How I was Seduced by Older WomenHave you ever wanted to just do something really naughty? Well, I have. My name is Ambry, and I was divorced about 4 months ago. My ex was a scum bag that had no idea of how to treat or please a woman, if you know what I mean. Oh sure, we all want the bad boy when we are dating, but ultimately, they make terrible husbands and lovers. We lasted a whopping 9 months before I caught the bastard cheating on me with a filthy little skank from the grocery store. Well, I say good riddance; she can have the tiny dicked fucker. The bad part of not having a guy is that my pussy hasn’t had any action since the divorce…and I really need some action. I love sex…and I do mean love it; all aspects of it in fact. I love having a man take me hard and deep any way I can get it. I also love to suck cock; in fact, I can nearly cum myself just from having a man tight up in my mouth before feeding me his delicious seed. Damn, just thinking about it now is making me wet. Well, this brings me back to my question: Have you ever wanted to do something really naughty? Well, my current naughty streak started about 5 months ago in July. I was out sunbathing in my pool, all alone, when I felt like I was being watched. I glanced up quickly, but no one was there. The feeling kind of got to me though, so I went over to the back yard fence, and happened to see our 16 year old paper boy, Shawn, walking to the next house. Had he been watching me? I couldn’t be for sure, but the thought that this young attractive guy may have been checking me out immediately went to my pussy. I actually fantasized about him that night, imagining what it would be like to feel his young cock filling up my tight deprived cunt. I was only 28, but I was sure that I was old in his mind…even if I do still consider myself a very sexy woman. I laid there in my bed, completely naked, slowly teasing my nipples and clit as I imagined that sexy stud awkwardly fondling around on my body. I know at 16 a lot of guys have had sex, but for my fantasy, I was teaching that boy everything for the first time. I pulled a vibrator out of my drawer, and methodically began teasing it in and out of my pussy. There is something incredible about long teasing sessions that lead up to orgasm. I exploded with fire that night, but I also imbedded a fantasy into my mind that was not going to be easily forgotten. The next day I decided to see if I could catch him peeking at me. I set up a small mirror next to my lounger by the pool. I had chosen a particularly skimpy bikini as well as a big pair of sunglasses. The place by the fence that he could have seen me was actually set in the midst of some bushes, so he would have been able to hide without being detected by cars that may pass by. This little stud was going to get a great show if he was really watching. Shawn came by every day around 3:15. I had already gone for a swim, and then applied a health amount of suntan oil to my body, especially my topless breasts, which were proudly open to the sky above. Sun tanning topless was something I had done in the past to turn on my husband…what a waste of time that had turned out to be. Today, it was all for Shawn. My lounger was facing the fence so that I could watch for the paperboy through my dark sunglasses. The bushes may have hidden him from traffic, but I would still be able to see his figure through the slits of the fence. I heard the paper hit the front porch next to mine. My pussy was getting wet just wondering if he would stop and look. I dipped my hand in the pool with a loud splash, and then dabbed the cool water over my chest. I was hoping this would let him know that I was out there. It worked. I watched his shadow as he nuzzled through the bushes into his hiding spot. I made sure not to move; there was no way I wanted him to leave before the show was over. He couldn’t see my eyes because of my sunglasses, but I could see his as he peered through the fence; I swear I could feel his eyes locked onto my tits. I reached my hand in the pool again, and once again dripped the cool water over my breasts; this time though, I rubbed my cool hands over my breasts for added effect. I repeated the action a few more times, making sure that my little pervert was entertained. He was. I was enjoying the exhibitionist side of me, and I wanted to take it further. I gathered up some more water, but this time I poured it over the skimpy piece of fabric that covered my pussy. To be honest, the cool water felt incredible on my anxious pussy. I didn’t stop there though. I repeated the action, but this time, I used my other hand to pull down the front of my g-string, making sure to allow Shawn to see the smoothly shaved pussy beneath; then I poured the cold water directly onto it. Shawn’s face was pressed tight against my fence, and I knew that he was not going anywhere. I once again repeated the motion with the water, but again opted to take it to the next level. I slid my cold fingers over my slit and began teasing my clit gently. I saw Shawn lick his lips as he started to fidget around a little. I figured his cock had to be hard as a rock by now, so he was just adjusting it for the rest of the show. My fingers worked slowly up and down my pussy slit, lingering a few seconds each time I reached my swollen tender clit. I was getting very close to cumming, but wanted to make sure that my little voyeur had a great view before I did. I stopped fingering myself just long enough to reach down and pull off my panties. I heard a gasp come from the bushes, but just acted as though I hadn’t. I spread my legs out on both sides of my chair, and then quickly began fingering my slit hard and deep. The fact was, I needed to cum. As I fingered myself, I noticed the reason for Shawn’s adjusting earlier. I could see his cock in his hand. He was fisting it at the same pace as I was fingering myself. That was all it took, and I exploded into a violent orgasm. I made sure to hold nothing back as I moaned and writhed in delicious satisfaction. Shawn’s eyes were wide open as I watched him tense up…I knew he had finished too. I laid there continuing to finger myself as I watched Shawn disappear from the fence. I finally climbed up from my chair and went inside to shower up. The fantasy did not subside though. I masturbated to the thought of Shawn fisting his cock three more times that night alone. The next day, I gave him the same show all over again. But when he left, I decided to go out to his hiding place and see what he had left me. There was still a string of teenage cum running down my fence. I couldn’t help myself…I know, I know…I reached out a finger and caught the drizzle of still warm cum and placed it inside my mouth. It had to be the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. I don’t know if it was my lust or what, but I had decided at that moment, I was going suck that boy off and then fuck him crazy. I had planned on “catching” him as he jerked off the next day, but rain hit, and the stupid storm lasted for over a week. As long as there was rain, there was no way to trap Shawn into masturbating for me. Then, my stupid boss changed my work hours, and I was forced to work afternoons from that point on…until this week. I have been fantasizing about Shawn for months now, and to be honest, he has been all I could think about. Christmas is just around the corner, and my boss changed all of my hours back to normal. I was doing fine about the Shawn thing until I heard him deliver my paper yesterday. I peeked out the window as he walked away, and I could swear that boy had been working out. He is not the same scrawny teen I remembered from the summer. I wonder if he did that for me. His ass fit tightly into his jeans as it swayed just beneath his coat. It was cold outside, and the snow was falling…this would be a great chance to invite the paper boy inside to warm up, and then I can give him his Christmas bonus.It is 3:10, and I can see him walking down the street. I’ve got the fireplace cracking and I am wearing a very tight fitting low-cut sweater which proudly demonstrates my lovely 36D breasts. My black stretch pants are at least two sizes to small, and feel wonderful the way they are drawing their way up against my pussy and ass. Hopefully the outfit will have the desired effect. I have also pulled my long brown hair back into a thick ponytail, highlighting my soft smooth neck. I quickly open the door to greet Shawn, and he immediately smiles at me. He is beautiful. I mean it, truly a beautiful young man. He has gorgeous blue eyes that I had not noticed when he was hiding behind my fence. His cheeks bore some of the sexiest dimples I have ever seen on a man, joined by red luscious lips. His shoulders were broad and instantly I was imagining about what his cock must look like. “Ummm…Merry Christmas Mrs. Scott.” “Hello Shawn…Merry Christmas türbanlı malatya escort to you too…and its Ms. Ramsey now…divorced now…but you can just call me Ambry.”“Oh, ummm, okay…Ambry. Well, here’s your paper.” He handed me my paper, but all I noticed were the big strong hand that gave it to me. “Have a nice day.” “Hold on Shawn. Would you be interested in making a little extra Christmas cash? I was wanting to hang a few lights on my porch, but frankly, I’m too scared to stand on the ladder without someone else here. I’ll pay you $20 if you’ll help me.” His response was very fast; as though he was worried I would retract the offer if he hesitated. “Absolutely Ms. Scott…ummm…I mean Ambry, but you don’t have to pay me, I am happy to help you. I just have four more houses to deliver to, and I’ll be right back.” “Okay, you know where to find me.” I said, as I patted him on the shoulder before watching him run out of the door. What was I doing? I was as gitty as a school girl, and I watched him through the window as he literally ran to deliver the last four papers. Within 5 minutes, he was back on my porch. “All done Ambry, what can I do to help,” he said as he made his way back in to my living room.“Well, I have a couple boxes in the attic, how about you hold the ladder for me while I get them?” I retrieved my small ladder from the closet, and then had him hold it on the sides; it was intentional, I still wanted to tease my young stud a little first. As I climbed the ladder, I popped my head up into the small hole and turned my body to retrieve the box of lights. I glanced down to see Shawn only inches away from my pussy which was directly in his face. I fumbled around for a couple minutes to allow him to enjoy the fresh view of my tight pants. I even smiled as I caught him adjusting his cock through his jeans. I handed the box down and then descended the ladder slowly. Shawn placed his hand on the side of my thigh, innocently helping me down to the floor. It was taking all the restraint I could muster not to rip his clothes off of him right there. I showed restraint though and went outside to put up the lights. I could feel him ogling my ass as he held the ladder for me; I was sure he would be able to see how excited I was getting from it. I had told him to call his folks to tell them what he was doing, clearing the next few hours of his schedule. The lights took about 30 minutes, giving me still plenty of time to give him his ‘gift’. After we finished, I invited him inside for a cup of hot chocolate. He graciously accepted. I reached over and offered to take his coat for him. Did I mention he was beautiful? Beneath the bulky jacket was a man…not a boy…a man. He had a broad chest hidden by a snug fitting black t-shirt. His arms were large and muscular, and I could actually make out his abs through his shirt. And then there was that ass…it was incredible; perfectly planted in a pair of form fitting jeans. I placed his coat on the couch and invited him into the kitchen. For a few minutes we talked about school and sports. He was junior, and he had just started working out over the summer, though he was not actively involved in any sports. I offered him a few subtle compliments which seemed to embarrass him a little. “So did you enjoy it?” I finally asked bluntly but kindly.“I’m sorry…oh yes…very much, the hot chocolate really hit the spot,” he said, smiling back ever so innocently. But I knew better. “No, I didn’t mean the hot chocolate doll.” “I’m not sure what you mean then?” His face was inquisitive and almost a little nervous. I was sure that after all these months though, he had probably figured that I had no idea that he had masturbated while watching me at the pool.“I think you know exactly what I mean Shawn, and it is okay, but I want to know if you enjoyed it.” My voice was a little more persistent, even though my eyes were still soft and kind.“I really am sorry Ambry, but I don’t know what you are talking about?” He was getting more nervous by my pushing. “Did I enjoy what?” “Oh baby boy, did you enjoy watching me play with myself by the pool this summer?” I waited with a naughty little grin on my face as pure terror came across his.“Oh shit…I’m so sorry Ambry…I am so sorry…I just couldn’t help my…Oh shit!” He was so cute when he was flustered like this. “Shawn…honey, calm down…I’m not mad at all. I just want to know if you enjoyed it?” His face was so unsure of how to answer the question…or if he should answer the question. I could tell he thought it was a trap or something to get him in even worse trouble. So he just looked down at his hot chocolate and remained silent. I reached my hand under the table and found his knee. He jumped as I gave it a little squeeze and leaned in closer to him. “I asked you if you enjoyed it. I really want to know. You aren’t in trouble, but I want an answer.” I said even more determined this time; my hand gently massaging at his knee. Slowly he looked up from his chocolate, “Ummmm…well…yes ma’am, I enjoyed it a lot.” Sheepishly he lowered his head back down, waiting for my wrath to come down upon him like a hot anvil. “I saw you masturbating Shawn…I even saw where you shot your sperm all over my fence.” He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was scared and embarrassed…right where I wanted him. “I even know that you watched me on more than one occasion. Did you like watching me by my pool?” “Ummm…yes ma’am,” was all he could reply.“Did you like the way I played with myself; fingering my pussy for you?” “Ummm…yes ma’am…” there was a short pause before he looked back up at me, “did you just say ‘for you’?” The look in his eyes was hopefulness that he had heard me correctly. “Well of course Shawn, you had never seen me masturbate by my pool before that, had you? And surely you noticed that I had turned my lounger around specifically so you could watch as I stroked my fingers in an out of my pussy.”“I ummm, just figured, well, you know…the sun moved or something.” “No Shawn, I wanted you to watch me. I planned the whole thing. In fact, I thought about you the entire time I played with myself that day. You know what, I’ve thought about you every time I’ve played with myself since that day.” His eyes got wide, and a small smile finally broke across his mouth. “Really?” “Would you like to have another show Shawn? Would you like to see me naked again?” “Are you serious?” his excitement was increasing as he became flushed in the face. “Of course I am serious Shawn. You have no idea how bad I need a man to please me right now. Do you think you could take care of my needs for me? Do you think you could make me explode like you made me explode this last summer?” “Well, ummm…I just…I have just well…you know.” He was embarrassed again, and once again holding his head down toward the floor.“Shawn, are you a virgin?” The thought thrilling me more than he could know. He didn’t reply right away, so I waited. “Yes I am…I’m sorry.” “What on earth would you be sorry for?” “Well, you were hoping you would find a man, but all you have found is a boy. I just haven’t had the chance to do …you know…that…with a girl yet.” “Oh baby, that is sweet. But I have got an idea…What if I just teach you what you need to know?” His eyes got wide again. This was going to be wonderful. Shawn nodded in approval. That was all I needed. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up from his chair. “I’m going to take care of everything baby,” I said as I led him back into the living room. “But you are going to have to trust me and do as your told if you want to become the kind of man that can take care of me.” “I promise Ambry…I promise.” His shy affirmation just turned me on more. I stood him in the middle of the room, and thought about where to start. Part of me wanted to rip off my clothes and the other part wanted to rip off his. I started thinking about how quickly a teenage boy that had never had sex was going to explode with a situation like this. I didn’t want him to get embarrassed if he came to quickly, so I finally decided that I would finally help myself to that teenage cock I had been fantasizing about for so long. “Don’t say a word Shawn, I want you to just enjoy what I am about to give you.” He nodded nervously as I slowly began undoing his jeans. I could see the bulge that was anxious to be freed. As I opened up the flaps to his jeans, I could see the large outline of his cock…he was getting more beautiful by the inch. I moved my hands to the sides of his jeans, and slid them down his legs. His cotton briefs were all that stood between me and his luscious cock. I grabbed the throbbing growth through his briefs and squeezed it once before stroking it up and down. Shawn couldn’t help but let out a series of approving moans. I had to see this monster though; it had türbanlı malatya escort bayan to be at least 9 inches long. I pulled down his briefs in one quick motion, causing him to hold his breath for a moment. He stared down at me as I smiled up at him. “You have a wonderful cock Shawn…absolutely wonderful.” He smiled from the compliment as I leaned my face forward and took the thick head into my mouth. His pre-cum was just as sweet as I had hoped it would be. Its satiny texture coated my tongue as I slowly began working his cock even deeper into my throat. I could feel him shaking nervously as his hands came to rest on the back of my head. “Oh fuck,” he muttered quietly under his breath as my hand reached up and cupped his balls, gently massaging them. He tasted wonderful, and the thought of him exploding in my mouth had my pussy quivering with anticipation. I took him even deeper into my throat, teasing him with my tongue as I continued to tease his cock and balls with my hands. He was moaning even more, and I could tell he was getting close by the way his cock was not throbbing inside my mouth. I started sucking him faster and deeper…thrusting his entire dick down my throat.“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he muttered out again, grabbing tight fistfuls of my hair as he gently began pumping his hips against my face. “ohhhhh…fuck….” He started to pull away from me, I figured out of fear of cumming in my mouth, but there was no way I was going to miss feasting on my young stud’s seed. My hands moved back behind him, and I grabbed tight to both of his tight ass cheeks, then quickly pulled him tight against my face, forcing his cock completely into my throat. His body tensed up against me, and without any further warning he exploded his first spasm of cum into my eager mouth. I sucked harder on his dick, but not before pulling it out a little first; I wanted to savor every drop of his nectar. His cock erupted violently inside my mouth, spewing his cum over and over again onto my tongue. He tasted so good…I was intoxicated with savage lust as I continued to devour him. I could feel his legs shaking as his orgasm ripped through every inch of him. Finally he grabbed tight to me, trembling with pleasure.“MMMMMmmmm…oh wow. That was incredible Ambry. I have never felt anything like that before in my life. I’m sorry I came in your mouth…I was trying to pull away.” “Oh baby, you tasted delicious,” I said, still sliding his cock over my lips and tongue. “I would have been disappointed if you didn’t share that with me.” “What can I do for you now…I really want to make you feel as good as you made me feel,” his voice so sincere and grateful sounding. I stood back up and led him over to the couch. “Sit down baby,” I ordered. He did as he was told, and I took the control to my stereo and turned on a seductive CD I had ready for the occasion. Slowly I began to dance and sway with the music as I slid my shirt off over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I knew his eyes would immediately go to my breasts. He didn’t disappoint. My perk tits were standing proudly, and my nipples were already hard and erect from the excitement. “They are beautiful,” Shawn whispered, lightly licking his lips. “Shhhhh baby, just sit back and enjoy.” I rubbed my hands all over my chest and belly, and then teased him by slowly twirling my hair over in front of him. I turned around and slowly gyrating my ass in his face before pushing my pants down off of my ass. I was sure he could see my pussy lips as I pushed my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. I extended my legs fully as I parted them a few inches from each other. “Rub my ass for me baby,” I ordered.Shawn didn’t say a word as his soft hands gently began to caress their way around my ass. He trembled a little, but that did not stop him from running a finger over my tender asshole, and then pushing it between my legs up against my slit. “Mmmmmm baby…I like that,” I said, reassuring his exploration. “Don’t stop”. I held my ankles, giving him complete access to my ass and pussy. He was a fast learner. After only a few seconds, he had released some of his inhibitions and had begun really massaging at my ass and thighs. His fingers were rubbing gently around my asshole and down into my pussy. He even started to push a finger inside of me, gently thrusting it back and forth. “Can I taste you?” he asked, sounding unsure of himself. “Please baby, I would love to feel your tongue on my ass and pussy.” I half expected him to be turned off by the ass comment, but Shawn didn’t hesitate to thrust his tongue up against it. His warm breath immediately triggered sensations throughout my whole body. He started solely at my asshole, teasing and licking at it very slowly and gently. At the same time, his fingers were still working against my pussy; teasing my clit and thrusting tenderly inside me. I could feel my body quivering, and before I knew it, I was exploding with my first orgasm of the evening. Shawn took this as encouragement that he was doing a good job, and he began pushing his tongue into my asshole as he thrust even more eagerly inside my cunt. DAMN he was good at this. His attention did not go unnoticed, and within seconds he had intensified my orgasm into an even greater experience. I was finding it hard to keep my position, and finally had to push away to keep from falling down. “Oh shit Shawn…that was incredible. You are going to do just fine as a lover,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. I sat down on the couch next to him and was startled at how quickly he moved in to suck one of my breasts into his mouth. He was a little aggressive about it, but to be honest, it still felt incredible. He eagerly feasted his way back and forth between my tits as his hand found its way back to my pussy. This little fucker sure knew how to use his fingers. He was probing in and out of my pussy one second and grinding perfectly against my clit the next. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the waves of pleasure that were erupting throughout my body. Shawn hadn’t had enough though. He dropped to the floor in front of me, and tenderly pushed my legs apart. It was obvious that even if he was a virgin, this boy had watched some porn or something, because he was very meticulous about the attention his tongue was giving to my clit. He paid attention to every moan I made, and then repeated whatever he had done to hear it again. His hands slid up my body to my breasts as his face pressed lovingly against my pussy, feasting upon it hungrily. I couldn’t fight it any longer, and once again my body exploded in an even more intense orgasm than before. My hands locked back behind his head as I pulled him against my cunt, grinding my hips hard against his face. My nectar flooded from me, and my sexy stud feasted on every drop of it. I shaking and trembling beneath my lover, clouded from everything in the world except his attention.I finally had to push him away because my body was overloading from the pleasure. “OH FUCK I should have seduced you five months ago,” I said, completely flustered with lust. You are the best pussy eater I have ever encountered, and baby, you can do that any time you like; but now it is my turn to give more to you.” The fact was, I was so hungry for this young cock to fill my pussy. I pushed him backwards, giving me room to stand back up in front of him. I grabbed him around the neck, and pulled him tight against me, and planted my lips directly upon his. I could taste my juices on his mouth, but it just made me hungrier for him. As my tongue explored his mouth, his hands explored my body. They were all over me, first on my breasts, then down cupping my ass, and then reaching between us and fingering my pussy again. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I had sure not had enough of him. Reluctantly I finally broke our kiss and moved over to the arm of my couch. I figured it set at the perfect height for me to be able to watch his young thick 9” cock fill me up. I reached out and grabbed his cock and led him in between my silky thighs. His massive dick felt so good as I stroked up and down it as I pressed the head up against my still tender slit. “Fuck me Shawn…fill me up with your big hard cock.” I was sure he could hear the lust and passion in my voice. I had fantasized about this moment for five months. I needed to feel him inside me. Shawn went slowly at first. His hands were on my hips and mine were on his. Gently he pulled himself inside me, allowing that fat thick head to press my pussy lips apart like never before. I bit my lip as this thick monster spread my open and forced its ways inside of me. Inch after inch he pushed ahead, forcing moan after moan to escape from both of us. I had always had a tight pussy, but after not being used for this long, I was sure I was türbanlı escort malatya squeezing that cock wonderfully. He paused for a moment to make sure I was alright, but I just dug my fingernails into his ass and pulled him closer to me. I wrapped my legs up around his waist, and then with one final pull, drove my body completely onto his cock. Impaled may have been a better word. I had never felt as content as I was at that exact moment. I just stared up at my beautiful lover as he began pumping that incredible love stick in and out of my quivering cunt. After a few minutes of soft sex, the hungry young teenager came out to play. Shawn started increasing his speed, his hands grabbing tight to my hips like a man, and using his position to power drive that 9” tool hard and deep inside me. One of his hands was resting on my pussy, his thumb grinding feverishly at my super sensitive clit. His other hand was now on one of my tits, squeezing and twisting at my nipple until it was red and swollen. The stimulation and pain from my nipple was sending jets of sexual electricity directly to my cunt. I exploded in a series…yes, a series of magnificent orgasms. I was thrashing wildly under him on the arm of my couch. The harder he fucked me, the more violently my body erupted. I could not believe this young buck was lasting so long. I guess that first blowjob had helped. But I could see it in his face that he was about to cum again. Though I was more than happy to let him fill my pussy with his seed, the fact was that I really wanted to drink more of his delicious cum. “Cum in my mouth baby, I want to drink every drop,” my voice almost pleading instead of demanding. “NOOOOO….please, I want to cum inside you…please can I.” His request was more convincing than mine, and actually made me long to give him what he wanted. I grabbed tight to his neck, and hoisted myself up on his thick member. His hands quickly moved to my ass cheeks, and he spun and pushed me hard up against the wall. I had never been fucked like this before. Feverishly he pounded in and out of my cunt as I did all I could do to ride that sexy stud. He grunted out in excitement as I felt his cock harden inside me and then fire a thick hot load of steamy sperm inside of me. He tried to slow down, but I fucked hard and fast on his cock. His knees were shaking, but I didn’t relent. I was treated to another fantastic orgasm before finally he fell backwards onto the couch with me still impaled on his cock. “Oh fuck that was incredible Ambry. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but I am so glad you are giving this to me.” “Oh no baby…tonight was all my pleasure. What time do you have to be home?”Shawn looked down at his watch, and said that he still had at least two hours before anyone would really care. I was so lost in the lust of my new young lover; I decided that I was going to reward him with one more major treat before I sent him on his way. Slowly I hoisted myself off of his lap and lowered myself onto the couch next to him. His cock was softening a little, but was still semi-hard. Eagerly I thrust my head into his lap and began gently cleaning our love juice from it. His hand moved into my hair, gently massaging the back of my head as I lovingly feasted upon his cock. There was something about his flavor that had me captivated. Even with my own juices mixed in, I couldn’t get enough of him. I spent the next twenty minutes tenderly teasing his cock and balls with my tongue. I even snuck my hand between his legs and rubbed at his asshole for a bit. I could tell it made him a little uncomfortable at first, but before long, he even spread his legs to give me better access. I was curious how he was going to feel when I stuck my tongue in that tight young ass one of these days. Shawn was hard and erect again before long, and I was eager to give him his last surprise. “Shawn, baby, I want you to do one more thing for me tonight…do you think you are up to it?” His eyes were soft and tender, and I could tell he was willing to try anything I asked of him. “Of course Ambry, anything you want.” “I want you to fill my ass with your cock. Can you do that for me?” “Wow…ummm…are you sure? I have only heard about that with pornos.” “Shawn baby, I haven’t had my ass fucked in so long, I would love to feel your big thick cock inside of me.” “Absolutely Ambry…if you are sure.” He was excited as can be at the thought of trying it, even though I could tell he was a little apprehensive. I stood back up in front of him, and then pulled him to his feet. I went back to the arm of the couch, and turned to face it. “Come here baby…you’ll probably have to go slow at first…that cock of yours is huge.” With that, Shawn moved back behind me and dropped down on his knees. Before I realized what had happened, his tongue was thrusting in and out of my ass, sending waves of pleasure all over me. I could feel his fingers working both of my ass cheeks, spreading them apart so that his face could penetrate me even deeper. Fuck he was good with that mouth of his. He must have tongue fucked me for five minutes before finally standing back up behind me…which was good, because I was about to cum again. The feel of that thick head as it pushed against my wet asshole made me excited with anticipation. “Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass for me,” I whispered gently to him. Shawn pushed forward, his thick head going inside easier than I had expected. The pressure actually felt great as he pushed his way inside me. After the head had finally popped in all the way, he moved his hands to my hips and began pulling back on them as he pushed even deeper inside of me. I tried to relax as he filled me up, but that thick cock was splitting me open. Deeper and deeper he pushed himself inside me. I had almost lost reality with the world again. It didn’t hurt, in fact, just the opposite, the pain that was there was so intense that it was exciting. I was flooding juices from my pussy, and only wanted to be filled up completely by my lover. I thought I owned him, but it was obvious to me now…he owned me. I would do anything to please him. Finally with one last hard thrust upward, I felt myself completely impaled on Shawn’s shaft, and I couldn’t think of anywhere in the world I would rather be. He started moving in and out of my ass, having to hold tight to my hips just so he could move. It only took a couple minutes before all signs of pain had left, and pleasure was starting to take over. The fact was, I had only been fucked in the ass twice by my husband, and he lost his wad before he had ever finished penetrating me. Shawn was doing to me something no other man had done before…and I was loving every second of it. His hands moved down beneath me to my ass, and all of a sudden those hours at the gym were put to use; he hoisted my entire body up off the couch and began pumping my small frail form up and down on his shaft. The tips of fingers were rubbing perfectly against both sides of my pussy, sending even more electrical shock waves throughout my body. We fucked like that for a couple minutes before he lowered my legs down to the ground, and pushed my face down onto the arm of the couch. The wet spot from my pussy was against my face, but I didn’t care. Even faster and more aggressively Shawn pounded my ass from behind. He was grinding my pussy hard against the arm of the couch as he filled my ass deeper and deeper with his cock. I exploded in my first ever orgasm from anal sex. But it wasn’t my last. After about a minute, a second and even more violent filled my body. I reached my hands behind me, and dug my nails into Shawn’s muscular legs; that only made him fuck me harder. I felt like a rag doll the way he fucked me; his own personal fuck toy to abuse at will. He reached for a wad of my hair and pulled back hard on it as he thrust hard and deep as fast as he could inside of me. I felt his thick cock swell inside me followed by the warm slick sensation of his hot cum. He was not stopping though. Harder and harder he fucked my tight ass, making sure to milk every drop of sperm inside of me. My body was still shaking from the orgasms ripping through it. His arms locked around my waist, and he turned around and sat down on the couch with me still on his stranded on his cock. One of his hands reached down to my pussy as the other turned my head toward him. Our mouths met as we both allowed our bodies to finally relax from our orgasms. Shawn continued to play with my pussy and tits as our tongues danced together in contentment. I could feel my asshole still throbbing around the hard cock buried inside it. I wiggled around a little, enjoying the fact that he was still hard. “I am yours Shawn…if you want me. I will never tell you no, and you can do absolutely anything you want to me.” I smiled and kissed him one more time. “I like that…I’ve never owned a woman before….I think this is one toy I won’t get tired of,” he said with a smile and a wink before kissing me again. I sucked Shawn’s cock one more time before he left. It took about 30 minutes, but I was rewarded with one last sweet dose of his cum. He promised to come back again tomorrow to “help me with some more decorating”. I do love my paperboy.