Golden Mom part 4That night Peggy considered what she had done.Searching her mind, she couldn’t find any shame. It had been wonderful,exciting, the ultimate rapture. That her son enjoyed it, she had no doubt whatsoever. She was amazed at his behavior, though. He was so very young, yet had washed his face with her piss-wet panties, sucked on the crotch of them, and even pressed them into her mouth. Peggy felt even grown men would not have gone that far without some sort of previous exposure.Tossing in her bed, the events whirling through her mind, she found her cunt throbbing, her tits swollen inside her nightgown. She considered calling her son, have him get into bed with her. She wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt. She wanted him to put his cock up her pussy and fuck her deep and hard. She wanted to feel the hardness of his prick throbbing inside her fiery pussy, stretching those hairy lips.She wanted to experience tbe hot gush of his young come juice spewing along the walls of her steamy cunt.She grined in the darkness, remembering offering her asshole to him.Johnny had plunged into her asshole without hesitation once she had let him know what she wanted. His willingness delighted her. But he was so young, so erotic, so horny, he would probably have done anything, would do anything, with her. Peggy realized that, in her son, she had whatshe had wanted for a long time, an almost perfect lover. He was young enough for her to develop, to teach, to enjoy. He had no preconceived thoughts of right or wrong, only of ecstasy.She hugged herself, shivering with eagerness.Yet, as much as she wanted to fuck her son, there was something holding her back. She wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt desperately…and didn’t understand this vague feeling of hesitation. If she would take his cock into her mouth, drink his sweet come juice down, or fuck him with herasshole, it didn’t make sense to Peggy why she shouldn’t let him have her cunt, too.The lighted digital clock at her bedside told her she had better get some sleep. It was after one in the morning. She turned onto her back,sprawling with legs and arms open, trying to keep her eyes closed, trying to will sleep to take her.Then she felt the need to piss.She swung her legs from the bed, the gown falling to her ankles as she stood. Beneath the gown she was naked, and her nipples protruded enticingly against the clinging nylon. She started for the bathroom, thenchanged her mind. She entered the hall and walked purposefully to the hallbathroom. She turned on the light, sliding her gown to her hips. She saton the toilet, and before she started to piss, she noticed a pair of her son’s jockey shorts lying on top of the linen hamper. Without thinking, she picked them up and brought them to her face. She smelled her son on them, and as her cunt twitched, turned them inside out. She pressed the crotch to her nose, inhaling the frangrance of her son’s crotch on the cloth. With a soft moan, she ran her tongue about the inside of the jockeyshorts, thinking she could taste his young cock and balls on them.”Oh, Johnny!” sbe whispered, spread her legs and stuffing his worn shorts against ber cunt. “Oh, baby!”She began to piss into his shorts, leaning back against tbe water tank with her eyes closed. Hot piss boilled over her hand as she held his shorts there. The hissing sound of her piss sent ripples of excitement up and down her creamy, unblemished flesh. The shorts became soaked in her hot piss, and she rubbed them at her pussy. No longer pissing, Peggy pressed the wet shorts into her cunt, and slowly began to fingerfuck herself. She grew intensely excited, and mewled softly as she came. Sitting upright, she lifted his shorts and looked at them. Her hand and wrist were soaked in piss, and she mewled again as she pulled the shorts to her face and wiped them about her nose, her cheeks, her lips. She tentatively pushed the tip of her tongue to the shorts and with a shudder,began sucking her own piss from them.Shaking with excitement, she stood, holding her gown about her narrow waist. The thick curls of her cunt glistened wetly, beads of piss clingingto tbe hair. She entered the hall this way, and moved quietly to her son’sbedroom.Shoving the door open, she stood and looked in at him. His night light was on, his body outlined beneath the white türbanlı zonguldak escort sheet. She moved into the room and stood at his bed, her eyes moving up and downhis body. He looked so very young and innocent in sleep, but she knew Johnny’s mind was erotic.She sat down on the edge of his bed, her gown still bunched at her waist.She lifted one knee, her crotch revealed. In her other hand she held his wet shorts.”Johnny,” she whispered, caressing her hand along his chest, pulling the sheet from him.”Johnny!”He stirred and opened his eyes sleepily, then grinned.”Mom, what are you doing here?”Peggy pulled the sheet down his knees, and slowly slipped her hand over his cock and balls.”I need you, baby,” she whispered, and gently squeezed his cock and balls. He felt so hot and good in her hand. “I need you very much, honey. Mother needs you so badly.”Johnny’s eyes moved downward, and rested between her thighs. Pleasure grew over his face when he saw his mother’s cunt, lovely with that thick curling, soft hair. Her pink cunt lips looked so wet, and he saw her piss glistening in beads on the hair.She manipulated his cock, feeling it swell beneath her hand. Squezing his cockshaft, she mewled softly as she watched the head bulge, his piss hole flaring open. “Ohhh, so pretty!” she breathed, and leaned down, kissing the moist head of his cock. “So very pretty, darling.”Johnny rested his hand on his mother’s knee, staring at her cunt with hoteyes. She felt his hand tremble, the heat of his palm on her flesh.”Touch it, baby,” she whispered. “Touch me.”Johnny hand slid up her thigh slowly, feeling the satiny smoothness of her inner leg. He touched the curls of her cunt. “Mom. you’re wet.”She nodded, her eyes glowing. She showed him his jockey shorts.” I had to piss on them, darling. “Johnny’s eyes gleamed wickedly with pleasure as he began to stroke the wet, swollen lips of his mother’s cunt. He probed a finger into it, makinga moan as he felt the hot tightness.”Oh, Mom, it’s…it feels so good!””Play with it, Johnny,” she breathed. “Play with my pussy, darling. Touch mother’s pussy and feel it and do what you want with it.”She jacked up and down on his cock, watching his face as he probed into her cunt. When he started stabbing his finger in and out, fucking her withit, Peggy felt a mild orgasm ripple through her lower stomach, her clit bulging and throbbing. She squeezed his cock hard, making a soft hissing sound.She lifted his shorts to her face, and staring into his eyes, began to lick and suck at the piss soaked into them. She squeezed the shorts, andpiss dripped from her chin and over her tits. The nylon gown became transparent, her nipples outlined.Johnny watched his mother sucking piss from his shorts, and pulled his wet finger out of her cunt. Peggy grabbed his wrist, and pushed his fingertoward his lips. “Taste me, baby,” she whispered. “Taste Mother’s pussy.”Johnny didn’t resist. He opened his lips and let his mother press her finger into his mouth. He tasted the juices of her cunt, licking with histongue. Peggy felt his cock respond with a hard throb in her hand.”Do you like it?” she asked, pumping his cock slowly. “Do you like to taste Mother’s pussy, honey?”Johnny’s eyes gleamed brightly as he nodded his head.”You’ve never tasted a pussy before?”He shook his head.”Then,” she laughed huskily, “You’ve certainly been thinking about eating pussy, haven’t you?”Although her son didn’t answer that, Peggy saw it on his face, in his eyes. She climbed onto his bed, straddling his hips. She bunched her gown about her waist, her hairy cunt exposed completely to hen son for the first time. She knelt there, hips arching forward, her knees astride his thighs. She looked down at his cock, seeing it throbbing in hardness. She tossed his shorts to the floor, and with her fingers, parted the hairy lips of her juicy cunt. She gazed hotly at his interest, lips moist and parted, the tip of her tongue protruding slightly.Johnny raptly looked at his mother’s cunt.The hair was thick, beaded with piss. The pink lips glistened wetly as hismother parted them, her clit bulging outward in a tight, throbbing knot. His balls writhed and became tight at the base of his cock.Peggy, grinning in a lewd manner, inched her body forward. Still holdingher türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan cunt open, she felt the head of her son’s prick brush the extremely sensitive lips of her cunt. She paused and trembled with the touch, her body going stiff. That simple touch of his cock on her pussy almost made her come.She moved again. She was slowly inching her crotch upward, pausing againat his lower chest. She wiggled her hips, circling them slowly in a teasing gesture, still holding her cunt wide open. Juices were dripping from her cunt now.She moved her crotch higher, until it was perhaps six inches from her son’s face.”I just pissed, Johnny,” she whispered. “I just pissed and my pussy is wet.”She watched his eyes as she said it, and mewled softly when she saw the light in them grow in intensity. She looked over her shoulder at his cock.It looked bigger than before, his cockhead deliciously smooth, very swollen, the shaft throbbing. Turning to look down at her son’s face, she released her cunt. Her cunt lips closed, and she took his hands, bringingthem up her thighs, over her hands. She caressed her son’s palms on her flesh under her gown, then pulled them behind and cupped his hands abouther quivery and naked ass cheeks.”Hold my ass, Johnny,” she whispered throatily. “Hold Mother’s ass!”Johnny clutched the cheeks of his mother’s ass hotly, staring at her cunt. He swallowed. He was trembling.Carefully and slowly, Peggy drew her feet up, keeping her knees wide, until she was squatting above her son’s chin.”Taste it,” she moaned. “Taste Mother’s pussy!”Johnny groaned, and the tip of his tongue darted outward. He probed the tip of his tongue at the slippery lips of his mother’s cunt. It felt to Peggy as if he barely touched her pussy, but it sent a ripple of ecstasy up and down her spine. She placed her hands on her widely spread knees, leaning to watch his face. Johnny’s hands held on her ass, her gown resting on his stomach.Johnny lifted his face, and swirled his tongue through the moist hairs ofhis mother’s cunt. He licked away the beads of piss clinging to the strands.Suddenly, with a yelp, Johnny smashed his face into the bubbling wetnessof his mother’s pussy, smearing his mouth about it. The searing juices seeping out of her cunt smeared his face, and his tongue licked frantically. He tasted her cunt juices, her piss on the curling hair, andhis cock jerked powerfully. He dug his hands into his mother’s ass, burying his young face into her hairy cunt, his tongue plunging as deep as he could move it. He wiggled it about inside his mother’s cunt, sucking with his open lips.The hot scent of her cunt and piss thrilled him, his nose surrounded by hair.With a sob of ecstasy, Peggy pulled at her cunt again, opening her hotcunt lips, then placing them about her son’s sucking mouth.Johnny’s tongue flicked deeply, his upper lip smashing at her throbbing clit. He dug his hands hard into her ass, holding her as she wanted.”Ooooh, Johnny!” Peggy squealed, unable to stop the wiggle of her crotch. “That’s wonderful, baby! Ohhh, darling, baby, honey! Suck it for me! Suck my pussy, Jonny! Ahhhh, so good, Johnny! Eat Mother’s cunt, baby! Suck Mother’s pussy! Oh, yes, yes! Tonguefuck Mother up the hot, hairy , wet cunt!”Johnny closed his eyes, savorying the wet heat of a cunt for the first time in his young life. He thrust his tongue in and out, licking at the soft, wet flesh, swirling it about his mother’s sensitive clit.Peggy cried out time and again as his tongue touched various places of her cunt. The sensations were fantastic, and she fought hard to keepfrom crushing her crotch down into his face. Her eyes smoldered wetly as she watched him between her legs. The pleasure she saw there was as exciting as her own sensations.”Oh, Johnny, Johnny! Suck me…eat me!” she wailed. “My pussy is on fire, baby! Mother’s cunt is burning up…for you! Tongue me, Johnny! Suckme and lick me and eat me! Oh, darling, you’re sucking my cunt! Sucking my cunt so perfect! Mother’s pussy is hot and wet and needs your sweet tongue and lips and mouth! Tonguefuck Mother in the hot cunt, Johnny!”Johnny’s tongue thrust and swirled. He buried his face into the thick pussy hair, licking away the beads of his mother’s piss clinging to it. He lifted türbanlı escort zonguldak his hips, thrusting his hard cock into the air as if searching for a cunt. He swirled his tongue about her cunt hair, licking up all the piss remaining, then began to suck and tongue and eat at her fiery cunt with greedy hunger. His sucking lips and lapping tongue made wet sounds that thrilled Peggy. She twisted her ass down, working it with his tongue. She jerked her crotch back and forth, sliding her cunt about his mouth. She squealed and watched his face, the visual pleasure almost as great as the physical.The urgent desire to grab the back of her son’s head and smash his face tighter into her cunt was strong, but she resisted it. She gripped her knees again as her legs spread wide. She squatted above her son’s face, her own face contorting with agonizing rapture. Squatting as she was, the full expanse of her crotch was available to her young son’s tongue. The touch of his tongue against the tight pucker of her asshole sent a sudden,unexpected, orgasm ripping through her.Peggy screamed as she came, her ass grinding down into her son’s face. Johnny’s tongue was smashed upon the crinkle of his mother’s asshole, and his nose was buried into her juicy cunt. He couldn’t breathe, but he wasn’t fighting to get free; he was sucking and licking every place his tongue was.Peggy, screeching with the intensity of her orgasm, shoved her asshole against her son’s tongue, grinding as she came over and over. It felt so different from his cock going up her asshole. Different, but just as good.Still sobbing loudly with ecstasy, she jerked her hips backwards about an inch, and her son’s tongue stabbed into her gripping cunt. Peggy screamed again as he fucked his tongue up and down, plungung it deeply into her pussy. The orgasms went on and on, stretching out until she felt as if they would never end.”Eat…eat!” she cried out. “Oh, God, eat me! Eat my cunt, Johnny! Eat Mother’s juicy cunt! Suck the cunt juices out of Mother’s hot, wet, hairy cunt! Ohhh, baby, baby, suck my pussy! I’m coming so fucking hard and I don’t ever want to stop coming! Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck Mother with your wonderful, sweet tongue!”She sat in his face, her hands racing up from her knees, clawing her nightgown high. She clutched at her swollen tits, her fingers digging painfully into the creamy, tight flesh. Her nipples bored at her palms as she jerked her squatting hips back and forth, grinding mindlessly andecstatically into her son’s open mouth.” Suck it…suck it…suck it!”Johnny tried desperately to plunge his whole mouth into his mother’s boiling cunt, his tongue flying. He clung to her shaking ass with tighthands, hoping his cock would squirt; his balls were so tight and painful now. He glanced up at his mother, saw the way she was digging harshly at her tits, and tonguefucked her with renewed vigor.”So much!” Peggy sobbed. “I’m coming so fucking much, baby!”The orgasms began, finally, to recede. Peggy was grateful, the orgasms were starting to become painful to her, despite the ecstasy. Slowly herhips stopped moving, and when she started to pull from her son’s mouth, Johnny held her down tightly.”Don’t you want me to move?” she asked breathlessly. “Aren’t you getting tired?”Johnny shook his head, smearing his lips into her juicy pussy, kissing at it, but not licking. He understood his mother had been satisfied, thoroughly satisfied. This was his first taste of cunt, and he didn’t wantit to end, not yet.Peggy remained there, squatting in her son’s face. Johnny caressed her ass, kissing at her pussy, kissing the inner surface of her crotch, licking his tongue into the wet hairs on each puffy cunt lip. He opened his lips wide and pressed them around his mother’s cunt, his eyes burning up at her face.”Oh, baby!” Peggy groaned.A quick spurt of piss shot from her pussy, right into her son’s mouth. Johnny tasted it, his eyes rolling.”Johnny! Oh, God, honey, I didn’t mean…I couldn’t stop it…”Johnny’s tongue sc****d at his mother’s cunt, and a wail came from Peggyas she squirted another burst of hot piss across her son’s tongue. It wasn’t much, Johnny sucked and swallowed it, moaning with excitement.Peggy, suddenly, understood Johnny wanted this, wanted her to piss into his mouth. She saw the expression in his young eyes when she squirted thatshort gush of hot piss across his tongue. She deliberately allowed herselfto dribble a little piss out of her pussy.Johnny tasted it, and groaned.His cock spewed thick come juice. It splashed across his stomach and dripped to his balls, and he licked thirstily at his mother’s cunt.Peggy managed to spurt one last dripped of piss to his mouth, but no more.??