it begins.i come around to drop off the hedge trimmers i borrowed. he’s out. she’s engrossed on the pc. we greet with the usual deep, understanding, suggestive, knowing eye contact that we always do, and the usual bland, outward get the key and we go to the garage to put the thing bend over to open the garage door. i’m getting the trimmers out of the car, but i’m watching your jeans go tight around your arse as i do. you know i’m looking, so you bend just a little more than you need to. i can see your pussy straining either side of the seam between your thighs as you do. nicely done girl. very lift the garage door, arching your back to accentuate your waist and hips as you stand up. not taking my eyes off you, i calmly walk over to you, carrying the trimmers. i’m close as the door reaches it’s full height and you begin to step into the garage. i’m just over your right shoulder, looking down on your ample tits. you know i’m looking, but you play it cool, not even turning your head as you walk right to the back of the garage, pointing at where to put the trimmers. *just stick them in the corner there.-no worries. what’s with the new bike? whose is that?you turn to your left, your back to me, to look at the bike, and as you part your lips to reply i step forward, my head over your right shoulder, placing my left hand on your ribs, just below and behind your arm, sliding it around and grabbing your breast. i squeeze it as i move up behind you, closing the gap, pressing my stiffening cock into your ass cheeks, breathing on your neck, lightly brushing your ear with my are completely passive. you make no attempt to stop me. you don’t even move. arms by your side, slightly loose to allow me free reign, but at the same time you’re rather rigid, and totally motionless.*erm! what are you doing? you ask indignantly. your tone of voice completely belying your lack of action.-feeling you up. i reply, matter of fact.*why?-cos you feel don’t move as we speak, you say no more, but your breathing quickens. i feel it. my heart races, thumps in my chest. i think maybe you can hear it, it seems so loud. i put my right hand on your shoulder, move it accross your collarbone, to your neck. i slide my hand around your throat, cupping it, gently squeezing. my whole türbanlı kütahya escort right arm is accross you now, elbow pointing to the floor, holding you tight to me. i move my left hand down your stomach, find the button on your jeans, and open it.*you shouldn’t be doing that. you exclaim.-neither should you. i retort, a playfulness in my voice.*i’m not doing anything. you reply innocently.-so shut the fuck up and enjoy it then. if you’re not doing anything, then you’re not doing anything wrong are you? i move my head from your right side to your left, my right elow lifting up and onto your shoulder. i can now reach down to your clit. i push my hand flat between your legs, pushing your jeans and knickers down as far as i can, giving my hand room and exposing you at the same time. as i do i move my head forwards. ear to ear with you now, i gently push my head to the right against yours. it changes your balance, and your weight shifts off your left leg. i twist my hand 90 degrees, palm up, making you shift, adjust to me, to what i want, to how i want you. i cup your cunt firmly. i nearly come when i feel that your pussy is freshly shaven and soaking wet, and i’ve not even started on you yet. you know what’s happening, what might happen, what you hope will happen, and you love it, the thought of it, the promise, the uncertainty. the garage door is still wide open. anyone could come to the garage next door, or pull up in a car and see us. you’re frozen by the exposure of the situation. it turns you on completely. your vulnerability, your passive state. such a risk, such a thrill.i slip my middle finger between your pussy lips and part them with ease. you’re so wet that i could slam my cock all the way up you, from a distance, without even warming you up. i slide my finger gently upwards, stroking over your pisshole, to find your clit. *this is wrong. you say with finality. i challenge you with a questioning yet daring tone:-what’s wrong with enjoying yourself? move if you don’t like it. stop me. i grip harder with my right hand around your throat. i don’t want you backing out now. you’ve allowed me this far, and now i’m relying on you being the most supremely horny bitch i’ve ever known: not a girl, but a real woman, truly deserving the türbanlı kütahya escort bayan compliment of being called cunt. it’s the one thing i’ve always been able to rely on in you. sure enough you lift your chin in submission, acknowleging that the power of my deise for you is stronger than your will to resist. you relax back into me ever so slightly, and i feel the confirmation. you try to turn your head to face me a little, but i don’t yield. i hold you as you are, facing straight forward and looking upwards. i relax my hand slightly as i feel you accept my denial of your attempt to move, to dictate any terms of your own, but it’s still a stronger grip than before. you can feel the strength in my hand. you know i could crush your neck. you feel the power, and your own urge to submit to it.i start wanking you off, rubbing accross and around your clit. every so often i effortlessly slip a finger up your cunt to spread your juices. it’s not a challenge, you’re more than wet enough, your cunt just feel great.your breathing is really heavy now. i’m aware of a growing patch of pre-cum from my hard-on. i’m pressing our bodies together with some enthusiasm, but my grip around your throat and pressure on your pussy is instead of just slipping you a finger from time to time, i start to really spread your juices around. i use two fingers now, separating them sideways as i pull them out, opening your cunt so you can feel the cool air, juicing your pussy lips and wetting a greater area of your groin all the time. i push my hand further under you, pushing your lubricant between your ass cheeks. searching, teasing. as if not daring to quite touch your arse, but tickling so close. the more i spread about, the more you produce. your arse, guiche, cunt, and thighs, all the way to the top of your beautifully shaven pubic region are lubed up, smooth, as if i could fuck your whole groin and not just your holes.i speed up the movement on your clit.-relax. fuck! i want to see you say nothing. as you begin let go and allow yourself to enjoy it, you begin to bend your knees slightly and tilt your pelvis, pushing your pussy forwards, allowing me to do as i will. you close your eyes for the first time now, and i feel the last of the türbanlı escort kütahya resistance in you fade, as you sink into a warm pool of complete submission, toal abandon, shutting out the whole world, even me, focusing totally on the plesure of the physical sensations and the situation.i breathe gently outwards over your ear as i move my head downwards. i growl low and quietly: -get fucked, you horny cunt.i bite you hard on the neck below your ear. you pant short and hard. once, twice, in quick succession, then stifle a long, low groan as you come hard. it’s obvoius that you’re coming. your body stiffens, your face goes bright red, your knees start to shake, your pelvis pulses back and forth in a short, quick motion, and you come hard, squirting female ejaculate from your pisshole with impressive power. it sprays between my hand pressed hard against your cunt, forcing it’s way between your buttcheeks and up your stomach. it looks like you’ve totally pissed yourself. i’m still holding your throat. you’re still shaking and pulsing as i push my middle 2 fingers up your cunt and grip the front of your pelvis powerfully. i take your left ear in my mouth, flicking the lobe with my tonge. i turn your head so that you face me for the first time during the whole encounter. we kiss deeply for a long moment. as our faces separate we look directly into eachother’s eyes for the first time since i arrived.-you fucking sexy cunt. you fucking loved that didn’t you?*what do you think?-i think you need to get fucked. really, thoroughly, fucked.-thanks for the trimmers. see you soon.i let you go and turn to walk away with a straining hard-on. a wet patch of pre-cum is clearly visible on my jeans. you’re a jelly legged mess. your jeans soaked. still red-faced. your cunt still pulsing from the orgasm. your whole groin tingling. chest heaving. quietly desperate for a naked fucking with complete abandon, to be properly and correctly admired, used, and abused for the sexy, horny cunt fuck that you are, but unable to do or say anything about it without betraying your deniability of the whole thing. it was all me. my fault. i made you do it. pressured you. pressed myself upon you. it has to stay that way in your mind. you didn’t do anything, let alone anything wrong. your conscience is clear.i get in the car. you have to go back in the house, straight upstairs to get changed. and so it begins. there will be more. and you know it. you want it. but you will never ask. you will only ever quietly allow it under the pretense of not wanting it. that is the game. and it’s one we are both secretly, passionately desperate to play out, to the very furthest limits of where it can go.