Motel DisciplineYou drive to a motel a few towns away and park your car in the back out of sight. You are dressed in a suit and heels; it’s summer so you aren’t wearing stockings. You go to the room number that I have sent you in a text. The door is open and you go inside and lock the door behind you as I have instructed. I’ve told you to wait, standing with your back to the door.After a few minutes you hear the key in the lock and I come in and stand behind you. I push your long hair to the side and put a leather collar around your neck. That’s our signal to begin.I reach around and unbutton your jacket and slide it off your shoulders and then I tell you to turn around. I step back and tell you to unbutton your blouse. You undo the buttons on your cuffs and then unbutton the front of your blouse. As you get to the last button you pull the blouse out of your skirt and I tell you to stop. I didn’t’ tell you to pull it out of your skirt. I casino siteleri open a small black bag and take out a paddle; it is short and black and has a leather strap that I slip over my wrist.Then I come back and tell you to pull your blouse out of your skirt and take it off. You try to do everything exactly as I tell you, but you know what is coming. I tell you to take off your skirt. Now you are just wearing your bra, a thong and your heels. I tell you to take off your bra and then walk over and stop about 2 feet from the wall. I tell you to spread you your feet the width of your shoulders and put your hands flat on the wall. Your ass is in perfect position and I can see the lips of your pussy. Your nipples are erect.I pull your thong down to the bottom of your thighs and leave it there stretched between your legs. Then I stand to the side and spank your right cheek with the paddle and then your left. Between spanks I massage canlı casino your ass with my hand; sometimes I slide my finger down your ass. Sometimes I pinch your nipples. The spanks are rhythmic and I ask you if you are going to behave. You promise me that you will.I put the paddle down and take out some restraints and tie your hands behind your back and turn your around. I grab your hair and put my tongue in your mouth and run my hands up and down hour body. I stop and start. I put my fingers in your pussy; your thong is still halfway down your legs. I play with you for a while. Then I pull your thong off.I walk you over to the bed and tell you to kneel on it and then put your head down on the bed so your ass is up and available to me. I put my tongue in your ass and your pussy. I take out a vibrator and rim you with it and then fuck you in the ass with it. I run my hands along your thighs and across your belly as I’m doing this. And kaçak casino then I stop. I push you on your side and step back from the bed and slowly take my clothes off. My cock is hard. I pull you to the edge of the bed and put it in your mouth and slowly fuck your mouth. I slide it over your lips so that you can run your tongue along the bottom of the shaft. I tell you to look at me the entire time my cock is in your mouth.I release the restraints and roll you on your back. Your pussy is swollen. I grab your ankles and hold them up and lie down sideways to you so that I can see my cock go into your pussy. It slide in and out easy because you are very wet I fuck you that way for a while. I tell you to touch your clit with your fingers and I feel your body tense and you work toward a climax. Once you have cum I turn you on your stomach and put my cock in your ass. As I fuck you I can feel your ass against me and you bend your knees and I grab one of your ankles. I can see the muscles in your back and I cum.I lie down on top of you and roll both of us on our sides; me behind you. I take off the collar. We lie there for a while and I stroke your body and kiss your neck