First MeetRE: First meet.Finally the evening had come around, dragging on for two long weeks, I had been chatting to a couple online, for the last few months, for the story, lets name them Lesley and Darren.We were chatting about Fantasies and likes, when Darren told me of their favorite pastime of playing cuckold games.Not too sure about the full extent of the roles, but Darren quickly explained the terminology and what it entailed, with the order of how things happen, and why, which was interesting, and hot.I got to chat to Lesley as time and confidence built, and as time went on exchanging IM chats and photo sharing, led to all of us getting quite excited about meeting up, so here i was, outside of their place, not really sure how the evening would pan out, but with a lovely warm feeling in my groin, thinking about how sexy Lesley is, and hopefully get to share her charms, with some passionate lovemaking.Darren answered the door, he was a few years younger than me, Smart,well spoken, and very polite, making me feel very at ease, as we shook hands and invited me in.He led through to the lounge, where Lesley was sat on the sofa, looking very sexy wearing a short smart skirt and light blouse , noticing her elegant legs in stockings with leopardskin heels looking very together , shining a nice smile as our eyes met for the first time, signaling that we both liked our first reactions, to each other, glancing to Darren who also joined in the warm freindly eye contact, which was the main thing, our expectations were pleasantly suprised, as we all hit it off well, from here things were going to go well, i thought to myself.Darren offered us all a drink to break the ice and give me a moment alone with Lesley, who was very reassuring , giving a wry smile to me when i broached the subject of their games, it seemed surreal, now in the actual moment we sat facing each other, as if talking online had been just been cyber chat, and now was……….electric,…. at being face to face with this lovely Lady, taking in her perfume, which started things moving in my trousers, i am a sucker for nice perfumes, gets me every time, with Lesley sat a few feet away, moving her feet showing her calves, and what looked like an Anklet glinting away, that i hadnt noticed when i arrived, which always says something about the owner, to me, Ladies have to be pretty chilled and confident to wear one, Lesley was all of this plus more…… i could already feel her presence , as she eyed me up and down, stopping to notice that i was already quite hard…… the thought of being her play thing was very exciting, this sexy lady had all the hallmarks of knowing what she wants and getting what she wants, she had an air about her, i was just a player in Lesley & Darrens game, and aware that they had their own game going on, but that i had to play by their rules, for it to be a landmark night of fun, and sensual explosion for both Lesley and Darren.Darren returned with drinks for us all, he sat away from Lesely and i, so i guessed the game had begun, we chatted for a while, relaxing as the effects of the wine came into play, Darren refilled our glasses, which i was slightly concerned as i dont normally drink , so i decided to take it easy with this next one, although i was quite enjoying the buzz of these people around be, which also made the air quite tangible and charged. as i glanced at Lesley taking in the soft swell of her breasts, clad in a thin , almost see though blouse, that showed her pale blue bra clearly, her cleavage looking most inviting…!I made a point of letting her catch me staring at her breasts, moving down her torso to the short skirt that was showing off her legs to the full, not caring if she was watching me, as my eyes rested on her anklet, shining , radiating her ankles, giving her such a sensual lady look, i remember thinking that Darren must be quite a guy , to trap a lady of this Caliber, way out of my league…but i was to be her play thing for the night, lucky boy, i thought!As my mind wandered, Lesley asked Darren to remove her sexy leopard-skin heels, he knelt down before her and carefully removed them , then she stood up, which put her directly in front of me, her perfume filling my mind , her presence, quite in my face, my cock twitched and got harder at this beautiful woman stood a couple of feet away from me, her eyes resting on my bulge clearly showing my cock as it throbbed for her.Darren , she commanded, remove my stockings, the right before me, Darren knelt and lifted Lesleys skirt to reveal her stockings and matching light blue panties, that where, both, very elegant,and revealing.Darren undid the suspenders and slowly carefully drew down each stocking slowly, and provocatively, i could clearly notice Lesley state of arousal, as if the first move had been made on their game.She stood with her legs parted a little, to allow Darrens next task….to massage her legs in front of me, giving in to her exibitionist needs, her eyes closed enjoying the sensations of Darrens fingers tracing up and down her thighs.Lifting the front of her skirt as he did so, revealing that Lesley, was, quite excited , did i catch a glimpse of a moist patch forming in her sexy lace gusset? Her arousal hitting my nostrils as she clearly was well and truley in her element, of two guys lusting after bursa escort her.”I think you two are a bit overdressed”, Lesley said, so both Darren and I, shed our clothes revealing our very erect cocks to her gaze, im shaven as was Darren , both our cocks stood to the attention of Lesley her eyes looking directly at my swollen cock, almost devouring it with her eyes.I sat back down, sensing more to come, as Lesley calmly asked Darren to remove her blouse, he rose, and button by button, he undid the dainty buttons, to reveal Lesleys sexy light blue bra, that held her full breasts , her nipples clearly full and budding to be touched as they popped out of the lace.Darren then removed her skirt that slid down to reveal her full splendor of the matching lingerie, encasing Lesley . Darren then took her suspender belt off before moving to her bra,that, when released, allowed her full breasts, to bloom from her, her nipples full , proud , firm and erect, showing a state of arousal from this cool lady that could hide her thoughts, until her pointed nipples gave her true feelings away.I had sat back watching this naked in my armchair, i had to start stroking my cock in excitement of the situation, this sexy lady, being slowly disrobed, piece by piece, until she was stood there, in just her lace panties ,anklet, and painted nails, in a very provocative red.She raised her hands to her pointed nipples pinching them slightly, then twirling them between her fingertips, the flash of red nails heightening the arousal , as they teased toyed and making them stand more erect if that was possible. This was too much for me..i stood up, and licked the tip of her nipples, the heady smell of her perfume , mixed with her arousal was head spinning stuff, her raised her nipples for my enjoyment, i had to feel these two beauties in my hands, touching her hands as as she continued to massage her breasts, her red nail polish against her soft skin raising the temperature.Lesleys breasts became mine as she lowered her hands to my bursting cock, sending a jolt up through me as she touched me for the first time.Darren was sat in the other armchair with his hard cock pointing up skywards, as he watched his lady be taken by this stranger before his eyes……… Lesley was running her fingernails along the length of my hard cock making me urge , her pointed nails digging into my flesh, sending me through the roof!I must have jumped as she found my cock again, pulling my foreskin up and down, so slowly….. i was heaven, as she found my helmet dribbling pre cum, sticking her finger tips together to feel its sticky texture, then raising her fingers to her mouth, she licked and tasted my cum for the first time that evening.I ran my hand down to her panties, caressing her thighs and softer, inner thighs, without touching her panties, as she was willing me to do.I could smell her sex, her musky scent filling my mind , as i continued to tease her all around her pantie line without touching her molten Quim, encased in her lace panties, her breathing quickening as the sensations raced around her body, pushing her pelvis forward for my touch, but i wasnt letting her have what she wanted just yet, feeling her urgentcy rising, to quench the fire that was burning from deep within her, the tension rising in the room, with an urgency that i was holding on to, untill she was really aching for an explosion inside.I was still flicking my tounge across her straining buds, whilst running my other hand around to grasp her clenched cheeks, popping out of the light blue lace, as they worked up into her cleft, bearing her soft flesh to my eager hands, kneading and stroking them which clearly excited her, as she stuck her ass out to meet my willing hands, not letting my cock go for a second, as i gripped her cheeks squeezing her flesh , then playfully slapping her, as she wriggled against my hands administering some warmth to her excited ass cheeks, that by now were glowing dull red, Lesley was clearly enjoying herself with her new lover for the evening………….Not too sure about Darrens roll, as he sat by Lesleys side watching a close up , of my hands cupping her breasts, and kneading her ass in a way she was not used to, i motioned to him, to stand behind Lesly, as she pulled my foreskin up and down my throbbing helmet , i pulled her cheeks apart to let her tiny panties slip into her crease, leaving her ass cheeks completely exposed, i nodded to Darren, who put his hands round onto her breasts that were in need of more than my tongue, he scooped up her fullness , and gently kneaded her breasts flicking her nipples whilst he massaged her soft skin slowly round in a circular fashion, i motioned for him to kiss Lesleys neck, clearly a winning move, as she gasped in pleasure at the two sets of hands stroking her, and now Darrens kisses along her neck were taking her to a new high, as i kneaded her ass cheeks, to follow the same motion her gasps of pleasure escaped her red painted lips.Mixed with her heady scent and sex, the air was thick, and her passion was nearly boiling over, as she pushed my aching cock to her pantie covered venus, pushing into her slit as i could feel her heat and moistness through her panties.I ran my fingers along her wet panties, up into her moistness, now soaking her panties to a sodden strip of lace bursa escort bayan pulling into her aching clit., my fingers tracing along the side of the material feeling for the first time her trimmed venus, her breathing was rising rapidly, slinging her head back being sandwiched between two guys, with two hard cocks pressing into her, Darren nibbling her ear lobes and running his tounge along her neck in a soft but teasing manor, with love and affection, as her juices flowed from her molten quim, causing a squishing sound as my fingers squeezed her puffed pussy lips together, firmly , but not too hard , to give her even more tension filling sensations, that must have been shooting through her body, on every touch. I could feel Lesleys legs trembling , i motioned to Darren to help her sit down and back onto the comfy settee, she laid back , her hands massaging her aching boobs, her desires running riot, her legs parted , but for a strip of lace, soaked with her juices, i had to kneel down before her , to inhale her musky sweetness, i licked her trimmed hair either side of her pantie strip, rubbing my nose and chin into her molten quim, flicking my tongue right along the outer edge of her puffed lips swollen with lust, flushed pink by the handling she had received this evening, her urgency was becoming too much for her, as she pulled her panties aside to let me have full access to her soaking quim, and bulging cliterous , popped up like a small penis, bright pink, and swollen from her passions, as her fingers moved to relieve herself, i playfully smacked her hand, to say oh no you dont, to keep her at boiling point even longer….. my tongue had to feel her clit, as it flicked across her, she let out a gasp , shaking her head as the pressure point had at last been touched, releasing her juices, as she flooded my face.I pushed my face into her hot pussy rubbing my whole face in her juices, i was eating breathing and feeling her cumming with wild abandon, as more squirts followed , eagerly lapped up, tasting her sex, making my head spin ever faster, at her sweet flavoured Quim.Darren, play with your wifes breasts, whilst i lick her wet pussy, he massaged her breasts in the circular fashion she liked him too, looking up to watch Darren hands kneading Lesleys full breasts, pull her nipples, as far as Lesley likes you too, Darren looked to me, as i nodded to confirm what i had asked him to do, i sucked at Lesleys soaked pussy looking up to see Her nipples being pulled until Lesley cried out in pleasure loudly, followed by muffled weeps of pleasure as wave after wave of sheer pleasure shook through her trembling body.I raised myself up to her breasts, Darren lifted each of them in turn as i sucked her swollen nipples , bright pink from Darrens touch, making them so sensative, her head shook as i nibbled them just enough to be on the firm side, as much as she could bear, Darrens suprised look at not having seen her nipples treated like this before, I kissed my way up her chest to her neck, smelling her sexy perfume filling my head, inhaling as my lips found her ear lobes, and earings, kissing lightly, breathing deep into her ears, inhaling her very essence, and sexuality.Lesley had found my cock, and guided it towards her wanton quim,, i leant back stopping her from guiding me into her,”this part is for Darren”, i said softly, to her, looking across to Darren, his cock was glistning with precum , making his bulbous helmet shine, i leant back , my cock sticking out throbbing, and nodded to Darren, he looked to me, as i urged him to take hold of it.”Rub my cock through Lesleys pubic hair and wet slit”, in a masterful tone, he sheepishly grasped my cock gently at first , feeling my soft tissue, seeing my purple helmet also leaking precum, ” tease Lesley with my cock Darren”, stroke it up and down her wet pussy lips”, slowly he gathered confidence at this new experience, ” thats it, up and down, yes like that…” seeing Darrens cock bouncing up and down as he stroked my cock along his dear wifes pussy, he had a nice shaped cock, its shaven , like myself, and quite a nice size, but not quite what i have , i thought whilst looking at it.”I want you to wank my foreskin whilst rubbing lesleys pussy, so that your wanking my cock on her clit,” “yes like that”, as Darren responded to my instructions.Lesley was quivering with excitement, not believing how she felt with this stranger doing all these things to her , with, her husband, who was stroking this strangers cock, against her pussy…..” ive got to have it…ive got to have it now, pleeeeease… i need that cock deep inside me right now.”…… nodding to Darren he wanked my cock until he found the entrance to Lesleys wet pussy, he could feel her molten quim wet and eager to be filled, as he slotted the head of my cock against her furnace, watching closely as my cock slowly slid into his wifes pussy, his eyes not a foot away from watching and hearing his wifes gutteral moans , as my cock filled her tight pussy, almost making her pass out with pleasure, from waiting for this moment, all evening.Her moans as i sunk my cock into her fully, hearing the wetness and slurping as our pace moved a little quicker.I looked to Darren, feel my cock sinking into your wifes sweet pussy, he didnt look up this time, i could make out his cock swollen escort bursa purple in colour straining as he slipped his fingers around the base of my wet cock as it slid into Lesleys wetness, his fingers rubbing her nub, making her scream out loud, ” Fuck me…fuck me… fuck me…” she cried as i pounded her with long strokes of my large cock deep into her tightness, making my balls ache with pleasure, needing to empty their load deep into Lesleys wet quim.I motioned to Darren to lift Lesleys legs and hold them up whilst i pounded into her, she just came and came, squirting my cock with her cum, moaning and crying out in ecstacy . I couldnt hold back any longer , and Lesley could feel my cock growing even more as the first spurt of cum filled her, followed by many more, the warmth flooding her inside, as it overflowed and onto the settee, squealching and slurping with wetness, as my strokes continued until i was spent, we lay there exhausted, my cock not deflating much but slipping out of Lesley with my cum leaking from her, i must have cum loads, as she was covered in my spunk, it was matted in her pubes, on her thighs, dribbling down onto the sofa, forming a puddle.”Darren, be a sport and wipe my cock on Lesleys pussy for me please,” you did as was asked, cleaning the juices from my cock onto Lesleys trimmed bush, matting her hair, making her venus covered with cum from us both.”Thankyou Darren , would you like to clean Lesleys quim for me please, im sure she would enjoy that.”Eyes open wide with lust for his lady, his cock purple and swollen, bobbing as he moved to lick Lesleys pussy, he stopped just for a moment to inhale our sex, sending his head in a spin, as he licked Lesleys swollen love lips, running his tongue along her pubes till he found her clit, swollen and sticky from my cum, licking and working his way to the center, before plunging his tongue deep into her spunk filled love nest, that had been well a truely fucked by this stranger.Lesley, started to move her hips into Darrens tongue as he licked and sucked her pussy clean, he was squeezing his legs together to give his cock some relief, from the dull painful ache in his balls, that were bursting to be emptied from this mighty load that had built up from the week before where Lesly had forbidden him to cum, thus ensuring his straining cock would burst at the slightest pleasure, when touched…. she liked to keep him keen , knowing her spell over him would bring endless lovemaking for the next few months, after a special evening with their freindly bull.I had moved up to suck Lesleys breasts, stroking her skin in waves as i kneaded her full breasts, heavy and soft, with urgent nipples stood like little doorknobs, bright as a button, eagerly wanting them to be quenched with my eager lips flicking her nibbling her, pulling at them,with my teeth making her judder, shaking her head from side to side , eagerly wanting another cock to quench her fire that was now raging deep within her.I moved my cock to the side of her cheek, she could feel the heat coming from me as it slid across her flushed cheek, seeking her painted lips, as she opened them instinctively to take my swollen cock, her sucking drove me deep into her mouth, giving me the best sensations as i plunged in and out of her open mouth, willing me to push more into her, by guiding my ass and pushing it to give her more, i reached down and slipped my finger into her pussy whilst Darren was sucking her, she shook her head in dismay, she had never felt like this before, as she squirted her love juices onto my hand and Darrens eager tongue.I lifted my hand feeding my wet fingers into Lesleys red pouting lips, she sucked my fingers along with my cock, she could taste herself and my cum, together, making her urge, and thrash her hips up, in need of relief.”I need a cock…i need a cock… she gasped, please!!!! Please!!! fill my pussy , please fill my pussy……..”I looked to Darren , i nodded, he looked suprised, at this , as he normally had to wait until Lesley had finished with her lover, but this time he was given permission to take his wife, as her needs were much, and her pleasures came first.He was above her, his cock straining purple , in rage, i held it, and felt it jump as i touched Darrens cock for the first time, Like before, i mouthed to him, as i stroked his cock along Lesleys pussy lips, glistening with her love juices that were flooding from her, she rose her hips to meet Darrens rock hard cock, please…i need it now… as i wanked his helmet against Lesleys cliterous, then moving it down to find her heated furnace, let Darren plunge his cock into her cum filled pussy, slipping in easily, as his cock sunk into his wifes beautiful body, almost making him cum straight away.Lesleys legs wrapped around Darren drawing him in to the full to ease her desires, pulling him faster, as she bucked up to meet every thrust deep inside her molten furnace,” Im gonna cum…Im gona cum…. im…gona….cuummmm……. “said Darren as he pumped his cock deep, causing a deep groaning and screams of delight for Lesley, she bucked, throwing Darren away, then moving back into him clenching her pussy against his hardness, as she milked his cock dry of cum that was flooding her , his strokes forcing the cum to leak out, knowing that he had filled his Princess to the brim, slowing down to a slow pace, enjoying the after shocks between themselves, as they just lay there, spent and totally exhausted from the pace of two guys looking after their lover, in the best way possible.