and smell is spunk as you suck this lovely man’s cock. Your sliding on the giant, your almost floating on semen and still they cum all over you… It’s so OH OH OH that cock is so huge ramming into you. Fucking you. Hurting you so good. And still more spunk, all over your face and hair. And still that monster cock fucks into you, battering your ruined arse, and you want more, Fuck me. Fuck me. You scream inside. Fuck my arse. Fuck me………..Fu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nothing you ever did or had before prepared you for this. You totally lose control. You cum so hard and with such intensity your heart actually stutters.You are a shambles, no control of your arms and legs. Your arse and cunt clench and clench some more, your mouth hangs open as Rod fucks it, and still Jeff rams into you. Then stiffens…..All f******n inches right up inside you. Then you feel it. Pumping and gushing into you. He shoots his spunk so far into you and in such quantity. He’s hosing you inside. Rod suddenly whacks right down your throat and cums in torrents. But you are in such immense ecstasy your mouth is just hanging open and all his cum dribbles out onto the floor. Your whole being is glowing.Your panting like a bitch in heat with a pack of dogs. Then the spasms start. You’re in such ecstasy. When you begin to uncontrollably to fuck back and jerk and twitch………………You never want this to stop.The crowd are going berserk…………….On and on you cum and continue to jerk and heave.Oh the pleasure, the pleasure……………………The wonderful fucking orgasms go on and on. You never want them to stop. It’s like having liquid orgasm flowing through your veins.Never this good before, never so huge. OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYou cum for days, months, years, Forever.Then it subsides. Slowly and deliciously. Leaving you so happy. Rod has withdrawn from you and now Jeff is out. Christ you suddenly feel so empty.Rod asks “You enjoy that ?”You whisper “Yes, more cock, Fuck me more!”5Rod turns to all the men on the float and tells them “Gentlemen, the lady wishes for everyone.”From then on throughout the entire day, team after team were brought in to serve you. Eleven long hours later. Long after the float finished its journey round the streets and after eight full teams of twenty men had either cum in you or on you, or both.Unable to walk or even stand with your belly and every hole in your body filled with spunk, you are taken back to the hotel where a team is on hand to care for you. On the way you pass out.Next day you wake very sore and stiff and very hungry. The care team bring you breakfast of Peach and Passion fruit juice, Loch Feine smoked salmon with scrambled Eider ducks eggs, whole wheat toast and Civet coffee.Your swollen lips are very tender and eating is rather difficult.Your pussy and arse are smothered in cool cream.Throughout the day you are attended to and pampered like the queen of the world. You are bathed in the jacuzzi, dried, powdered and creamed.You are then given a very gentle massage by a small, very gay and very nice man. It’s Terry!!!He looks into your eyes and tells you he thinks you are wonderful.He attends to your ever need. Providing you with reading material, movies, TV, anything. But mostly you just relax and talk and make each other laugh. A few days later Terry holds your hand, kisses you and tells you goodbye. The limo takes you back to the plane and your flight home.On the way back you doze most of the way. Or think of your glorious time. Of Jeff and Rod and little Terry and wonder if next year will be as good?????????????????Another limo is waiting for you when you land, and whisks you home. Where you find your house full of bouquets of flowers and a gift wrapped package. Inside is a new version of your costume. But all the jewellery is now diamonds.There is only one card. It says Hope you enjoyed Florida. Love Peter. X