My Mother Made Me a 69 Year Old Panty LoverEver wondered how a 69-year old retired photographer who likes to show off in panties came to be that way? Why do I have an irresistible desire to masturbate with men while in panties? I blame it ALL on my mother.I clearly recall the afternoon when I got home early from school and lay on my bed to play with myself. I was twelve and had discovered P…boy magazine and how my cock would get hard looking at naked women. I didn’t notice when my mother came into the room but when she said softly “I wondered when you’d discover that smut.” I froze. I quickly pulled a sheet over my withered dick.“Let me see that.” mom said in a calm voice. She sat down beside me and picked up the well-used magazine lightly passing her hand over my cock as she did. “These women are all phonies, you know.” She gave me a disapproving look. “Their tits are all made up and they have no pussies or cunts.” She made a gesture of lifting her own breasts.I was shocked by her words and how she held her tits but actually relieved that she wasn’t bashing me with her hands as she had done occasionally. My mother had a vicious temper especially when she’d been drinking. Instead she browsed through the semi-nude pages – pointing out how much she resembled some of the women. “That skinny one with the big tits could be me if they were a bit bigger and saggy.” she said lifting her tits once again and laughing menacingly. I remained in shock but every moment, I was entranced by her lewd act.She soon got up and left the room without another word leaving me confused and frustrated. I was so shocked that I didn’t play with myself again for another month.Weeks later, I had returned early from my scout meeting and with no one at home I stripped down and played with myself while enjoying my magazine. I had discovered my first “naturalist” magazine and while the pictures weren’t sexy, I found them very exciting because nothing was covered or blurred. I saw my first pussy and now saw what my mother had told me about. And the tits all looked different and some were definitely saggy. And there were huge cocks.I was well into it when the door opened suddenly and my mother rushed in. She had been drinking at the local tavern. Even on a Monday evening, she was wearing a dress, stockings and heels and makeup. “You can’t get enough of that filth can you, you nasty, nasty thing.” Her words were slurred by alcohol. “Let me see what smut you’ve found this time”. And with that she flopped down on the bed beside me making it impossible to cover myself with a sheet. “Now those are tits. Look at how they sag, just like mine. ” She reached into her cleavage and pulled out the roundest tit with the hardest nipple I would ever see in my life. My shocked pecker began to quiver.“Your little dick seems to like this eh,” she said as she put the tit back into the dress. “And you’re seeing what a real man’s cock looks like too. There are some real monsters here” and she pointed at a few on the page that were indeed very long. “And pussies too but no cunts. That’s too bad.” She moved across to my desk and sat in the chair facing me with her lovely stockinged legs crossed. She had a strange and ominous smile on her face. “Now that you can get a boner, you think you can play with it whenever you want in my house, you little pervert.” The words hissed between her red lips. “Do you want to see a cunt?” she yelled. “Speak up, for crissakes. Tell me you want to see a cunt”. I said it in a whisper. “Louder damn it. I want to hear you say the word cunt!” “I want güvenilir bahis siteleri to see a cunt.” I said quietly but before she could condemn me again, I yelled it and she began to laugh.“I always thought you were a little wimp with your teeny little cock. You REALLY need to see a cunt. It will make you a man and maybe make that teeny cock bigger.” She had pulled her dress up to expose the tops of her stockings and then opened her legs. “Look here. Look real good at your first cunt.” Mom hadn’t any panties on. “See how your cock is getting hard again. Jerk it. Play with yourself like you were doing when I got here, because mommy wants to see your cock when it’s good and hard.” She laughed then pulled her dress down. She stood, smoothed her dress and then, as if nothing had happened, left my room. The following Saturday evening I was in bed stroking while reading the nudist magazine when I heard my mother and a man come noisily through the front door. She had been drinking at the Gerrard Tavern so I prepared for the worst. In moments, I heard her coming up the stairs.“Put that dirty magazine away. I know you’ve been jacking off, you little bitch.” The language was what I had expected. “Let’s see what you’ve been looking at – now!” I knew not to cross my drunken mother so I pulled the magazine from under the covers. And let’s see that wimpy dick. “ I was more reluctant now but when she moved towards me with her had raised hand, I pulled back the covers to expose my semi-erect cock.The magazine was open a page full of older women playing volleyball. My mother seemed to approve and smiled at me again in that strange way.“Good! Now I have something for you and she threw a small bag onto the bed. “I want you to put this on. Be downstairs in five minutes. “ When I looked at her, somewhat confused, she raised her hand towards me and I quickly reached for the bag.It contained a pair of panties and what I would learn was a teddy, both in black. I dressed with fear as my first motivation. But when I saw myself in my dresser mirror, I liked what I saw and became somewhat excited. But there was no time so I was downstairs in the doorway to the living room in four minutes. My mother had brought home another “uncle”. This one, who she introduced as “uncle Bill” sat quietly beside my mother on the couch. Mom had her feet on the coffee table and her dress riding up above her knees. “You’re very pretty my little bitch. Don’t you thinks so Uncle bill?” Bill grunted a reply and leered at me. “And take your hands away from your crotch. We paid good money for your clothes and we want to see it all. Isn’t that right, Bill?” Another grunt.“Come over to your mommy now, right here in front of me.” I moved quickly.She straightened my teddy and then felt the front of my panties. “You’re making these tiny panties a bit snug with your little hardon” And with that she pulled my cock out so it hung over the waistband. “That’s better, eh Bill? Now go and show it to your uncle.” And she shoved me so I was in front of him.“See what a tiny dick he has.” She gestured. “He needs some encouragement, eh Bill. Show him what a real cock looks like.” Bill slowly stood up, undid his belt, unzipped and dropped his pants and underwear to his feet. “Bill’s cock isn’t hard yet. Feel it and find out. I know you want to.” I reached for his thick hanging cock. “Grab it goddam it. Hold it in your fist.” my mother bellowed. Fearfully but with some curiosity, I took his cock in my hand. It was heavy and thick…and soft but only for a few seconds. Soon it mobilbahis was hard and then sticking straight out at me. “Stroke it you naughty boy. Bill would like you to stroke his cock, right Bill? And the bitch likes it too. He’s getting a hardon too.” And indeed I was. I glanced at my mom for some support because all of this was so new to me. She looked straight at me but her hand had moved under her dress. She pushed it aside and I saw that she had her hand in her cunt. She smiled as I became harder.“We went to a lot of trouble to get you this sexy, new outfit and we want you to earn it.” From beside the couch, she brought out a camera with a flash. “The nice man at the shop loaded it up for me. There are 36 pictures. It’s automatic so even you can’t fuck it up.” She said. The camera looked impressive. I only needed to look through the viewfinder and focus just like the automatic cameras some of my wealthier friends had. “You seem to like filthy pictures so much, we thought it was time that you made your own. Let’s start with a nice picture of mummy’s cunt.” And mommy spread her legs to reveal the pinkness between her hairy patches. Let’s start with a few of these but no faces in the pictures, do you understand me?”I got close enough to hide mommy’s face and snapped a couple of pictures. She opened her pussy lips and I snapped some more. All during this “uncle” Bill was slowly stroking his cock. “You take the pictures you want but don’t waste any. Let’s start with some cocksucking but remember, no face.” She leaned over and took “my uncle’s” cock in her mouth and stroked it while moving it in and out of her red lips. I got close enough to avoid much face and snapped a few from a couple angles. She stroked Bill’s cock with her hands after that and I did some of that too. She moved slowly so I had time to find the right pose.Mom removed her dress. Her slim body in black stockings and bra looked very appealing to me. She pulled her tits out of the bras and played with the nipples and held them up for Bill to suck. And I took a few more pictures praying that they would be okay because I was very nervous.Mom lay back on the couch and opened her cunt with her hands inviting another picture. Then she grabbed Bill’s cock and pulled it towards the pink hole. Bill pushed his cock in all the way and mom groaned. She had to slow him down so I could take some more pictures. Soon he was moving his cock all the way in and out in long strokes.It wasn’t five minutes before I saw Bill buck a few times and moan loudly. Mom held him in for a few more pictures then slowly pushed him out – another photo op. She lay there with white creamy liquid dripping from her cunt and I took a nice picture of that too. She asked me to rewind the film and hand it to her. She gave it to Bill who was already putting on his pants. He pulled some money from his wallet and gave it to mommy.Soon we were alone on the couch; me dressed as a little girl with a semi-hardon and mom with her cunt spilling thick liquid onto the couch. “You were very good tonight. I think the pictures should be fine. Bill will develop them himself. We‘ll see them in an hour. In the meantime, let me introduce you to something you obviously don’t know about yet. You’re going to make some of this spunk you’ve been so fascinated by.” And she pushed a finger into her cunt, withdrew it and licked it between her red-smudged lips.She took my cock in her mouth first. It got very hard. Then she stroked it very slowly in her cool hand. As she watched me get more excited, mobilbahis giriş she would slow down or stop. I was very excited and my cock was almost painfully stiff. She stroked, and then sucked, each time backing off if I became too excited. This pattern repeated itself for only about two minutes. “Are you ready to cum, my little bitch? She cooed. “Mommy will jerk you faster and then you’ll feel a strange sensation. Go with it. It may feel like it could hurt but it won’t. That’s your spunk coming from your balls. Mommy wants to see your spunk.” She lay back on the couch and aimed my cock at her swollen red cunt. As soon as I saw it, the sensation she warned me about, came over me uncontrollably.“Oh mommy, what is happening? I yelled. “It feels so strange and nice” “You’re going to shoot your cum on mommy’s pussy. “ Her voice was encouraging but also demanding. I’m going to stroke you faster.” Within four strokes my whole body convulsed and I felt my asshole tighten up. And then there was white-hot liquid come through my cock in gobs that flew onto my mother’s tits, then her belly. The most and biggest spurts fell on her cunt.She kept stoking my cock with her other hand pushing my juices around and mixing it in her cunt with the stuff I’d see uncle Bill shoot there.“You’re my bitch and you’re always going to do what I want because you like it, don’t you?” I gave an excited nod. I was shaking because my body was still going through some tremors. “You’ve just cum for the first time. Your spunk is on Mommy’s cunt mixed with Bill’s. And mommy likes that.” And in a split second, her mood changed and she was scaring me again. “Go away. Get cleaned up and go to bed.” She pushed me away and returned to massaging her cunt. “Go to bed and don’t forget to wash out your new clothes.”I walked unsteadily to the doorway turning to say something to my mom. I was hoping to tell her how much I had enjoyed the evening. But she’d have nothing of it. “Get the fuck up the stairs” was all she said.A weekly Saturday night pattern soon developed. Mom would bring home an “uncle” and I’d do a little show for him in one of my new panty and top ensembles. Mom was constantly replacing my “costumes” as I grew. I graduated to stockings and some of my uncles liked this a great deal especially if I sucked their cocks a bit before the main event.And the main event was mom sucking a cock and getting fucked in an increasing variety of ways and her son in sissy underwear taking pictures that “uncle Bill” would process. My uncles always got a picture souvenir of the visit. And mom would always be given folding money, sometimes a lot.We’d started to take some time to chat after the uncle left. My mom had become remarkably calm and sweet after our first few “jobs”. Sometimes she would masturbate me and then mix the cum with the other man’s but then as I got older she preferred a cup of tea and a brief chat. I was always ordered to remain in my bra, panties and stockings. It was a lucrative business my mom and I ran. It was an exciting evening out for an “uncle”. I learned a skill and I developed a “passion” for photography. I also enjoyed wearing lingerie because of the way it felt and also the effect it had on the men. I never ever bought “dirty” magazines again because I had many, very personal albums of pictures to masturbate to.While my life might have appeared odd and likely to unbalance my young mind, it really wasn’t. I came to love and respect my mother for the way she managed her financial needs. We were actually quite well off. I even went to an art college. The sex I had grown up with was honest and more accessible than any of my schoolmates could have imagined. I enjoy wearing beautiful, sexy panties and hosiery. I’m not a crossdresser. I reserve my “costumes” for special friends. And I became a damned good photographer.