I Could Really Use Some Extra Money (Part 1)Boy, I could really use some extra money, I was thinking as I walked over to George’s for a Saturday visit. Maybe George would have some ideas.I arrived at George’s house. He greeted me once I was in the house with a kiss while he squeezed my ass cheeks. I loved the way he touched me.I’d known George for two years, since I’d started mowing his lawn. I lived with my Mom. She was a drunk and paid me no mind; I might as well have been living alone. But George had taken a keen interest in me from the beginning.We got some coffee and sat down to chat. After awhile, I brought up my money concern.“Well, I do know how you can make a few bucks, but it would be this evening and we’d have to pick up a few things… but no, it’s probably nothing you would care to do anyway.”“What?” I asked, leaning forward eagerly.“I’m having a little get-together this evening with five or six gentleman friends. We were going to play cards. But I have an idea for some entertainment for them. How’d you like to be a stripper?”“Wow,” was all I could say. I’d stripped for George alone, but in front of a bunch of his buddies?“Being dolled up and stripping for you was fantastic, I was going to suggest we do it again, but in front of a bunch of strange men, I just don’t know.”“OK, think it over, but quickly. We would have to go and buy you a few things to wear. I know just the place to go.”I started imagining doing this. It would be really naughty, but what a complete turn-on and adventure it would be.“OK, I’m in, but I’m gonna need a few drinks beforehand to give me courage!”“Great,” exclaimed George. “We’ll make a stop at the liquor store while we are out.”“Where are we going?”“Let’s get going and I’ll explain in the car.”We left and he explained that he knew a guy, an older drag queen, who had opened a store that catered to crossdressers and transsexuals.I blurted out, “I couldn’t. I’d be too embarrassed to shop. I feel nervous now just thinking about it. I don’t know…”“I have something for that,” said George, and he handed me a small gold pillbox. I opened it and saw some little round pills. “What are these?” I asked. “Valium,” replied George. “Take two now. The drive is an hour easily, and you should feel quite nice by that time.” I gulped down two of the pills and said, “Boy, I hope they work.”“They will,” said George. Gradually, as we continued on, the pills kicked in.We were almost there now, and I was feeling very relaxed. There wasn’t a tense muscle in my body.“Are we good to go now?” asked George.“I think I’ll be ok,” I replied. We pulled up in front of George’s friend’s shop and parked. In the window were mannequins dressed in sexy lingerie and elegant outfits.I started getting a hardon.We headed in and George introduced me to his friend, who used the name Nicole. George explained our mission and Nicole told me to look around and find what I’d need. First, I looked at all the panties, and settled on a pink pair with ruffles all around… very feminine! Then a nice black garterbelt with black fully- fashioned stockings, the kind I loved, with the seam in the back. Then some beautiful large breast forms, very real looking, but over a hundred dollars for the pair…George looked over and said, “Don’t worry about the money. I have a feeling it will be worth every penny.”These canlı bahis şirketleri forms were put on with adhesive. I held them up against my arm to see how they matched – the color was perfect, and the large nipples looked completely real! Wow! I felt my dick getting harder still, but I felt so mellow that I didn’t mind if anyone noticed my hardon. And Nicole did notice. She said, “I see you really like those. I’ll show you how to use them when you’re done.”I found a beautiful pink plunging bra that fit me perfectly and that Nicole assured me were the right cup size for the forms. Then she said, “Can I make a suggestion? Those panties you’ve chosen are adorable but your cock will really stand out, not that that’s a bad thing, but for a strip show here’s what I’d use. Let me get one in your size.” She briefly disappeared and returned with a pink open-bottom firm girdle with a diamond-shaped black lace reinforced tummy panel – or in my case, said Nicole, cock panel. It had six attached black garterbelts with metal clasps, very retro and I loved it.“Now, honey, the dress. The dress can make you or break you when you strip. We’ll try a few.”He – er, she – grabbed several she thought suitable.And finally shoes. “What shoe size are you?” “10 and a half.”She went and got a few pairs. I chose a super sexy pair of leopard print high heels with a five inch heel. “You’ll want to practice walking in those and break them in a bit.”I’d recently cut my hair short, so I’d need a wig. I’d always wanted to be a blond and settled on a long, below-the shoulder length wavy platinum blond wig. Quite slutty, I thought to myself.Now a couple of accessories. These turned out to be stretch black opera gloves, a wide rhinestone bracelet, 2-inch hoop earrings, a six-foot long black feather boa and a long cigarette holder.Finally, we chose makeup. Bright red lipstick, pink blush for the cheeks. Long eyelashes, some soft violet eye highlighter, and red fake nails. I spent a while going in and out of the dressing room (nobody else was in the store, luckily for me) wearing the various items and looking for Nicole’s ok. Nicole fetched other sizes of items that did not fit just right and soon we were ready to go.Nicole stated, “Of course, you get my special friends’ discount, which is to say I’m giving you the items at cost. And here, take this pair of pantyhose and put it on so you can slip into those heels now and get used to them. Wear them home. And oh, I almost forgot, you’ll be needing some powder and perfume to make you more enchanting!”She fetched these and put them in one of the bags that held my outfit.I put the heels on, George paid the damage, and we left. On the way home, George said he was going to charge a $5 door fee to his buddies, “for the entertainment”, to help defray the costs of my costume.On the way back, we stopped at a liquor store where George stocked up on booze for his buddies. He also bought some cigars for them to enjoy.When we got back, George gave me the pillbox and said, “Help yourself . Keep them for later too. I’ll come and get you when everyone is here and settled in.”Then he handed me a cold beer and said, “Now scoot upstairs and get ready. The boys will be here soon.”I went upstairs with my bags of costumes and stripped out of my clothes to take mobilbahis a bath. As I did this, I heard the doorbell ring, and heard George greeting the first of his guests. I started feeling a bit nervous again, and so I took another two valiums. As I was in the bath, I heard the doorbell ring two more times as more guests arrived. I could hear them chatting and laughing downstairs. And then I heard George call out to me, “I’m leaving you a couple of cold beers, honey, for you to enjoy!” How sweet, I thought.As I got out of the tub, another ring of the doorbell. I walked directly over to the makeup table where George had left the beers, and I opened one. I’ll just take my sweet time, I thought, let the men get loosened up a bit before my entrance.It took me a good half hour to make myself up, powder, and dress. By then, I’d finished the second beer. I decided to take another last valium. When I looked at myself then in the mirror, I was knocked out. S-E-X-Y, I thought and giggled. I then practiced some dancing and wiggling in front of the mirror. I felt just fine walking in the heels now. I walked over to the radio and put the soft jazz station on, then continued dancing before the mirror. My cock had gotten hard now, but was not noticeable beneath the wonderful girdle. The doorbell rang two more times as I practiced. I felt like having a cigarette, put one into the holder, lit it and took a deep drag. Mmm, I felt pretty relaxed now, the pills and beer had done their job.Then George knocked at the door. He did not open it, but he said, “Why not come down, sweetie? I told the boys I had a nice surprise for them.”Then he retreated downstairs. I took one more good look at myself in the mirror and headed out. As I opened the door, I could hear the men talking loudly and laughing. There was the odor of cigars, and also the odor of marijuana. “Those old devils,” I thought. I loved smoking pot, and I felt sure I’d be smoking some tonight! This was going to be interesting. I walked slowly down the stairs, swaying my hips as I walked. As I neared the landing, I looked over to the living room where the men were. They all stood at once. “Wow, who’s this beauty you’ve been keeping from us, George,” quipped one of his buddies. The men looked to be between the ages of 60 and 70.I often fantasized about older men.“This is Yolanda, gentlemen.” I had chosen the name earlier. It sounded exotic and mysterious. I strutted into the living room and the men – there were 6 besides George – approached. I held out my hand to each, and remarked I was delighted to be meeting some of George’s friends. (I’d been practicing my female voice.) George said, “Yolanda, this is Bernie, Carl, Louis, Dominic, Mark and John. To which I responded, “Oh dear, I’m terrible with names but I’ll try. Let me see…” and I put a name to each with some prompting. “ Well” said Dominic. What is the lady drinking this evening?” “I’d just love a beer.” I said. Dominic made his way to the kitchen and returned with a glass and a beer. I took a seat on one of the two sofa’s surrounding the large square coffee table.These gents were practically drooling as they took me in. I was excited, yet pretty mellow at the same time. We made small talk and sipped our drinks. Then I blurted out, “Gee, I thought I smelled reefer as I came down. mobilbahis giriş I love smoking pot.”Louis reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of weed along with some rolling papers. “This is great shit” said Louis. A couple of the others nodded their heads in agreement. “You’ll only need a couple of hits and you’ll be in paradise.”“Oh, Im already in paradise with all you cute guys around.”Louis rolled a joint and lit it, then took a hit and passed it around. Some smoked, others passed. It finally got to me and I took a big toke and held it in as long as I could. As I exhaled, I felt an incredible rush. After the joint circulated another two times, I couldn’t believe how buzzed I was. “How you like the weed, Yolanda?” asked Mark. “WOW,” I said, and began giggling, “I’m so stoned, I feel great!”“Let me get you another beer, you’re gonna wanna wet your whistle after smoking that stuff,” said Dominic and he fetched me another beer. I put my cigarette holder to my lips and asked who had a smoke. Carl put a pack of Marlboro’s on the table in front of me. I put one in the holder and lit up, then took a long sip of beer. I knew I was the center of attention as we continued chatting and joking. I was laughing freely at the jokes, and leaning onto Carl who was to my left, then Mark who sat to my right. I periodically placed my hand on their thighs as I leaned over laughing. They seated themselves closer to me and periodically placed a hand on my thigh. Mark at one point put his arm around me and gave me a hug. Everyone seemed pleasantly buzzed or liquored up, and the talking got louder and bawdier, with a few dirty jokes thrown in. I laughed at each of the punchlines along with the guys.Finally, George spoke up. “Well, gentlemen, I said there’d be entertainment tonight…” and he walked over to the stereo and put on a CD of stripper music! The boys yelled out, “Well alright,” and “Now you’re talking”. George then walked to where I sat, took my hand as I stood up, and continued to hold it as I lifted my skirt and got onto the table.I looked down at all the appreciating eyes looking up at me.This is what I’d always dreamed of, to be… well, why not just say it…. to be a sexual object for these men. Another joint was going around, and it was handed up to me. I took a really deep toke, and felt my whole body tingle with delight. “Hey,” said Louis, “Get out your dollar bills if you have any. The entertainment will now begin..”All the guys started digging into their wallets as I started gyrating to the music. Slowly, I reached back for the zipper in back of the dress and pulled it all the way down, slowly, teasing them as I did so.There were shouts of “Take it off baby,” and “Do it, baby”. I slipped out of the dress, which I threw at one of the guys.I wiggled my ass at each of them in turn as I danced. One or two reached up and stuck dollars in my nylons. For this favor, I gave them special attention, climbing down off the table and putting my fanny up against their now hard cocks, and so I rubbed those cocks with my derriere.Then I got back up on the table and began wriggling out of the girdle until my erect cock stood proudly out at attention. I shook it up and down, left and right, for all to appreciate and it was obvious from their smiles and catcalls that they Really did appreciate it. I soon got back down off the table again and ground my now naked ass against them. As I gyrated on Louis’ enormous cock, he reached around to my cock and began stroking it. I turned to him and began kissing him passionately.(To Be Continued)