High school girlfriendI was a lucky teenager… not only did I have pretty good parents I had some great girlfriends. I dated this one girl for over a year. We had very regular sex…… and just about any place was the norm. Back seat of my suv, in the woods, near the waterfalls, driving down the street she would lean over unzip my pants and start sucking my dick… My parents were pretty cool and turned a blind eye to me having friends over.. and would usually knock on my door before just walking in… good thing cuz many a day I would be engaged in some form of sex…This girl had a really great body not fat but chubby, very nice ass, and a nice pair of D size tits with large dark brown nipples… She would luv to wear very skimpy clothing during the warm months in middle Georgia.. Things like Halter tops, Tube tops… Tight jeans.. And the way she walked her tits would bounce a lot in those tops… mmmmmm .. EVERY ONE noticed when she would walk across a grassy field to see me at the local hang out… One of our many outdoor rides in my truck, took us down this dirt road. Well she had been playing with my dick as we were driving and the bouncing had made it difficult to give me her usual blow job… So we stopped behind this car that was blocking the road… I was thinking about driving around this guy, but the grass was pretty tall and as we were trying to decide what to do… Back up and go some place else or around this guy and keep going up the trail… Welllll.. before I hardly had the time to fully stop the truck.. we see this head pop up out of the drivers lap….mmmmmmm… we both look at each other as if to say “Did you see that” and then a huge smile on both our faces told the other..” Why yes I think we did”… The passenger’s head turned around and looked back at us.. as the driver is opening his door to get out.. my girl (Barbara) is looking at me with this ooooo what should we do look… I was pretty laid back as a teen and not a lot shocked me.. this is some thing that did not shock me.. so I just sat there and waited for the driver to walk back towards us and see what he had to say.. ( and try and keep a strait face ).. He did not look mad, more worried I would say. So I felt the need to drive away fast was not necessary.. Just as he is getting close we are both looking at him and saying hi, as he did the same… He was pretty nervous and as his friend got out of the car I could see why.. Barb and I both thought it was a couple and they got caught doing what we would have been doing.. But back in the 70’s the gay thing in this area was not accepted very well.. Hell I did not ever tell her my p*****n adventures with my special friends, for fear of getting the “you sick fag label”… So this is quite the surprise for us and keeping our cool made them feel ok with us catching them. And the fact that my dick was still sticking out of my pants… Did give the driver an eye full.. Until he got close to the door and leaned in a bit I did not give it a thought, as I was in a tall truck and most the time I was naked if I could be. But the look on his face changed as he looked into my truck. He went from not sure what to say to ( huge smile) and striking up a conversation like we had know each other for years… Barb was not sure about these guys, but my being ok with them seemed to set the ” go with the flow ” mood. After a short time we got out of the truck (barb had been playing with my dick so I was still hard) and I was having a hard time getting my dick back inside my very tight jeans. The driver noticed this and was quick to say that leaving my dick out would not bother either of them, and if I would feel more comfortable they would take theirs out as well… the passenger güvenilir bahis siteleri was on my side of the truck next to the driver by this time and both were smiling and very willing to keep this a fun event… Barb had been talking some from time to time, but now she was staying pretty quiet.. So I looked at her for the “ok nod” or some sort of answer. I was met with this look of uncertainty, so I took a chance and in my usual teen way of handling the question… “Sounds good to me man”.. by this time Barb is slightly behind me, with these two in front of me next to each other… She puts her hands on my arm in a way using me as a human shield, just in case things go bad fast I am blocking them from her. So I lean back into her and rub her exposed tummy (she is in a tube top, with tits hanging out and looking real good) to relax her… This seems to work and the mood is more relaxed and out come two more dicks.. With both of them holding each others dicks.. I was hoping poor Barb was not freaking out to much with all this happening out in the middle of no where and her being the only female.. But I guess with these guys being more interested in each other she could relax… And relax she did.. Barb is barley 5′ tall and I am 6′ so she has to look around me to see both of them or come to my side.. well I felt this hand reaching around me and grabbing my dick to play with it.. so now I have my dick out and the two guys have their dicks out.. Barb is still in her tight jeans and tube top.. I shed my shirt and reached over to play with her tits.. as our new friends drop pants and shirts.. soon I was back in the drivers seat of my truck with Barb on my dick giving me one of her awesome blow jobs… mmmmmm Our friends are on the ground in front of us in a in a 69 position … I have Barbs tits on balls with my dick between them and her sucking my dick. Somehow we switch positions and I am eating her pussy while she is in the drivers seat, laying on her back with her legs wrapped around my head and my naked ass for all the world to see leaning into the truck… Well our two friends must have noticed this and one started to kiss my ass and the other started to pull on my balls while sucking my dick… This is a lot to take and soon the guy kissing and squeezing my ass has his tongue buried up my ass.. I don’t last long and flood the guys mouth with my cum.. all the while he is pulling on my balls and milking me while the guy with his tongue in my ass is pulling my ass into his face and stuffing that awesome tongue as deep as he can into my ass…. I am having a hard time giving Barb the pussy eating I usually give her.. she is pulling my head into her pussy so hard I could hardly breath and I am going into overload with what these two guys are doing to my body…. Barb soon eases up on her hold on my head and opens her legs enough that I can straiten up and look back to see what my friends are doing to me and catch my breath… Barb raises her head and looks at me with this puzzled look and I can tell she is wondering what the hell is going on out there????.. I am breathing hard and out of breath and the guy who was eating my ass is now standing up behind me and I can feel the guy who was on my dick now has his hand on my ass hole and ball area and his other hand between my legs doing some thing to the drivers dick and balls… I can feel the driver starting to lean against my naked back and his hands are on my hips.. Soon I feel his hard dick being rubbed up and down my crack from my balls to the top of my crack and around my hole.. then back to my balls… this is repeated over and over and then I feel his dick being rubbed in circles around my hole and then my balls being tipobet pulled and squeezed… this seems like it is going on for ever and I am sure the look on my face was totally a surprise to Barb…My mouth is wide open in a jaw dropping sort of way and I am saying “OH SHIT”.. As my balls are being pulled back and the driver (Bob) is pulling my hips back towards him. I am feeling his dick push into my ass and the feeling is so good that I am relaxed and starting to push my ass back onto his dick… Bob is being very slow and careful and only part of his dick is now in my ass. He stops and lets me have some time to adjust while the passenger (Jeff) is playing and pulling on both our balls… My head was down between Barbs legs and I feel her running her hands thru my hair and rubbing my head.. I look up into her eyes and get the look of total lust and start to lick her clit… while looking up into her eyes and watching her tits heave up and down and her nipple get hard and tight.. this is driving me wild with all this action. Pretty soon I can feel Bob’s dick deeper and deeper in my ass and his thighs are pressing against my thighs and ass. He has his hands on my hips and is pulling himself into me at a slow and steady pace… the feeling is awesome and soon I am getting a blow job from Jeff… Bob is starting to fuck me really good and deep and I am trying to push back on his dick… Jeff is licking our balls and Bobs stops as I am pushing back on his dick and then I feel his dick grow and him leaning over my back and saying he is cumming deep in my ass … The feeling was awesome (no one had played with my ass in years I had almost forgot how good it felt) I could feel my ass full of dick and cum.. and Bob being a wonderful luver kept his dick buried in my ass balls deep as he grinded into me for quite some time with me pressing against him and putting my hands on his ass and pulling him into me… needless to say Barb was sitting up watching the whole thing with her boyfriend getting a good going over by two guys…… Soon I feel Bob pulling out and then pulling away and I am still laying across the seat with my ass out the door… I am getting my thoughts back when I feel Jeff behind me rubbing my back and ass… My ass feels wet and his dick is going up and down my crack… I did not try and pull away so Jeff took this as a sign to push his dick into my hole… It was a good thing Bob fucked me first and filled me with cum… Jeff was very careful and much slower than Most would have been entering my hole… I was feeling a dick much larger than Bobs in my ass and it was only the head of his dick in me….. Jeff was aware of my feelings and was being careful and stopped pushing in and started to talk to me and try and relax me by rubbing my back and sides.. He even reached around and grabbed my dick and was pulling on my now soft dick.. Pretty soon I was able to relax enough to push back some and this gave him the signal to ease some more of that fat dick into my ass… it seemed like an hour before I felt his thighs on my ass and thighs and his balls touching mine… he was fully in me by now and he would push real hard against my ass and grind himself into me while pulling my hips back with both hands… He was really giving my ass deep fucking and slow grinding, the feeling was like nothing I had ever had before… my dick was leaking in a constant stream… Bob had by now moved to my side and was pinching my nipples and rubbing his hands all over my body… it was quite the feeling to have them working me over and Barb watching…. Bob was starting to talk dirty in my ear and would go back and play with and talk to Jeff.. doing the same thing to him. Barb was just tipobet güvenilir mi sitting and watching like it was some sort of porn movie… and I was getting the fucking of my life from jeff… Pretty soon Jeff is going faster and I can feel our balls slapping together and his grip on my thighs is getting tighter and tighter.. his dick is pushed all the way in and I feel his cum start to fill me as he says he is cumming .. I am holding onto the steering wheel and pushing against him as he fills my ass for the second time with cum… wow… Well needless to say I had my hand on his ass again and was telling him not to pull out yet… and he is giving me these little pull out and bump back in movements… driving me wild… he eases his dick out of my ass and I turn to see how big he was and as I do Bob bends over and kisses my ass and starts to suck Jeff’s dick… as I see his dick both of them stop and look into my eyes and see the look on my face of part shock part disbelief of how big Jeff’s dick is… They both start to bust out laughing and Bob makes the comment that Jeff is gifted in the size department… (Now I hear Barb say something for the first time since she saw them fucking my ass) “And look at the size of his balls….They are HUGE”.. Jeff is just smiling and taking all the compliments about his awesome dick and balls… Barb is now making comments about how did I take that thing in my ass and how big is that thing??? Jeff is still just smiling and Bob starts to answer her while looking at her and me… All the while I am feeling all this cum running down my legs and my ass feeling like a truck just drove thru… Bob is saying some thing about his dick being more normal.. I would guess 6-7″ and Jeff was well over 8″ and very fat with balls that were hanging halfway down his thighs… Bob and Jeff had started to carry on a conversation with us and we were back to the personal stuff and where we lived and what not.. After finding out that both my girlfriend and I were still u******e .. the conversation turned towards “How old are you two”??? at the time I was 17 and Barb was 15…. after some time we all got dressed and talked about getting together to party some more in the future… I was passed a small piece of paper with a phone number on it, when Barb was not looking… The guys were more interested in my parting with them and leaving Barb out due to her age they said when I later called them…. So this worked out ok.. Because Barb’s dad did not care much for me and there were times she could not get out to see me. Telling the guys this seemed to make them both happy. And of course they were very nice about it and tried to use the angle that when I was lonely I should not mope about it.. I should drive over to their place and we could have a party.. Being a horny teen and with the touting of booze and music at their place I was over there quite a bit of the time after school and on the weekends… I soon found out about their style of a party and some of their special friends.. It did not take me long to notice there were only guys at their parties and they lived in a very private shack in the woods.. it had two bedrooms and a good size living room.. so if any one was to drop by they had their rooms to look like just normal room mates… Most of their parties seemed like friends from work and when they would leave.. The sex part of the party would begin… It was funny the way the party changed and would go from guys talking about their wives/girlfriends to talking about the great sex we were about to have… there was only a couple of guys who would stay maybe a total of 5 or 6 of us and some times it would only be the three of us… most of the time my ass would feel wrecked for days or till the next weekend.. I would stay horny for days with that stretched empty ass feeling that is very hard to think of anything else.. at the time none of my friends knew about my special friends and Barb kept her mouth shut around my other friends..