First TimeHe was a friend of the family, we’ll call him “Larry”. I was over his house helping around the yard, he used to give me a couple bucks and some beer for helping him with the grass and weeding. Oh did I mention that he was in his 40’s? Back then legal age for beer was 18, so we had to do it on the sly, because I was only a Freshman in high school. I did a lot of work that day and worked up quite a sweat.I came in and asked if I could use the shower as I was a mess. Larry said that’s fine and brought me a towel. I had never had any sexual thoughts about Larry and still didn’t at this point. After the shower, I slipped on a pair of jeans and T-shirt that I had brought with me and we sat down in the living room to relax and enjoy a beer and some sports on TV.After a second and third beer, it was time for Larry to take me back home. I didn’t have a driver’s license at that time, because I was too young. We went out to the car and it wouldn’t start. (I didn’t know that he had pulled the distributor cap then, but found that out later.)We went back inside and I called my parents letting them know that I would be spending the night. It was all good and Larry and I went inside to watch some TV and have another beer. Having only one bed, Larry made up the couch for me and I crashed for the night while he had another beer and watched the news.I woke up with a strange but good feeling in my türbanlı kırşehir escort crotch, it felt like my cock was wet and then it hit me, Larry was sucking my cock. I had no idea what to do, so I just pretended to stay asleep. He sucked me until I couldn’t hold back anymore and blasted shot after shot of cum into his mouth. I stayed “asleep” as he put me back in my underwear and went back to his chair and a beer.I was in a turmoil, not knowing what to do. It felt awesome and I wanted more, but it just didn’t feel quite right. I lay there for a time until I had to pee. Larry was still watching TV and I got up mumbling about having to pee. On the way back, I mentioned that I was chilly on the couch and Larry suggested that I would sleep in his bed, it was plenty large enough and he didn’t mind as he didn’t have any extra blankets. I was elated! I hesitated and then said ‘okay, that’s cool’ and went to the bedroom.I stripped down to my underwear and got in bed and actually fell asleep. I woke a short time later with the feeling of warmth on my back and hardness at my crack through my undies. I pretended to be asleep and rolled over, facing Larry. I lay there for a bit not moving and Larry placed my hand on his cock. He was naked! I wanted to pretend I was asleep, hoping that he would suck me again, but feeling that cock in my hand, türbanlı kırşehir escort bayan I just had to squeeze it. When I did, Larry kissed me. Pressed his lips to mine and opened my mouth with his tongue. We made out for a bit while he rolled me onto my back pressing me down with his body as he held me close and squeezed my ass. I was in heaven, I stroked his cock and felt it grow in my hand. He rolled back to his back and pressed me downward towards his cock. I smelled his aroma and was intoxicated, but just couldn’t take that last step to take him in my mouth. Larry pressed my head forward until his head touched my lips and it was like an electric shock! I opened my lips and let him slide inside me. I was in heaven!! I licked and slurped on his cock and couldn’t get enough! I wanted to taste his cum!Larry had other ideas though and after about 5 minutes of me sucking him, pulled me back up and started making out with me again. I pushed my underwear off so I was naked too and felt his hairy body pressing into me. He attacked my mouth with his tongue and started fingering my crack and teasing my hole. After a few minutes of this, he placed his fingers in my mouth and then pressed them into my tight hole, stretching me, while leaning down and sucking my nipples. I held his head tight to my chest while he finger fucked me. türbanlı escort kırşehir I was going crazy!Moving around and getting my on my knees, Larry got behind me and started running his cock up and down my crack, stopping at my hole and pressing each time he passed. He got some lube from the dresser by the bed and lubed my ass up. He finally entered me, pressing until the head of his cock entered me. It hurt but he stopped and let me get used to it. He leaned forward kissing my neck and biting me until I pressed back into him and he then slowly slid into me, filling me completely with his cock! I could feel his balls touching me! He reached under me and pinched my nipples while kissing and licking my neck with his cock buried deep inside me.After a few minutes, he leaned back, grabbed my hips and started to slide in and out, fucking me slowly with long strokes. He sped up until I was going crazy and then stopped and pulled out. He rolled me over on my back and pulled my legs up on his shoulders. He entered me again and started to stroke in and out before leaning down and pressing his body on mine. I lifted my face to his and he kissed me again and started stroking faster and harder. Larry pulled back a little and looked into my eyes and said he was going to cum! I came on the spot, splashing cum between our bodies as he continued to stroke in and out of me. He leaned forward again and kissed me hard and I felt his cock move a bit differently as he unloaded his cum inside me. He collapsed on top of me and I felt a feeling that I’ve never felt before. I was satisfied.From that day on for the next two years until Larry moved, I was his bitch. He taught me a lot and took total control of our sex lives. He showed me that I was in fact a bitch for a Man.