Neuro submission transmitter 4I get home late and mom is curled up on the couch, fast asleep in front of the TV. She’s wearing a long t-shirt, with nothing underneath it; I can see her firm, round ass where the t-shirt has ridden up. I start to wake her up to go to bed, but instead, I kneel on the floor with my face near hers and run my hand around on her ass cheeks. When she starts to stir, I kiss her on the lips, while running my fingers between her ass cheeks and down over her pussy lips. “Mmmmm.” She says dreamily, kissing me back and lifting her leg to give me better access to her pussy. “How’s everything with you and Nicole?” She asks, breaking the kiss and staring at my crotch.”Great!” I tell her, while I stroke her pussy lips. “We had a wonderful time together, with no fighting.””That’s good.” She says, but she seems disappointed not to see a big bulge in my pants. “What time is it?” She asks, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but I wanted to wait up for you.” She says sleepily.”It’s a little after eleven.” I answer. “I’m ready for bed if you are.” She sits up, cutting off my access to her pussy, and we walk into the bedroom together. Turning to her, I lift her t-shirt over her head and run my hands over her tits, before tucking her into bed. Quickly shedding my clothes I crawl in next to her and hold her naked body against mine. I kiss her again, this time slipping my tongue into her mouth and she responds by reaching between us and fondling my flaccid cock. This is the first time mom has initiated sexual contact and attempted to arouse me, instead of just responding to my aroused state. I’m not sure if I’ve got much arousal left in me after the weekend I’ve had, but mom’s expert manipulations of my cock and balls has me rock hard in no time. I scoot my ass back so she has room to maneuver while sliding my hand between her legs. Running my fingers up and down her slit, releases juices that coat her lips and lubricate my fingers, so they easily slip inside her hot pussy. “Mmmmmm. Nick.” Mom says, pulling her face back from our kiss. “I missed you this weekend.” She says, looking me in the eyes. “I got really horny and started to watch a video, but I didn’t want the vibrator or the dildo, I wanted you. I hope you don’t think your mom is weird or perverted or whatever.” She’s stroking my hard cock while her fingers are tantalizing my balls.”Oh no! Not at all, mom!” I tell her emphatically. “I love being with you like this. I’m aroused because of you, mom! No one else!” I push my tongue back into her mouth and increase the machinations of her pussy with my fingers. My cock is rock hard in mom’s hand and her pussy is gushing juice around my fingers, as our tongues fight for dominance of our passionate kiss. I push mom onto her back and suck one of her hard nipples into my mouth, biting it gently as I finger fuck her fiery pussy. Mom’s tits are bigger and softer than Nicole’s and my cock is oozing pre-cum as I suckle at her breasts. Mom is humping her ass up against my fingers and moaning as I kiss my way down her stomach and suck her clit into my mouth.”Oh my god!” Mom yells as I lick and suck on her clit while increasing the pace of my fingers pumping in and out of her burning hole. Mom must have really been horny. In no time she’s bucking wildly against my hand, tensing her legs and moaning. “Oh! Yes! Oh Nick!” Mom cries. As her orgasm rips through her body, she clenches her pussy around my fingers and pulls my head away from her clit. She continues gently tugging on my head until we’re face to face and I’m almost lying on top of her, my fingers still inside her quivering pussy. Mom slides her tongue in my mouth and pulls me down hard against her. I let my fingers slip from her pussy, and settle my body tightly against hers. With my tongue dancing around in her mouth, I can feel her hard nipples pushing into my chest and my rigid cock throbbing against her mound.”I suppose it’s your turn.” Mom says, breaking the kiss and rolling us over, putting herself on top. She lifts her upper body until her hard nipples are the only part of her dangling tits making contact with my skin. Shifting her hips around, she nestles my hard cock between her steamy pussy lips. Rocking back and forth, she drags her nipples along my chest while gliding her slick pussy lips up and down my rigid shaft. “Oh mom!” I moan, as I push my cock against her slippery lips, wondering how long she’ll do this before she slides down and takes me in her warm mouth.Mom has her eyes closed and her head back as she skims her hot pussy lips, excruciatingly slowly, from the tip of my cock down to my balls and back. Oh God! With her hard nipples continuing to tease my chest, it’s almost like we’re actually fucking! I push my cock up against her soggy lips as they slide up and down, again and again, from my balls to the tip, smearing her hot pussy juice along the way.Lowering her chest against mine, mom lets her pussy lips linger at the head of my cock, not moving. Shoving her tongue in my mouth and snaking it urgently around mine, she presses her tits down hard against my chest. With a roll of her hips, my cock head slips between her lips and she pushes her body down engulfing the entire length of my cock in her velvety furnace. Oh Fuck! I’m inside her! My cock is inside my mother’s pussy! Neither of us moves as our tongues continue their ferocious onslaught. “I wanted you, Nick.” Mom whispers, as she pulls her tongue from my mouth and looks directly into my eyes. “I wanted you inside me. That’s all I’ve thought about all weekend.” When she starts moving, it’s like I’ve never been fucked by anyone before. My mom’s hips are rotating in a circular fashion while she slowly raises and lowers herself on my cock. Her plush pussy walls are molded around my hard cock, pulsating pleasure through every pore. Sitting up she continues to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy down around my cock. “Oh my God, mom!” I moan. “You are amazing!” Reaching behind her she slips her hand between my legs and cups my balls, massaging them as she rides my cock. I’ve never felt anything like this! I am awestruck! I just lay there, staring at my sexy mother riding my cock until she grabs my hands and presses them against her tits. I rub my palms in a circular motion around her hard nipples and squeeze her soft tits. “Oh, Nick! Squeeze my tits harder! Pinch my nipples!” She instructs, as she rolls her hips back and forth, sliding my hard cock in and out of her burning pussy. I respond like in a dream, doing as I’m told, kneading her gorgeous tits and pinching her hard nipples, as she clenches and unclenches her pussy muscles around my cock. I feel her hot juices running down my balls, which she continues to caress with her hand. She keeps rolling her hips in a rippling motion over my cock as I pinch and twist her erect nipples. I’m a full participant now, matching her rhythm and thrusting my cock deeper inside her enflamed pussy.Letting go of my balls and picking up her speed, she starts riding me harder and faster. I’m bucking wildly on the bed pushing my cock into her pussy while she bounces up and down, rolling her clit against me and leaning her hands against my shoulders. I move one hand between her legs and find her clit with my thumb, massaging it in a circular motion. She rides me to a frenzied orgasm that has her moaning and screaming my name.”Nick! Oh Nick! I’m cumming! Nick! Cum with me, Nick! Cum inside me!” She yells, riding wave after wave of pleasure, as I shoot my load deep inside her quivering pussy. She collapses on my chest and we lay there, gasping for air as we try to catch our breath. My head is spinning! I actually fucked my mother! No, she fucked me! Un-fucking-believable! Cradling her head against my chest and running my hand up and down her back, I think back to the suggestions I gave mom, trying to make sense of this. I remember telling her that she would get aroused when we’re touching and when she’s helping me with my sexual tension. Oh fuck! Now I remember! I told her that when she’s aroused, it would seem natural for her to turn to me for release. That must be it! She got horny and my suggestion overpowered any other form of release. Well, whatever it was, it was incredible.”I love you, mom.” I say softly, kissing her on her forehead. “I love you, too, Nick.” She whispers, turning her lips to mine and kissing me gently. “I don’t know what came over me.” She says, “I couldn’t wait for you to get home.””I’m glad.” I tell her. “You are an amazing lover, mom. It’s never felt like that with anyone.””Mmmm. Thanks.” She says dreamily. “You’re no slouch, yourself.” She says, settling her head back down on my chest. We fall asleep like that, mom’s head on my chest and my cock still inside her pussy. I dream about a threesome with mom and Susan that matches the video scene mom likes.We oversleep Monday morning and are so rushed there is no time to talk. I hope mom isn’t feeling guilty about what happened. She doesn’t seem to be, but we’re in such a hurry, it’s hard to tell. Mom drops me at school, kisses me on the cheek and drives off to work.I run into Miss Edwards in the hallway as I’m walking to my second period class. She hesitates, looks around and then approaches me. She looks scrumptious in a tight black skirt and white blouse with blue stripes that curve around her full breasts. “Nick.” She calls me. “Can I see you during your lunch today?” She asks nervously, shifting from one foot to the other.”Sure, Miss Edwards.” I tell her, wondering where this will lead. “Do you want me to come to your classroom?” Her face flushes as I walk close to her, grazing her arm with my hand.”That, um, would be fine, Nick.” She says, her quickening breath causing her tits to swell, pushing the stripes on her blouse out even farther. “Okay, see you then.” I tell her, walking down the hall, smiling. I wonder how she’s going to handle what happened on Friday.Miss Edwards is sitting at her desk when I arrive and she invites me to sit in the chair next to it. When I get close to her, the suggestion takes over and she becomes obviously aroused. Her nipples are pushing out against her blouse and she’s rubbing her legs together. “What did you want to see me about, Miss Edwards?” I ask innocently.”Nick, I wanted to talk about Friday afternoon.” She says, her face flush from the arousal emanating through her body. “Um, tell me what you thought of it, Nick.” She asks.”Miss Edwards, that was the most erotic afternoon of my life.” I tell her, excitedly. “The things you and your boyfriend…” She cuts me off.”Then we did… you were in the…” Miss Edwards puts her hands over her face in anguish. “I was hoping I’d imagined it. What could have ever possessed me to do such a thing?” She’s crying. “Miss Edwards.” I say, trying to console her. “It was amazing!””It was wrong!” She yells, pulling her hands away from her face and looking at me. “You’re a student, a minor, it should never have happened. It’s i*****l, unethical and immoral!””I’m eighteen, Miss Edwards.” I tell her. “Okay, so it’s only unethical and immoral!” She says, sobbing. “No one knows.” I tell her. “And no one is going to know.””I know!” She tells me. “I’ll have to quit my job. That’s it. I’m not fit to be here. I can’t be trusted around high school boys. I’ve always known my passions were a little out there, but I never thought I’d ever do anything like this!” She buries her head in her hands, crying.Oh fuck! What have I done? Miss Edwards can’t quit her job because of me. This is exactly the kind of thing Nicole was worried about! I’m going to have to fix this. I pull the transmitter out of my pocket and put the ear buds in while Miss Edwards has her eyes covered. Dialing in her frequency, I push the button.”Miss Edwards.” I say. “Sit up and dry your eyes.””Okay.” She says, responding immediately.”Miss Edwards, who else knows about me being here on Friday?” I ask her.”No one, as far as I know, unless you’ve told someone.” She says in that familiar expressionless tone. “Forgetting about the immoral, unethical aspects of it, how did you feel sexually about what happened?” I ask, wondering if I misread her on Friday.”It was the most thrilling sex I’ve ever had.” She answers. “Knowing you were in the closet, watching Kevin spank me and tie me up, gave me the most intense orgasm ever.” My cock stirs as I listen to Miss Edwards talk about her orgasm. As she sits there dry-eyed, talking to me, her erect nipples still pushing against the fabric of her blouse, I remember the image of her sexy body tied across her desk as Kevin fucked her. I know I should just tell her to forget I was there and leave her alone from now on, but my rock hard cock has other plans for Miss Edwards. Never one to deprive my cock, I decide to try a trigger on Miss Edwards, like I did with Nicole. “Miss Edwards.” I say. “I was not there Friday night. You imagined I was in the closet to create more excitement in your role-play. You will no longer get aroused just by being close to me.” As I say this, her nipples actually recede back into her blouse. “You will not remember asking me to come here at lunch time or that I was here.” Now, I need to create a trigger that allows me to temporarily change all that. “When I place my hand on your arm and say ‘Miss Edwards I need your help’, you will become immediately aroused, shed all inhibitions and become my private sexual tutor. You will teach me exactly what to do to satisfy your unique sexual passions. When I say, ‘Miss Edwards, thanks for your help.’ You will forget everything that happened and believe that you spent the time helping with my writing assignments. Each time you become my sexual tutor, you will remember what we’ve done before and what you’ve taught me. Do you understand?””Yes.” She answers, flatly. “What are you doing after school today?” I ask, my cock bulging in my pants.”I’m staying here, grading tests for two hours and then Kevin is picking me up.” She answers. Perfect, my first lesson will be today. I leave her classroom, pushing the transmitter button as I’m closing the door. At the end of my English class, I linger behind until everyone leaves. Miss Edwards looks up as I approach her desk.”Hello, Nick.” She says, smiling. “What can I do for you?””Well, you know that writing competition?” She nods as I sit in the chair next to her desk. Touching her arm, I use the trigger, “Miss Edwards, I need your help.””Well, let’s not waste any time, Nick.” She says, excitedly, pushing her chair back and unbuttoning her blouse. “Lock the doors, Nick, and cover the windows.” Wow! I race to the doors and do what she asks. When I turn around, Miss Edwards already has her blouse and bra off and is unzipping her skirt. Her tits are perfect, round globes with thick pink nipples that appear to be fully erect. I start to undress but Miss Edwards stops me.”Wait, Nick. Don’t get undressed yet.” She says, grabbing her keys from her handbag. “Here. Go next door to the teacher’s lounge and get a cup of ice cubes. I’m going to teach you how to really tease a woman. There shouldn’t be anyone there, but if there is just tell him or her the ice is for me.” I run next door, unlock the teachers’ lounge and thankfully there is no one there. I fill a Styrofoam cup with ice cubes from the refrigerator. When I return, Miss Edwards is completely naked. My eyes are locked on her firm, round ass cheeks, as she moves around her desk, clearing everything off. My cock is straining against my zipper as I take the cup of ice to Miss Edwards. “Good!” She says, sitting it on the desk. “Today, you’re going to learn how to drive a woman crazy with ice cubes. Go ahead and take off your clothes, Nick.” I do as she says, while she continues to explain what we’re going to be doing. “You’ll tie me to the desktop, face up and then use the ice cubes on my tits to make my nipples hard.” She scoots her ass up on the desk, dangling her legs over the edge while she waits for me to finish undressing. “Use one of my nylons to tie my wrists together.” She instructs, holding her hands out for me. My hard cock bumps against her knee as I make the knot. “I’m glad you’re excited about this, Nick. So am I.” She says, laughing. “Good. Now loop the other nylon around this one and tie it to the bottom of the desk.” She says, lying back on the desk with her arms over her head. I go around the desk and tie her arms so she can’t lift them off the desk. “Grab an ice cube, Nick, and rub it over my nipples and watch what happens.” Her nipple looks pretty hard already when I put the ice cube on it. “Oh yeah!” Miss Edwards says, gritting her teeth against the cold. As I rub the ice cube all over her hard nipple, it actually gets thicker and harder. “The other one too!” She pants. “Don’t forget the other one. In fact, get two ice cubes Nick and do them at the same time.” My cock is rock hard as I tease Miss Edwards’ tits with the ice cubes. “Now pinch them while they’re cold and hard.” I pinch her tits and twist them a little. “Oh fuck yes!” She says as I pull on her hard, cold nipples. “Here’s the real essence of this lesson, Nick. I can’t tell you exactly what to do; you have to use your imagination and watch how I respond. If I tell you everything, I might as well do it myself. A big part of the arousal is in not knowing what’s coming next, whether you’ll use the ice cube again or your mouth or whatever. You need to randomly alternate using the ice cube with pinching, biting, sucking, etc. It’s like with your writing project; I can give you ideas, but you have to provide the creativity. Do you see what I mean?””Yes, Miss Edwards.” I tell her as I’m again using the ice cubes on her nipples. “I believe I do.””And, Nick, don’t limit yourself to my tits.” She says, smiling. “My whole body needs to be teased like that. Just watch for the signals, including how wet my pussy gets.” Oh fuck! I immediately shift my gaze to her nearly bald pussy, imagining how I’ll use the ice cubes on her protruding pussy lips. Her thin strip of black hair is neatly trimmed and her thick pussy lips are already glistening with moisture.”Mmmm.” Miss Edwards moans as I bite her left nipple and press the ice cube against her right one. I keep the ice cube in my palm as I move my hand down under her tit, fondling her soft flesh and pressing the ice cube into it. “The trick, Nick, is to keep surprising me with new sensations.” She says, as I switch tits and suckle the left one and fondle the right one. When her nipples are so hard that they look sore, I start running the ice cube between her tits and down to her navel. Walking around to the end of the desk, I position myself between her legs, my cock pointing straight at her wet pussy. Spreading her legs, I rub ice cubes up and down her inner thighs. “Oh fuck! That’s cold!” She yells, trying to close her legs, but I don’t let her. I pull up her desk chair and sit between her legs, bringing the ice cubes closer and closer to her pussy lips. I savor my first close look at her aroused pussy lips, on her nearly hairless pussy. She’s oozing juice as I press the ice cubes against the outside of her pussy lips and slide my tongue between them.”Oh fuck! Yes! Eat me, Nick!” Miss Edwards pants. One of the ice cubes has melted to about a third of its original size and I push it inside her pussy with my finger. Wrapping my mouth around her pussy lips, I suck the melting ice cube and pussy juices back out. I hold the ice cube in my cheek while I lap up her juices and then push it back inside her pussy with my tongue. “What are you doing? Oh Fuck!” She yells, pushing her pussy against my tongue, and then pulling back when she feels the cold ice cube. I continue to eat her delectable pussy while using a fresh ice cube on her mound, running it up and down her racing stripe of pussy hair. As it melts, the ice water runs down around her pussy and into the crack in her ass. Who would believe that I’m sitting here, pushing ice cubes into Miss Edwards’ pussy, while I’m sucking on her juices? The ice cube I’m using on her mound is getting smaller. I push it deep into her pussy, pull it back out and then stand up and reach my hand up to drop it into her mouth. “Mmmmm!” Miss Edwards sucks the pussy flavored ice cube, as I return my tongue to her burning snatch. There is one ice cube left in the cup and I know exactly what to do with it. Pumping my tongue as far into her pussy as I can, I press the last ice cube against her clit.”Oh fuck you, Nick! You’re freezing my clit!” She yells as she squirms around trying to get away from it to no avail. “Oh god! That’s cold!” She yells. Pulling my tongue from her pussy, I put the ice cube in my mouth and suck her clit in with it.”Oh my God! Suck my clit! Oh fuck! That’s cold!” She doesn’t know what to do with the dual sensation of having her clit sucked on with the ice cube in my mouth. I pop the ice cube out of my mouth into my hand and as I return my mouth to her clit, I rub the ice cube down past her pussy lips and push it into her ass with my finger.”Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Miss Edwards yells. I keep my lips locked around her clit, flicking my tongue across it. With one finger in her ass, holding the ice cube inside, I use my other hand to shove two fingers inside her pussy. Squirming and thrashing around on the table, Miss Edwards erupts with a flow of pussy juice running down my fingers and my chin. I pump my fingers in and out of her gushing pussy while I continue to suck on her clit. “Oh, enough!” She breathes as her chest heaves and her ass settles down. “I release her clit and begin lapping up her sweet nectar. “You’re a fast learner, Nick.” She says as I stand up and position my cock against her pussy lips. “I came really hard!” She has her head back and her eyes closed as I thrust forward, driving my hard cock into her slippery, wet, channel up to my balls.”Oh God!” She yells as her eyes pop open and I start pumping my cock in and out of her soggy pussy. “Yes! Fuck me, Nick! Fuck me hard!” She’s trying to move her hips with the rhythm of my cock, but with her legs dangling over the edge of the desk, she has no leverage. “My nipples, Nick!” She yells. “Pinch my nipples! Squeeze them hard!” I reach up to her bouncing tits and catch her nipples, squeezing them hard.”Harder, Nick!” She pants. “Squeeze them harder, pull on them! Make it hurt!” Remembering how Kevin really pulled and twisted them, I yank hard on her nipples, twisting them back and forth. It overtakes me so suddenly, I can’t hold back; her scent, her smell, her moans, and the vision of her tied to her desk, I erupt, jerking violently against her fiery pussy. I release her tits, as my spasms diminish. I pull my spent cock from her soggy hole, knowing she didn’t climax. Walking around to the side of the desk, I turn her face toward me and push my cock against her mouth.”Clean me up, Miss Edwards.” I command, as I reach down cupping her mound with my hand and running my thumb over her clit.”Mmmmm!” She moans, sucking my flaccid cock into her mouth. I slip three fingers into her anxious pussy while moving my thumb in circular motions over her clit. Her mouth is working magic on my cock as her tongue snakes around it licking the sides and sucking off her juices. As my cock stiffens, I start pumping yavuzeli escort it in and out, fucking her warm mouth, while continuing to finger fuck her pussy and massage her clit. Reaching over, I grab a handful of tit and squeeze and twist her entire breast in my hand. “Mmphh!” She moans around my cock, as I do the same thing to her other tit. Pulling my fully recovered cock from her mouth, and moving back to the end of the desk, I slam it hard into her drenched pussy, keeping my thumb on her clit. “Oh fuck! Yes! Nick! YES!” She yells, trying to close her legs as her orgasm hits her. I push her legs farther apart as her pussy muscles try to clamp down on my cock. I just keep pounding into her like a jackhammer, as I reach up and maul her tits, pinching, twisting, and squeezing her nipples all the way through her orgasm.”Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Agghhhhhh!” She wheezing as I keep up my ferocious onslaught on her pussy and her tits. I’m getting close to cumming again. I pull hard on her nipples, stretching them out from her blotchy tits and slam my cock hard against her saturated pussy.”Ohh! Yes! Oh Fuck! Nick!” She yells as I bury my cock to my balls, shooting my load deep inside her burning snatch. This time I let her tighten her quivering pussy around my cock, as her whole body trembles through another orgasmic wave of pleasure. Her chest is heaving and she can’t seem to get her breath, as I disengage my cock and stumble back onto her desk chair. Grabbing some tissues, I push them between her pussy lips to keep our combined juices from dripping on the floor. Walking around to the other end of the desk and untying her hands, I impulsively lean down and kiss her lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Her arms encircle my neck and she returns the kiss with the ardency of an impassioned lover. “You are an excellent student, Nick!” Miss Edwards says as she sits up and hops off the table. Watching her tits bouncing up and down arouses my spent cock. “You were creative with the ice cube; even surprising me a couple of times. You were also sensitive enough to realize I still needed more of your cock after you came the first time.” She’s on her tiptoes, reaching her arms around my neck. “You’ll be learning spankings in no time!” She says, just before slipping her tongue in my mouth. Her hard nipples are pressed against my rib cage and my semi-aroused cock is pushing into her stomach. I bend down, cupping my hands around her ass cheeks and pulling her more tightly against me as we continue to trade tongues. “That’s enough for today, Nick.” Miss Edwards says, stepping back and looking around for her clothes. “Time to get dressed.” Miss Edwards has a little trouble with her nylons, but we manage to put ourselves back together fairly well. “Miss Edwards, thanks for your help.” I say, triggering her to forget everything that just happened.”Your welcome, Nick.” She answers, squirming around on the chair and adjusting her clothing. I guess it wasn’t back as neatly as I thought. “See you tomorrow.” “Yeah, bye.” I call to her from the door. As I’m leaving, I run into Kevin, who’s there to pick her up. I just smile and keep walking.I get home at the same time as my mom and we walk in the house together. As soon as she closes the door, mom surprises me with a French kiss, sinking her tongue deeply inside my mouth. With one hand around my neck and the other on my ass, she pulls me tightly against her, grinding her pussy against my cock. I guess this answers my question about how mom feels about last night.”Mmm? New girlfriend?” Mom asks, pulling her head back and licking her lips. Oh fuck! I forgot I have Miss Edwards, taste in my mouth. How stupid!”I’m sorry, mom. I should have brushed my teeth.” I stammer, while mom smiles at me, mischievously.It’s okay, Nick.” Mom laughs. “It’s just surprised me, that’s all. I actually don’t mind the taste, it’s um…” She trails off as she walks into her bedroom, lost in thought. I grab the transmitter and follow her into the bedroom, dialing in her frequency. She’s hanging up her blouse and unzipping her skirt.”Mom.””Yes, Nick.” She answers in a dull monotone voice.”What were you thinking about just now, after you said you don’t mind the taste?” I ask her.”I was thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve tasted another woman’s flavor.” She answers, standing still with her skirt half off. She’s wearing another of her thongs and matching bra.”You can continue changing while we talk, mom.” I tell her and she immediately finishes removing her skirt and takes off her bra. “How do you feel about that?” I ask, adding, “Tasting another woman, I mean.” I’m admiring her lovely tits as she contemplates her answer.”It’s intriguing.” She answers, pulling a long t-shirt over her head. “Tasting another woman’s pussy on your tongue surprised me in two ways. One, because I wasn’t expecting it, and two, I was surprised by how much I really liked it.” You can imagine what I’m thinking! I’ve got to get mom together with Susan while she’s home this weekend.”Mom, you will remember how much you enjoyed the taste of pussy juice on my tongue, but you won’t care or ask about how it got there or who’s it is.” I continue with the suggestions. “The next time I eat your pussy, you’ll fantasize about eating pussy yourself. Because it’s your son eating your pussy, you’ll naturally fantasize about eating your daughter’s pussy. You’ll wonder what it would be like to be in a threesome with Susan and I, living out the erotic sex scenes from your videos. This will seem like a natural outgrowth of our relationship and you will feel no guilt or shame if it happens.” I decide to leave it like that and let her develop the idea.Turning off the transmitter, I decide to give mom another taste just for good measure. Wrapping my arms around her, I squeeze her bare ass cheeks, while slipping my tongue in her mouth. She responds passionately, sucking on my tongue and running her hands up and down my back. Mom sucks the remaining taste of Miss Edwards off my tongue, and then jerks her head back and starts frantically undoing my pants.”Does your cock taste like that, too?” She asks anxiously, yanking my pants and jockey shorts down. I kick off my shoes and step out of my pants, realizing she’s right; my cock will taste like Miss Edwards’ pussy. Mom is on her knees, rubbing my cock against her cheeks and deliriously breathing in Miss Edwards’ scent. Slamming my hard cock up against my stomach, mom starts lustfully licking my balls.”Mmmm.” Mom moans, licking and sucking my balls. “Her taste is everywhere.” She whispers excitedly, licking around the base of my cock. Her warm tongue feels amazing as she meticulously licks all around, searching for traces of Miss Edwards’ juice. By the time she licks up the length of my throbbing cock, I’m oozing precum. “Mom, can we do this on the bed?” I ask, panting as she licks up and down my shaft.”Yes, yes, of course.” She says, standing up and hurriedly pulling her t-shirt over her head. I remove my shirt and lay back on the bed as mom’s stripping off her thong. She crawls up on the bed, between my legs, her hard nipples brushing my thighs as she lowers her head.”Mom, why don’t you swing your body around so I can eat you at the same time?” I ask, thinking how much stronger my suggestion will be if she’s tasting pussy juice when I eat her.”Oh yes!” Mom says twisting her body around and positioning her eager pussy over my mouth. I lick up and down her lips, before plunging my tongue into her soaking wet hole. “Mmmm.” Mom moans as she devours my cock. I’m sucking and nibbling at her pussy lips and lapping up her heavy flow of juices, while she takes the entire length of my cock into her mouth and throat.Mom is grinding her pussy against my tongue, as it pistons in and out of her soppy hole. She picks up speed as she bobs her head up and down, pumping my hard cock in and out of her mouth. Wrapping my hands around her ass cheeks, I pull her clit to my mouth and suck it in between my lips.”Mmmm” Mom moans around my cock, creating a vibrating sensation on my sensitive shaft. I hump my ass off the bed, thrusting my cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth.With my lips around her clit and my nose brushing against her wet pussy lips, she pushes down hard, smothering my face under her quivering pussy. Tensing her legs, her trembling orgasm releases a flood of juices all over my face. I hungrily lap up her thick cream while she pulls her mouth off my throbbing cock to catch her breath. Flipping her body around, she pushes her tongue inside my mouth, while sliding her fiery pussy lips around my hard cock. Clamping her pussy muscles around my rigid shaft, she sucks her juices off my tongue and then attacks my face, eagerly lapping up her own taste. Aching for release, I try to pump my cock into her clenched pussy, but she is totally absorbed with cleaning her own juices off my cheeks and chin. Wow! That last suggestion has her totally fixated on the taste of pussy. That’ll be great this weekend, but right now I really need her riding my cock! She pushes her tongue back inside my mouth, swirling it around for any residue of pussy juice. Having satisfied herself that she has it all, she sits up and starts riding my cock like a wild woman, bouncing and slamming her pussy down around me. I’ve never seen my mother so out of control; she’s pinching her nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her jiggling tits. My cock, already throbbing from the blowjob is ready for release and I tense my legs, pushing my ass off the bed, as my balls constrict.”Mom, I’m cumming!” I yell just as her pussy grips my cock and she pushes down hard against me. I clench my ass cheeks and erupt inside her pulsating pussy, jerkily shooting load after load of hot cum. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on my chest, her hard nipples pushing into me. We’re both gasping for breath as my hands again find her ass cheeks, holding her tightly against me. Her head is on my shoulder and her lips lightly brush my cheek as her breathing returns to normal.”Thank you, Nick. I needed that.” She says, raising her head and kissing me firmly on the mouth. “Now, I have to make dinner.” She smiles, lifting herself off of me, her firm tits dragging across my chest. “Susan is coming home this weekend.” Mom says, as I watch her get up and pull her t-shirt over her head. “I don’t know if we should sleep together while she’s here, Nick. I’m not sure she’ll understand.” Interesting, I guess she really has been thinking about Susan.”I guess you’re right, mom.” Is all I say.Later in the week, I get a message from Susan. “Hey little brother, I e-mailed you my flight information. Who’s picking me up at the airport? Please say it’s you… not mom. I bought a new outfit, I can’t wait to see your reaction… and I mean SEE your reaction! See you Saturday. Bye.”When I check my e-mail for Susan’s itinerary, there is one from Nicole, too. She’s anxious to meet my sister and suggests that she could come up this weekend. The idea of Nicole and Susan together is intriguing, but not this weekend. I write back that I’d love for her and Susan to meet, but mom has this weekend all planned. We’ll do it next time, for sure. I e-mail Susan that I will pick her up at the airport. I’m still not sure what suggestion to give Susan about mom.The rest of the week goes by fast; I don’t even bother, Miss Edwards for any more help because mom and I are fucking like rabbits every night. On Friday night, after a particularly intense, sweat-inducing ride, mom collapses on my chest breathing hard.”Wow!” She whispers, “I’m going to miss sleeping with you tomorrow night, Nick. I’ve gotten addicted to orgasms.” Mom laughs. “I’ve never needed sex so much in my life.” She says, running her fingers over my cheek. “Nor have I had a young man as virile as you to satisfy me.” “The pleasure is all mine.” I tell her, squeezing her firm ass cheek.”Not all of it.” She says, dreamily, squeezing her pussy muscles around my spent cock and snuggling her head into my shoulders.Saturday morning, after a quick, good morning fuck, I convince mom that she should sleep in while I pick up Susan from the airport. I’m waiting in the lounge area when I spot her coming down the corridor. I’m not the only one looking at her. Every guy is gawking and every woman is glaring as Susan’s ass swishes and her tits bounce inside her flimsy dress. One guy almost trips over a young c***d, because he’s looking back at Susan instead of where he’s going. An older gentleman walking next to her, has his eyes glued to her cleavage and two guys behind her are trying not to let their wives see them checking out her ass. I don’t blame them; her outfit leaves little to the imagination. I can’t believe she got on a plane like that.She’s wearing a short beige dress that clings to her body, riding high on her shapely thighs as she walks. The top crisscrosses between her breasts, displaying the rounded tops and inside curves of her tanned tits. It’s obvious she’s not wearing a bra and her nipples are readily apparent, sticking out like bullets through her thin dress.”Hi” She says, wrapping her arm around my neck and molding her body to mine as she kisses me on the lips. I squeeze her ass cheek as I return her kiss, pulling her tightly against my hardening cock. “Jesus, Susan, every guy on the plane must have a bulge in his pants, if not a wet spot.” I say, looking her up and down.”There’s only one bulge I’m interested in.” She says, looking approvingly at the front of my jeans. “But I must admit, old teasing habits are hard to break and it was a turn-on for every guy to be leering at me and adjusting their crotches.””You’re lucky their wives didn’t gang up on you.” I laugh, taking her overnight case and walking with my arm around her waist.”Thanks for picking me up by yourself.” She says, leaning into me as we walk. “I don’t think mom would approve of my outfit, do you?” I’ve let my hand slide down from her waist to her hip without feeling any panty line.”You’re not wearing anything but that dress, are you?” I ask, my cock hardening more at the idea of Susan sitting on a plane with just her short, flimsy dress on.”Now that you mention it, I may have forgotten underwear.” She laughs, as we arrive at the parking deck and I put her case in the car. I start to walk around to the driver’s door but Susan grabs my arm.”Not so fast, Nick.” She says, pulling me between the cars and wrapping her arms around my neck. “You haven’t officially welcomed me home yet.” She says, pulling me to her and pushing her tongue in my mouth. I slide my hands down her back and cup her ass cheeks, pulling her pussy tightly against my hard cock, kissing her feverishly. Susan has one hand behind my neck pulling my mouth hard against hers as our tongues dance around each other. Her other hand is kneading my ass while she grinds her pussy against me. Susan lifts one leg off the ground and rubs it up and down my thigh, while I reach my hand around her leg and slip it under the hem of her short dress. Squeezing her bare ass cheeks, I manage to slip one finger into her wet pussy and finger fuck her while I grind my rigid cock against her pussy mound. Susan pulls her face from mine and squats down, unfastening my pants to free my raging hard-on. I look around to make sure no one can see us, but she’s gotten me so hard that I don’t think I care at this point.We’re in the middle of the parking deck with cars all around us. Susan pulls my pants and my jockey shorts down to my knees and my cock springs free. Wrapping her hand around it, she sucks the head into her mouth, licking all around it.”Oh fuck!” I moan. “That feels so good.” I’m trying to push more of my cock in her mouth, but Susan has a firm grip on it and is just sucking the head. I’ve got my eyes closed and my hands on the back of her head as I try to get a rhythm going in her mouth. Susan abruptly releases my cock and stands up.”I’ll taste your cum later, little brother.” Susan says, turning around and facing away from me. “Right now, I need you to fuck me.” She says, spreading her legs apart, bending over and leaning one hand on each of the adjacent car fenders. Her skirt rides half way up her ass, exposing her creamy white cheeks and wet pussy lips. I push her dress up to the middle of her back and take a last look around to make sure we’re alone.”You are such a slut, s*s.” I tease, smacking her hard across her gorgeous ass.”Hey! What the fuck was that for?” She yells, just before I thrust my hard cock deep inside her in one stroke. “Mmmmm” Susan moans, pushing back against me. I grab her hips with my hands and start ramming my cock in and out of her slippery pussy.”Oh yes! Fuck me, Nick!” Susan yells, “Fuck me hard!” I’m pounding into her like a jackhammer. It feels so good to be fucking my sister and slamming up against her firm, round ass. Add to that the thrill of doing it in broad daylight, in the middle of an airport parking deck, and I’m almost ready to shoot my load. “God you feel so good, Susan!” I pant. “I’m not going to last much longer.” I tell her, trying to slow the pace a little. Susan removes one hand from the car fender and reaches between her legs.Looking around, I’m startled to see a young, twenty-something couple standing in the next aisle watching us. The woman is in front of the man, leaning against him. He’s got his arms wrapped around her body with one hand cupping her pussy mound through her shorts and the other massaging her tits. She has her head against his chest and is humping her pussy against his hand, as they watch us fuck. Seeing me looking at them, they both smile and she manages a little wave as he slides his hand inside the waistband of her loose fitting shorts. “We have an audience.” I tell Susan as I continue to slow my rhythm.”I’m almost there! Just ignore them and keep fucking me.” She says. “Don’t slow down!” Her arm is moving frantically as I pound into her faster and faster. “I’m cumming!” She yells, just as I slam deep into her, shooting my load in quick, spasmodic motions. Susan clenches her pussy around my cock, and her legs shake as she gushes hot cream around my cock, soaking my balls. I look at the other couple and the woman seems to have hit her orgasm too. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, her whole body trembles against him and it looks like he’s holding her up so she won’t fall.We stay like that, our chests heaving. Susan has both hands back on the car fenders as she gasps for breath. Susan looks up, spotting our audience, as the woman pulls her companion’s hand from her shorts and sucks his fingers into her mouth. Both give us a little wave and then walk away down the aisle.”Jesus, it’s getting so you can’t get any privacy anymore!” Susan laughs as she wiggles her skirt down over her hips. “You have any tissues in your car, Nick?” She asks, opening the door.”You’ll never guess what happened last week.” I tell Susan as we’re driving home. “I accidentally saw mom masturbating to a porn video.” I tell her, anxious for her reaction.”You what?” She says, turning toward me with astonishment on her face.”I came home early from Nicole’s last week and mom was in her bedroom, lying on her bed naked, watching porn, with a vibrator in her pussy.” I tell her. “Oh my god!” Susan says disgustedly. “What did you do?” Susan asks.”I watched her from the hallway; she didn’t see me.” I answer. “She looked really hot with the vibrator moving in and out of her.””Nick, that’s disgusting!” Susan exclaims. “You are really sick, watching your own mother like that!” This isn’t the reaction I was hoping for.”What?” I ask. “Watching your mother is sick, but fucking your own brother, isn’t?” I guess I’ve been living in a fantasy world thinking Susan would accept what mom and I have been doing as normal behavior. “Maybe that’s sick, too.” She says quietly, sitting back in the seat. “I just can’t help myself, Nick.” She says reaching over and putting her hand on my thigh. This isn’t going at all like I wanted it to. I know mom has been thinking about Susan’s pussy and I’m pretty sure she’s ready to make a move. Susan needs to be ready to respond to her. I try another tactic.”You don’t think mom has a great body and has kept herself in shape?” I ask Susan”I’ve never thought about it.” She says. “She’s our mother, Nick. You just don’t think that way about your mother.” She’s says softly, rubbing her hand on my leg. “When we get home, forget she’s our mother and just look at her like a woman. See if you can understand why I say she’s hot, okay?” I ask, thinking that I’m going to have to use the transmitter to get Susan to come around.”I don’t think it’s right; you watching mom masturbate, but I’ll look at her and tell you what I think.” Susan concedes. I decide to wait and see what happens. We’ve got all weekend.Mom greets us at the door wearing tight shorts and a thin tank top, which barely contains her bouncing tits. Susan glances at me as mom embraces her, pressing her body against Susan’s and kissing her on the cheek. Mom holds the embrace, pressing her tits against Susan’s and running her hands up and down her back.”Welcome home, sweetie.” Mom says, finally stepping back, her erect nipples poking out the material of her tank top. “Wow! What a dress!” Mom says, making Susan blush. “You must have had every man on that plane crossing his legs.” Mom laughs turning back into the house. Her shorts stretch tightly across her firm ass cheeks as she walks ahead of us. “I guess.” Susan responds, hesitantly, raising her eyebrows questioningly at me. I nod at mom’s ass and raise my eyebrows back at her.”What happened to mom while I’ve been gone?” Susan whispers.”What do you mean?” I whisper back, knowing exactly what she means. “She’s different.” Susan whispers again, checking out mom’s ass swishing through the door. “Sexier.” She confides. “She just walks around like that when you’re home?” She asks.”Look who’s talking.” I answer, looking her up and down. “Who was the tease last month?” I ask.”That was different.” She asserts. “I was just… oh no!” She puts her hand to her mouth. “You don’t think mom has the same latent sexual desires about you, do you?” “I don’t know.” I answer. “It was you she was rubbing her tits against just now. Did you notice how hard her nipples were when she stopped?” I ask Susan, just before we walk in the house.”Who’s hungry?” Mom yells from the kitchen. “I’m making sandwiches.” I turn Susan towards me and kiss her on the mouth, while I squeeze her ass checks. She slips her tongue briefly in and out of my mouth and rubs her hand over my hardening cock.”Don’t you think she looks sexy?” I whisper, giving her ass another squeeze.”I’m going to change.” She says, walking down the hall. “I’ll have a sandwich, mom.” She yells towards the kitchen.”I’ll help you.” I whisper, following Susan down the hall.”No you won’t!” She turns and puts her palms against my chest, pushing me back down the hall. “Go help mom with the sandwiches, I’ll be right there.” She insists. “Need any help?” I ask walking into the kitchen. Mom is spreading mayonnaise on six slices of bread as I walk up behind her. Wrapping my arms around her and rubbing my hard cock between her ass cheeks, giresun escort I cup her firm tits, running my thumbs over her hard nipples. “Mmmm.” Mom says, pushing back against me. “Be careful.” She whispers. “Where’s your sister?””In her room, changing.” I answer and mom spins around returning my embrace.”Here.” Mom says, handing me the knife. “Finish making the sandwiches, Nick.” Kissing me on the lips she adds, “Maybe tonight after Susan’s asleep…” Her voice trails off as she slips her hand inside the waistband of my shorts and massages my hard cock. She is grinding her pussy against my leg, like a dog in heat. Mom is clearly aroused and when she’s aroused, she turns to me for release, just like I suggested with the transmitter.”Listen for your sister.” Mom says, as she unfastens my shorts and pulls my jockey shorts out over my hard cock. “I’m only going to do this if you keep making the sandwiches.” She laughs, dropping to her knees and sucking my hard cock in her mouth. She stops suddenly and looks up at me, with a shocked look on her face. Oh God! How could I forget that I just fucked Susan at the airport?”This is very fresh tasting.” Mom says, licking all up and down my cock. “You either stopped somewhere on the way to the airport or…” Mom hesitates, her eyes locked on mine as she again wraps her lips around my cock. Sucking fast and furious, mom pumps my pussy-flavored cock in and out of her mouth.”Is this your sister’s taste?” Mom asks, panting excitedly, taking a breath before attacking my hard cock again. I hear Susan’s bedroom door open and I jump back, pulling my shorts up and struggling to fasten them around my hard, throbbing cock. Mom stands up, licking her lips and finishes making the sandwiches, without taking her eyes from mine.Susan has changed into shorts and a t-shirt, with no bra. My eyes bounce back and forth between the two women standing on either side of me in the kitchen. Both women are aware of the bulge my cock is making in my pants, as I watch their tits jiggle around under their thin tops. “Here you go.” I say handing Susan a sandwich and some potato chips. Our kitchen table has two chairs on each side. I sit next to Susan and mom sits across from me. My mom and my sister are two of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen and I’m the lucky bastard who gets to fuck them both! God! I want to be sandwiched between these two women in mom’s bed this weekend! As I try to figure out what suggestion to give Susan to make it happen, mom is asking Susan all about college. I’m lost in revelry of my imagination when something mom says gets my attention.”We were always half-naked when I was in college” My mom says, I have no idea within what context she’s talking.”What?” Susan asks, as I look across the table and see a big smile on mom’s face.”No matter what we decided to do, it always ended up with someone shedding some clothes.” Mom says, “We’d play strip poker, strip backgammon, hell we even played strip monopoly once.” Mom laughs. “You can’t tell me that with the new co-ed dorms, that things are that different from when I was in college. Are you saying that you and Sherrie never get involved in anything like that?” Mom asks. Susan is blushing, but her nipples appear to be more prominent than they were a few minutes ago.”Well…” Susan starts to answer. “Oh, it’s alright.” Mom says. “You don’t have to tell your mother everything. Talking with you about college just kind of brought some of that back to me. Sort of reminiscing.” Mom sighs, and I try not to stare at her hard nipples poking out the thin material of her tank top. Susan has her hand in my lap and is running her fingers up and down the front of my shorts.””It’s just embarrassing to discuss something like that with your mother.” Susan says as she squeezes my cock through my shorts.”I don’t know what’s to be embarrassed about” Mom says, staring at Susan’s hard nipples. “But hey, what happens in college, stays in college, right?””I will tell you that Sherrie and I have had a few exciting adventures.” Susan says, squeezing my hard cock for emphasis on the word exciting. “But nothing I’d want my mother to know about.” She laughs. Susan’s nipples are jutting straight out from her t-shirt, as she continues to massage my cock under the table. Mom’s nipples are still hard and very noticeable under her thin tank top.”It’s okay, hon.” Mom smiles. “I shouldn’t pry into your life. I’m just interested, that’s all.” It’s clear to me that mom is very interested in Susan in ways that Susan can’t imagine. I’ve got to figure out a way to help that along.”Tell me the truth, s*s.” I say, when mom leaves to go to the bathroom. “Don’t you think mom’s body is very sexy?” We’re still sitting at the table and Susan is still rubbing my hard cock through my shorts.”Okay, she does have a very nice body and her hard nipples are a little distracting.” Susan admits. “But she’s still our mother!” Susan says, letting go of my throbbing cock when she stands up to clear the table.”And I’m your brother, but we’ve discovered that i****t isn’t all that bad, haven’t we?” I ask, reaching around her from behind and cupping her tits, while I rub my hard cock against her ass.”Yes, but…” Susan sighs. “I don’t know.” She says, turning the water on to rinse the plates.”I want to see mom’s sexy body again, Susan, and I need your help to do it.” I say, cautiously.”Me? What do you want me to do?” Susan asks, turning to face me, bumping her leg against the tent in the front of my shorts.”Let’s play a game of strip something, like mom did in college.” I say, excitedly. “We’ll tell mom that we want to help her relive a little of her college days.” I look Susan’s in the eyes. “Please! Just do this for me.” I plead. “I’ll make it worth your while.” I smile, pulling her to me and grinding my hard cock against her pussy mound, while I squeeze her ass cheeks. “Besides, this is just family, it’s not like you’re fucking in front of strangers in a parking lot.” I laugh, reminding her of her exhibitionism this morning.”You’re right.” Susan laughs. “Okay, if you can get her to do it, I’ll go along.” Susan says, kissing me on the lips. She turns to finish rinsing the dishes as mom walks back into the room. Eyeing my hard cock and looking at Susan’s firm ass, mom stands in the doorway smiling.”Hey, mom.” I move toward her. “How would you like to relive a little of your college days with Susan and I this afternoon?” I say, winking at her. Susan still has her back to us and I brush my hands over mom’s hard nipples.”What do you mean?” Mom asks, running her fingers lightly over the bulge in my pants.”Well, how about if we play a game of strip something, like you did in college? What kind of games did you play?” I ask, not giving her time to answer the first question.”We played everything, just whatever games were popular at the time, we just added the twist of removing clothing if you lost.” She says, clearly excited about this. She drops her hands to her side as Susan turns around. “We could play Uno.” Susan says. “Whoever has the most points left in their hand at the end of each round has to remove something.” She looks down at herself and says. “Hey! I’m only wearing three things!” She looks up at mom and I.”Looks to me like we’re all starting even.” I say, as if it’s already been decided. “We each have a shirt, shorts and underwear – I presume.” I say smiling at Susan.”Yes, I have underwear on, smarty.” She says sarcastically. “I’ll get the Uno game.” Mom says, leaving the room.”I hope you know what you’re doing.” Susan whispers. “This is weird!” “Trust me!” I tell her, squeezing her luscious tits. “You’ll have a great time.” “You better be in my room tonight after mom goes to sleep!” She whispers, just before mom comes back. I foresee a real challenge tonight, trying to be in both bedrooms. Nice problem to have, though.”We’ll play in the living room, on the floor. “Mom says. “We always liked sitting cross legged on the floor rather than hiding behind a table.” Mom smiles. The three of us sit in a circle on the floor, cross-legged while mom deals the cards. The first hand goes pretty quickly, after several skips and draws twos; I lose and take off my shirt.”Okay! Let’s see if we can get those shorts!” Susan exclaims as she deals the second hand. Mom loses this one and takes off her shirt, proudly displaying her firm, round tits. Susan stares at mom’s rigid, rose-colored nipples, poking out from her large, dark areolas, while I shuffle the cards for another hand. Mom is smiling while she watches Susan stare at her naked tits. Susan looks up and quickly glances away when she sees mom has caught her staring.”It’s okay, hon.” Mom says, patting Susan on the leg. “I’m not embarrassed to have you see my body. I’m quite proud of how I look for my age.” Mom says, smiling at Susan.”You, um, look terrific, mom.” Susan stutters. “I just didn’t mean to stare, that’s all.” Susan looks down as she picks up her cards. My cock is tenting the front of my shorts from watching Susan check out mom’s bare tits. This is getting exciting. Mom and I gang up on Susan; playing draw twos, draw fours and skips. When Mom finally calls Uno and goes out, Susan has a handful of cards. Standing up, she surprises us by taking off her shorts. Her t-shirt is so long, that even with her shorts off, she doesn’t reveal anything.”Hey, that’s not fair.” I laugh. “You should have taken your top off.” I was looking forward to mom’s reaction when she sees Susan’s perfect tits.””I didn’t hear any rules that said what I had to take off.” Susan smiles as mom shuffles the cards for another round. Mom winks at me and we both go after Susan again, but the cards are in her favor and mom loses this round. Mom stands up and pulls her shorts down, revealing a light blue thong. “Wow, mom.” Susan says. “A thong, very sexy!” She’s watching mom’s pussy as she sits back down. Mom is clearly turned on by the erotic game and the small triangle stretched across mom’s pussy is very wet, making it almost transparent. I catch Susan eyeing mom’s pussy lips, puffed out against the thin material.I lose this hand and remove my shorts, leaving me in just my jockey shorts. No one has to guess whether I’m enjoying the game; my cock is making a white tent out of the front of my jockeys. Both Susan and Mom smile as I sit back down.Mom and I really go after Susan during this next hand and after several wild draw fours, she has a fist full of cards. I go out and Susan stands up to remove another piece of clothing. Again she surprises us by reaching under her long t-shirt and pulling a black thong down her legs. Kicking the thong to the side, she smiles and sits back down, her t-shirt tucked between her legs, revealing nothing. “You really know how to play this, don’t you?” Mom asks, while she shuffles the cards. We’re each down to one piece of clothing; mom has her thong, I have my jockey shorts and Susan has her t-shirt. I smile as I pick up my cards and see all the skips and draw twos. “I’ve never done anything like this before.” Susan giggles. “I’m just lucky I decided to put on a long t-shirt instead of a tank top.” She smiles looking at mom’s tits again. After several reverses that allow me to drop the draw twos and skips on Susan, mom goes out and Susan and I count our points. “Eighty-two.” She says, looking at me anxiously. “Eighty.” I exclaim, throwing down my cards. “Take it off, s*s. Let’s finally see your body.” I’m so excited; I act like I’ve never seen it before. I watch mom for her reaction. Susan stands up, looks from me to mom and back to me. Hesitantly, she grabs the bottom of her t-shirt and pulls it up. Mom sighs at the sight of Susan’s naked, hairless pussy. “Oh, honey.” Mom sighs. “That’s beautiful.” Mom breathes. “You’re so smooth.” Mom is squirming around as Susan pulls the t-shirt the rest of the way over her head. When Susan has the t-shirt around her head and can’t see us, mom winks at me, smiling with a look of pure lust in her eyes. Susan stands there for a minute, tossing her t-shirt on the floor next to her shorts and thong. Mom’s eyes keep shifting between Susan’s perfect tits, with their hard, thick nipples and her smooth, bald pussy. “Am I still in the game?” Susan asks, still standing, giving us a great view of her puffy slit.”YES!” We cry out in unison. “You have to play until we see who wins.” Mom says, looking at the spike in the front of my jockey shorts. “You seem to be enjoying the game, Nick.” Mom says, laughingly. When Susan sits down, cross-legged, her pussy lips open slightly, exposing her moist, pink pussy. “God! I can’t believe I’m just sitting here, exposing myself to my mom and my brother.” Susan says, self-consciously. “You were fine with it a minute ago, when we were exposing ourselves to you.” Mom says, smiling. “It’s your deal, Susan. Let’s see who gets defrocked next.” Susan shuffles the cards, while mom continues to stare at her sexy body. Susan’s thick nipples are clearly aroused; sticking straight out from her perfectly centered reddish-brown areolas. Mom is watching Susan’s large tit’s jiggle as she deals the cards.”What happens if I lose?” Susan asks, suspiciously. “Then one of us will have gone out and the other person has to remove their last item of clothing.” Mom says, and then, leans over and whispers something to Susan. Susan smiles, nodding as she finishes dealing the cards. I figure they’re ready to gang up on me. At this point, I don’t really care who wins. I’m already winning by sitting here with my naked sister and nearly naked mom. I’m also competitive, and want to see mom get completely naked in front of Susan.It’s an intense hand, but I finally call Uno and go out. “I won!” I yell, as mom stands up and pulls her wet thong down her shapely legs. My cock is throbbing inside my jockey shorts and I watch Susan admiring mom’s neatly trimmed bush and protruding pussy lips. My mom and my sister are both naked, staring at each other. I notice mom give Susan a slight nod and I’m wondering what it could mean, when they both pounce on me.”You’re going to lose those jockey shorts.” Mom says, as she sprawls across my chest, pinning me to the floor, her tits pushing against my chest. They’re both giggling like schoolgirls, as Susan reaches her hands inside the waistband of my briefs, trying to tug them down. Mom is holding my arms, pressing her hard nipples firmly against my chest while Susan’s keeps struggling with my jockey shorts.”Ow!” I yell, as Susan yanks on my waistband, which is caught around the head of my hard cock. “Ooops! Sorry!” Susan says, lifting the waistband to release my throbbing cock. Mom is looking at me laughing, as she lies sideways across my chest, keeping me from moving. I wiggle one hand lose and slip it between mom’s legs, stroking her soaking wet pussy lips. Susan, oblivious to what I’m doing and knowing mom can’t see what she’s doing, quietly slips her lips around my hard cock, sucking the head into her mouth. After a few quick sucks, flicking her tongue across the underside of my cock, Susan pulls her head back and finishes removing my jockey shorts. “Okay, mom.” Susan says, flicking my jockey shorts across the room. “He’s as naked as we are, now.” I remove my finger from mom’s pussy lips just as she’s starting to hump against my hand. Pushing myself up into a sitting position tumbles mom onto her ass on the floor. All three of us are sitting on the floor, naked, panting, wondering what happens next. Susan seems the most uncomfortable by the fact that we’re all sitting around naked. Mom and I both know what’s going on. I think mom notices Susan’s discomfort and attempts to diffuse it.”Susan, who does your waxing?” Mom asks, nonchalantly. “Sherrie and I do each other.” She says, glancing at her own hairless mound.”It looks divine. Do you think I should do mine?” Mom asks, spreading her legs and waiting for Susan’s response. Susan stares at mom’s wide-open pussy, so wet it’s almost dripping. She licks her lips and clears her throat before she answers.”I think you’d love it, mom.” Susan says enthusiastically. “Do you want me to do it? We could get a waxing kit and I’d do it for you.” Susan has clearly warmed up to the idea.”Umm. Let me think about it.” Mom says. “Can I get a closer look at yours, honey?” Mom asks quietly. “Sure.” Susan says, scooting closer to mom and spreading her legs so mom can get a good look at her smooth mound. Mom rests one hand on Susan’s thigh and runs her other hand over her hairless mound.”It’s very smooth.” Mom whispers. “How often do you have to wax?” My cock is throbbing, as I watch mom run her hands over Susan’s porcelain smooth pussy mound.”At first we did it once a month, but now we’re doing it about every two months.” Susan answers, her breathing labored as mom strokes her hand up and down her pussy mound. “It grows back thinner each time and you can go longer between waxings.””Did it hurt?” Mom asks. “I’ve had bikini waxes, but I’ve always been afraid to have those strips torn off so close like this.””I won’t lie to you, mom.” Susan says, spreading her legs wider as mom’s hand caresses her pussy mound. “It really hurt the first time I got the full Brazilian wax, but only for the moment. There wasn’t any lasting pain or anything. And I love the way it feels. Mmmmm.” Susan says as mom’s fingers get closer to her puffed pussy lips. “It feels incredible.” Mom says. “Very sexy.” Susan is raising her hips off the floor, trying to position her pussy lips against mom’s hand. Mom is very subtle, keeping her hand moving on Susan’s smooth, hairless mound. Abruptly, mom stops. Scooting back from Susan’s inflamed pussy, she stands up.”Let’s do it!” Mom declares, smiling. “I’ll take a shower and then we can go get a waxing kit. What do you say?” Mom asks Susan.”Sure!” Susan answers. “I’ll jump in the shower right after you.” Susan says, excitedly. “We’ll leave junior here to have dinner ready for us when we get back.” Susan says, laughing.”Fine.” I say. “As long as you don’t mind hot dogs and chips.” Mom’s tits hang teasingly in front of Susan’s face as she leans down to kiss her on the forehead.”Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon.” Mom says, her rigid nipples dangling inches from Susan’s mouth. “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!” Standing back up, her pussy is now at Susan’s eye level and Susan is staring wide-eyed at mom’s neatly trimmed bush. Looking over at me, mom winks and then takes her time gathering up her clothes, bending provocatively to give Susan a great view of her firm ass cheeks and moist pussy lips.”I told you she was sexy.” I say, after mom has left the room. I’m sitting with my back against the recliner, smiling at my very aroused sister. Susan just sits there dumbfounded, her eyes dropping to my rigid cock, sticking straight at her from between my legs. Susan doesn’t move until she hears the shower running.”Oh my god!” Susan exclaims, crawling towards me on the floor. “That was so weird!” She says as she pushes me down on my back on the floor. “Mom got me so fucking hot without really doing anything.” Susan says, straddling my legs and sliding her pussy up over my hard cock. “I can’t believe she’s going to let me wax her pussy.” Susan says, slipping my cock head between her soggy pussy lips, she drops down hard, engulfing my throbbing cock in her hot, liquid chasm. “Ohhhhhhh!” Susan cries as she rocks back and forth on my rigid cock. I push my hips up against her, feeling the heat from her steamy pussy, as I match her rhythm. Catching her bouncing tits in my hands, I knead her soft flesh and pull on her hard, thick nipples.”Oh god!” Susan moans. “Oh fuck!” She is frantically riding my cock, rolling her hips back and slamming her clit down against my pelvic bone. We’re both so aroused from the afternoon activities that we peak in no time at all. Thrusting my hips up to drive my cock deeper into her fiery cunt, I’m on the verge of exploding when she clamps her pussy down around my cock. With her head thrown back and a vice-like grip on my throbbing cock, she shakes and shivers through an intense orgasm. I let loose, shooting streams of hot cum deep inside her quivering pussy. I hear the shower stop as Susan collapses on my chest, gasping for breath. I wrap my arms around her, kissing the top of her head as her cheek lies against my chest.”I really thought she was going to touch my pussy.” Susan says into my chest. “I wanted her to touch me.” She says quietly.”I know.” I say, rubbing my hand up and down her back. “It was very erotic watching you two.” “But she’s still our mother, Nick!” Susan says, lifting her head and looking me in the eyes. “I still don’t think it’s right.” I’m obviously going to have to use the transmitter to remove her guilt and clear a path for a threesome. I’ll wait until they get back from their shopping trip.”I better get in the shower.” Susan says, lifting herself up, leaving me soaked in our combined juices when my cock slips from her pussy. “You could use one yourself.” Susan laughs as she heads for the bathroom. I lie there thinking about what suggestions I should give Susan to remove her guilt and make her more open to a sexual relationship with mom. I’m still contemplating it when mom comes down the hall, combing out her wet hair. She’s wearing a different pair of shorts and another tank top, this time with a bra under it. “Mmmm.” Mom says, when she sees me stretched out on the floor naked. Glancing at the bathroom door and hearing the shower running, mom comes over and kneels between my legs. “Did you fuck your sister again while I was in the shower?” Mom asks, lustfully, lowering her head toward my pussy-drenched cock.”Yeah. She pretty much attacked me, after how hot you made her playing with her bald pussy mound.” I answer, smiling at her. Mom is licking all over my cock and my balls, savoring Susan’s pussy flavoring. When she has licked Susan’s juices from my balls and around my cock, she sucks my flaccid tool into her mouth, licking up and down the sides of my quickly recovering shaft.”Mmmm.” Mom moans around my hardening cock. “She tastes exquisite.” Mom says, taking a breath from sucking my cock. “I can’t wait to taste it first hand.” She laughs. “Not that I mind this method, it’s just not the same.” The shower stops and mom sits up. “I guess you’ll have to wait until later for the rest of this.” Mom says, running her hand up and down my saliva coated cock. “I don’t think Susan’s ready to deal with it yet.” She smiles, bending forward and kissing the head of my cock, before standing up and continuing to comb out her hair.I take a shower while mom and Susan are shopping, then fall asleep dreaming about the impending threesome that I hope we’ll share later. I awake to the sounds of talking and laughing. Sitting up on the edge of my bed, still naked from my shower, I head toward the bathroom without bothering to get dressed. They’re in mom’s room and when I’m done in the bathroom, I join them. “Hey.” I say, as I enter mom’s bedroom. “You started without me.” Mom is lying on the bed, naked with some old sheets under her so the wax won’t get on the bedspread. She’s holding her legs in the air, spread wide apart and Susan is sitting next to her rolling the hot wax around her pussy lips.”We couldn’t gümüşhane escort wait for you sleepyhead.” Mom says. “Susan’s already trimmed my hair short and waxed all around my ass. If we’d waited for you, we’d never get done. Oww!” Mom yells as Susan pulls the thin strip off, yanking out the hair by the roots. I sit on the other side of mom to watch. Susan looks at me quizzically, probably wondering why I should even be here watching her wax mom’s pussy. I watch as Susan grips mom’s pussy lip between her thumb and her fingers and tries to pull it to the side. Mom’s lips are so wet that Susan’s fingers keep slipping off.”I’d be enjoying this.” Mom says. “If I didn’t know you’re just doing it to rip my hair out.” Mom laughs. I watch mom’s tits rise and fall as she breathes. She didn’t have to get completely naked for Susan to wax her, but I guess she thought it would move things along. Susan, on the other hand, is completely dressed.”Jesus, mom.” Susan laughs. “You are so wet, I can’t even get a grip.” Susan says, inserting three fingers into mom’s pussy and using her thumb to stretch mom’s pussy lips across her hand. “Mmmm.” Mom says, involuntarily pushing up against Susan’s hand. Mom’s nipples are rock hard and her pussy is oozing juice. “That’s not doing anything to curb the flow of juices.” Mom says, as Susan rolls the wax along the outer edge of mom’s pussy lip. I cringe as she applies the thin strip to the gooey wax. I watch mom’s face as she balances the pleasure of Susan’s fingers in her pussy with the anticipation of the pain of the waxing. Mom sees me and reaches for my hand, squeezing it between her fingers, as Susan expertly rips the strip off, keeping her fingers close to mom’s flesh. “Oh fuck!” Mom yells, as the tearing sound fills the room. The side of mom’s pussy is bright red where the hair has been removed. “I’m sorry, mom.” Susan says, gripping her other pussy lip in the same fashion. “This is the worst part. Once we’re done around the labia, it’s not so bad.” Turning to me, she says. “Nick, get me a towel for my fingers, will you. They’re soaking wet.” She laughs.The intoxicating aroma of mom’s juices is thick in the air and the affect isn’t lost on Susan. Stepping into the bathroom to get a towel, I glance back and see Susan turn her head away from mom and quickly suck her fingers into her mouth. I’m smiling broadly as Susan notices me and quickly pulls her hand away. Blushing, she gives me a shrug, as if I’m making too big a deal of her tasting mom’s pussy juice.”Do you still need this?” I ask, handing her the towel.”Yes, smarty!” Susan says, wiping the rest of mom’s juices on the towel. I take mom’s hand as Susan rips the hair from the other side of her pussy.”Agghh!” Mom screams, squeezing my hand. Her chest is heaving and I want to take one of her hard nipples in my mouth and suck on it. My cock is hard from watching Susan manipulate mom’s saturated pussy. Mom’s bright red pussy looks sore and I realize that pussy waxing isn’t as erotic as I envisioned. Looking at my sister, I notice that her face is flush, she’s breathing rapidly and her hard nipples are visible through her blouse and her bra. Maybe she is finding this erotic after all.After a couple more rips alongside mom’s pussy lips, Susan tells mom to lower her legs, but keep them spread apart as she goes to work on her mound. Susan glances at my hard-on and smiles as she rolls the wax in neat strips across mom’s trimmed bush. It looks like she has cut the hair very close and she’s waxing in strips up and down mom’s mound. Mom winces with each rip of the waxing strip, but at least she isn’t crying out. When Susan has waxed completely across, she begins rolling the wax across mom’s mound the other way.”What are you doing now?” I ask, watching her wax the same area she’s just completed.”You have to do it both directions to make sure you get all the hair.” Susan explains. “Otherwise she’ll have stubbles.” There isn’t much noise as she rips the strip off this time. She must have gotten most of the hair the first time. I lie down next to mom and put my face next to hers, my hard cock pointing at Susan. “You doing okay?” I ask her. “Are you sorry you agreed to this?” “I’m doing better, now that the worst is over.” Mom says, turning her head to smile at me. “Your sister really knows what she’s doing. I just hope it looks good, after all of this!””Oh, it looks great!” Susan exclaims, maybe a little to exuberantly. “You’re going to love how it looks and feels.” Susan says, continuing to work on mom’s mound. She looks over my hard cock and frowns; she doesn’t seem comfortable with mom and I lying next to each other naked.”There! All finished!” Susan cries, reaching for a bottle from the waxing kit. “This will help soothe it.” She tells mom, pouring some kind of oil on her hands. Starting with her mound, Susan massages the oil into mom’s enflamed skin. “Mmmm.” Mom moans. “That feels very nice. I’ll give you an hour to stop that.” Mom laughs, lifting her legs and spreading them apart so Susan can rub the oil around her pussy. Susan is sliding her oily hands over mom’s ass and up alongside of her pussy lips, still dripping with mom’s juices. “Susan, when you and Sherrie do this, do either of you get this aroused?” Mom asks. “Because I’m trying to imagine how embarrassing it would be to have this done at a spa.” Mom says, rocking her pussy against Susan’s oily hands. “Well, um, uh.” Susan stammers, looking over at me. I just smile. “No, not really. I mean, you know, if someone is rubbing you with oily hands, you know, um, no, it’s…” “It’s okay, sweetie.” Mom says. “I wasn’t trying to pry. I really just wondered if this reaction was normal.” Mom is smiling reassuringly at Susan.”Yeah, well, pretty much, I guess.” Susan says, capping up the bottle of massage oil. “All done, see what you think.” Susan says, getting off the bed and putting the waxing kit on mom’s vanity. Mom reaches down and rubs her hand over her smooth mound and down around her pussy lips.”Oooo.” Mom says. “Pretty sexy, huh?” Smiling at Susan and I, mom stands up and walks over to her full-length mirror. “Wow! Nothing hidden, is there?” Mom says, looking at her bare pussy lips hanging down between her legs. My cock is standing at attention as I imagine myself lapping up the juices from between those beautiful lips.”You look great mom.” Susan says, backing out of the room. “I’ll just go wash the oil off my hands.” She says, quickly leaving the bedroom. “Let me feel.” I whisper, hurrying over behind mom and reaching around her body, my hard cock bumping against her ass cheeks. “Does it still hurt?” I ask, running my hands over her smooth skin and slipping a finger between her soggy pussy lips. “Mmmm.” Mom says, leaning back against me. “Not much. The only ache I have now, you can take care of later.” Mom sighs. “Why don’t you go make sure your sister is alright?” Mom says, pulling away from me. “I think she’s very aroused and very conflicted about her feelings right now.” “Sure.” I tell mom. “I think you’re right. I’ll see what I can do.” Leaving mom’s room, I stop by mine and get the transmitter. Tuning in Susan’s frequency as I open her door, I push the button.”Susan?” I say, entering her room. She’s just sitting on the edge of her bed.”Yes.” She says in transmitter monotone style.”How did you feel while you were waxing mom’s pussy?” I ask.”It was very erotic.” She answers, flatly. “It was just like with me and Sherrie. I wanted to lean down and lick mom’s wet pussy so badly, but I knew it would be so wrong.””Susan, you will feel no guilt about your sexual attraction to mom. You will regard it as a natural expression of your love for her and be as comfortable with her as you are with Sherrie.” I hesitate, thinking of what else to say. “You will also regard mom’s sexual relationship with me as normal and willingly participate in a threesome with mom and me. You will…””What the fuck are you talking about?” Susan asks, looking at me incredulously. Oh fuck! I look at the transmitter. It’s lost power. How could I not realize that the transmitter would need some kind of recharging?”Your sexual relationship with mom?” Susan asks. “Are you telling me that you’re fucking mom?” Susan is looking at me with a shocked, wide-eyed expression on her face. “And what the fuck is that?” Susan asks pointing to the transmitter.”Oh, um, just an old mp3 player a friend of mine gave me. I’m trying to get it to work.” I answer, lamely.”You’re working on an mp3 player, while you tell me you’re fucking our mother and you want to fuck us together?” Susan asks, a disbelieving look on her face. She turns and looks at my naked body, shaking her head.”You really are fucking mom?” Susan asks, her voice quieter. I sit down next to her on the bed, putting my arm around her. She’s still fully clothed and I’m still naked. My cock’s battery seems to have died with the transmitter’s demise.”It just happened.” I tell her, wondering if she got any of the suggestion, before the transmitter died. “Mom is a very sexy woman.” I say, starting to explain, “Since dad left, she’s been really lonely, too.””She is very sexy.” Susan says. “I wouldn’t mind…” Susan nuzzles against me, absently running her fingers up and down my leg and across my flaccid cock. Lifting her hand to her face, she sniffs her fingers. “I can still smell her on my fingers.” She says, holding them under my nose. “I got so wet, Nick.””When you were waxing her?” I ask. Maybe some of the suggestion got through. “Didn’t you just want to dive in and eat her?” I ask.”Yeah.” Susan sighs. “I wonder why I didn’t.” Susan asks. “She sure seemed willing and it’s not like me to be shy.” She laughs. “Mom is still in there admiring the great wax job you did.” I reassure her. “You just said you were going to wash your hands. You didn’t say you weren’t coming back.” “I can’t believe you’ve been fucking mom and didn’t tell me.” Susan says, giving a little tug on my recovering cock. “You’re a naughty boy, fucking your mother and your sister.” She laughs, getting up and moving towards the door with me following her. “Okay, let’s go.” She says, walking into mom’s bedroom. Mom is still standing in front of the mirror, turning and looking at her newly smooth pussy mound from different angles.”It’s beautiful, mom.” Susan says, embracing her and kissing her face. “I’m sorry I ran out like that. I, um, uh…” “Don’t worry, dear.” Mom says, running her hands up and down Susan’s back. “I’m sorry I embarrassed you asking you those questions. I guess I went too far.””No! No, you didn’t!” Susan insists, pulling mom’s body more tightly against hers. “Not far enough, actually.” Susan says, kissing mom’s lips and pushing her tongue into her mouth. Mom eagerly responds, kissing her back and squeezing Susan’s ass cheeks through her shorts. Standing in the doorway, I watch them grind their bodies together, while they hungrily devour each other’s tongues. Obviously, the first part of the suggestion got through before the battery died. My cock is rock hard, as Susan slides her hand between them and starts mauling mom’s tits. “Mmmmm!” Mom says. “Yeah!” Breaking the kiss to give Susan better access to her breasts. Susan takes this opportunity to pull her own shirt over her head and unfasten her bra, tossing them both aside. Lowering her mouth to mom’s right nipple and sucking it into her mouth, she kneads mom’s tits with both hands. With her head back and her chest thrust out, Mom welcomes Susan’s onslaught with a loud sigh. Bending her head down to suckle mom’s nipple, leaves Susan’s tits hanging provocatively within reach. Mom grabs one in each hand, using her thumbs to further stimulate Susan’s already hard nipples. I’m stroking my hard cock as I watch this i****tuous porn show live in my mom’s bedroom. Wow! As much as I want to participate, I’m fascinated by the incredible urgency with which they are attacking each other’s body.After sucking, squeezing and biting both of mom’s tits, Susan hungrily shoves her tongue back in mom’s mouth while, she gropes mom’s smooth pubis before slipping her fingers into mom’s wet pussy. “Oh yes!” Mom moans, humping her pussy against Susan’s fingers. “Oh, don’t stop.” Mom whines, as Susan pulls her fingers out of mom’s pussy. Lifting her fingers to her lips, Susan sucks the pussy juice off of them one by one, never breaking eye contact with mom. “Oh, baby.” Mom coos, thrusting her own hand into the waistband of Susan’s shorts, diving down for some of her syrupy taste. “You’re very wet, dear.” Mom says, dipping her finger between Susan’s pussy lips and bringing it to her lips. Mom is smiling as she maintains eye contact with Susan. Susan has her hand back between mom’s legs before mom finishes licking her own fingers. Mom is fumbling with Susan’s shorts, desperately tying to get at Susan’s tasty pussy. She gets them unfastened and then yanks her shorts and thong down together. She runs her hands over Susan’s smooth, hairless mound before again slipping her fingers between Susan’s protruding pussy lips. Their pussy-flavored tongues are back in each other’s mouth, as they stand next to the bed, finger fucking each other. The pussy juice sampling seems to have ignited a greater urgency in both women as they hump each other’s hands, maul each other’s tits and continue to kiss feverishly, moaning into each other’s mouth.Mom is pushing Susan backwards towards the bed, while they continue to assault each other’s bodies with their hands. Susan’s legs hit the bed and she tumbles backward, releasing her grip on mom. Mom pulls Susan’s shorts and thong from around her ankles and pushes Susan’s legs wide apart. Running first her hands and then her cheeks over Susan’s hairless mound, before crawling up on the bed and stretching her body over Susan’s. With her tongue back in Susan’s mouth and her tits crushed against Susan’s larger ones, mom grinds her oily mound against Susan’s bald pussy.I step closer, stroking my throbbing cock as I watch my sister and my mother mash their bodies together. Mom now takes her turn sucking Susan’s large nipples into her mouth. Susan has her head back and her eyes closed, as mom suckles her breasts.”Oh God!” Susan moans as mom shoves two fingers inside her sopping pussy. “That feels so good mom!” Susan cries, humping her ass off the bed, trying to push mom’s fingers deeper into her burning hole. Mom licks her way down Susan’s body, kneeling on the edge of the bed, and replacing her fingers with her tongue inside Susan’s pussy. “Oh fuck yes!” Susan yells, pushing up against mom’s mouth.”Mmmm. Just as delicious as I knew you’d be.” Mom says, licking her lips and looking over her shoulder at me. “I think I recognize the flavor, too!” Mom says, turning back to continue eating Susan’s pussy. Susan is writhing around on the bed as mom slurps up her juices, but her eyes are wide open, staring at me.My cock is aching as I survey the action on mom’s bed, but I don’t want to interrupt their first time together. I lean against the dresser and just watch. “Mmmmm.” Susan moans as mom’s mouth works frantically on her clit. Susan is thrashing her hips all over the bed, pushing her pussy against mom’s mouth and pulling at her own swollen nipples. “Keep doing that, mom!” Susan yells, grabbing a handful of mom’s hair and holding her head against her clit. “I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” Mom keeps her lips wrapped around Susan’s clit, as Susan thrusts her ass off the bed, spasming through several waves of intense orgasmic pleasure. “Aaaaggghhhh!” Susan moans, collapsing back on the bed and pushing mom’s face away from her clit. Mom slides her tongue down between Susan’s bald pussy lips, lapping up her creamy juices. “You taste so good!” Mom says, kissing her way up Susan’s body. “I could eat you all night.” She says, nibbling on Susan’s tits before sliding the rest of the way up and pushing her pussy-soaked tongue into Susan’s mouth. They’re grinding their bodies together and kissing fervently, while I continue leaning against the dresser, my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me.”Now, which one of you is going to be the first to explore my newly waxed pussy?” Mom asks, rolling off of Susan and lying on her back with her legs spread. Susan looks at me and I shrug.”You’ve never tasted her.” I say, why don’t you go first. Susan looks at me, incredulously, like she can’t believe I’ve eaten mom’s pussy, but she scoots down on the bed and runs her hands over mom’s oily, bare mound.”How does it feel?” She asks. “Sometimes when I’m first waxed, it’s pretty tender.” Susan explains.”It is a little tender.” Mom answers. “But not enough to prevent us from enjoying ourselves.” She laughs. Susan kneels between mom’s legs and hooks her arms behind her knees. Leaning forward, she pushes mom’s legs in the air while lowering her mouth to her wide-open pussy.”Oh yeah!” Mom yells. “Mmmmmm!” Mom looks over at me, smiling lustfully. I’m stroking my throbbing cock, as I watch my sexy sister bury her face in mom’s anxious pussy. Mom’s humping her ass against Susan’s mouth, as loud slurping noises fill the room. I lie on the bed for a better view and watch Susan slide her mouth up to mom’s clit.”Oh fuck!” Mom moans. “Keep doing that. Oh my god!” Mom is humping her ass up like crazy, writhing all over the bed and moaning. Susan slips two fingers inside mom’s inflamed pussy and starts pumping them in and out. My cock is aching, begging to be included in this, but I bide my time, watching Susan finger fuck mom’s pussy and suck on her engorged clit.”Ohhhhh! I’m cumming!” Mom cries, thrusting her pussy up against Susan’s face and raising her shoulders off the bed. Mom’s mouth is wide open, but no sound is coming out as her orgasm shakes through her body, jerking her violently around on the bed. She finally collapses on the bed, her chest heaving and her eyes closed. Susan hungrily laps up mom’s generous flow of juices.”Oh my!” Mom says, wrapping her hand around by swollen cock. “You really enjoyed watching us, didn’t you, Nick?” Mom asks, stroking her hand up and down my rigid shaft as she catches her breath.”Is Nick feeling left out?” Susan says, teasingly, lifting her head from mom’s pussy. Susan shifts her body over and wraps her moist lips around the head of my cock. “Oh fuck!” I groan, laying back on the bed while mom pumps my cock in and out of my sister’s warm mouth. Mom rolls up on her side and slides her other hand under Susan’s chin, cupping my balls and teasing them with her fingers. I’m pushing my ass off the bed, trying to get more of my cock into my sister’s mouth when mom presses her lips against mine and slides her tongue in my mouth. Tasting my sister’s pussy juice on my mother’s tongue gives me a flash of the scene mom described from her video. “Mom.” I say, pulling back from her kiss. “Remember that scene from your video where two girls are seducing one guy?” I ask her.”Yeah.” She says, leaning forward to push her tongue back in my mouth. “That’s what we’re doing.” “I know, but what about your favorite scene.” I ask, keeping my face back from hers.”What favorite scene?” Susan asks, pulling her mouth off my throbbing cock. Mom still has her hands on both my cock and my balls; I can’t believe I’m stopping them.”Mom loves the scene where two women are riding one guy; one on his cock and one on his face and they are embracing and kissing each other.” I explain to Susan.”Awesome!” She exclaims, sitting up. “Which one do I get?” Susan asks, looking at mom. We’re both looking at mom, waiting for her to choose. “Well, I, um, that is, I don’t care.” Mom stutters, confused. I think she’s trying to figure out how I know that’s her favorite scene. I forgot that she told me that when she was under the influence of the transmitter. “It’s your choice, mom.” Susan says. “If you don’t have a preference, riding his cock might feel better on your sensitive skin than having him sucking on your pussy lips.” Susan says. Mom has released my cock and it’s standing straight up, waiting for them to decide.”Alright! It’s decided!” I say. “Come on, mom. I can’t wait much longer.” Susan has already moved up near my head and mom scoots down on the bed. Getting up on her knees, mom straddles my legs, then moves up positioning her slick pussy lips against my hard, throbbing cock. “Oh god!” I moan, sliding my cock against mom’s burning pussy lips. She slides back and forth a few times along the length of my shaft while Susan gets in position, facing mom. My sister’s pussy is still dripping wet, as she settles over my mouth and I lick my tongue along her lips.”Oh yeah!” Susan cries. “Eat my pussy, little brother.” She says as she leans forward to embrace mom. Sliding her pussy up along my shaft, mom lets my cock head slip between her lips, and then thrusts her hips down, impaling herself fully on my anxious pole. With my hands under Susan’s ass, and my thumbs pulling her cheeks apart, I suck on her thick pussy lips, while pushing my tongue between them. Glancing to the side, I catch the reflection of our threesome in mom’s full-length mirrored closet doors. Mom and Susan are mauling each other’s tits while kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths. Susan is pushing her pussy down against my face, while mom is bouncing up and down on my cock. I’ve been imagining this exact scene ever since mom told me about it, but nothing in my imagination prepared me for the awesomeness of the real thing. Eating one gorgeous woman while fucking another would be more than enough to get any guy off, but when it’s your mother riding your cock and your sister’s hot pussy you’re licking, it’s indescribable! My sister’s juices are flowing into my mouth and down my cheeks; her delicious taste and intoxicating aroma keep me driving my tongue deeper, creating more creamy sauce with each plunge. My mother, riding my cock for all she’s worth, is slapping her ass down on my upper thighs at a frenetic pace. I’m ready to explode! The built up pressure in my cock is swelling, my balls start to constrict and I’m humping my ass off the bed to meet my mother’s frantic rhythm. I pull Susan’s ass back, positioning her clit over my mouth and wrap my lips around it.”Oh fuck!” Susan cries, gushing more of her delectable juices over my face. I suck on her clit, flicking my tongue across the tip. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Susan moans, crushing her thighs around my head as she rocks her fiery pussy against my face. Just when I think I can’t hold out any longer, mom slams down hard, clenching her pussy walls around my throbbing cock. “I’m cumming!” Mom yells, as my cock erupts inside her over-heated pussy. Our pent up juices collide, as her hot pussy spasms around my jerking cock. Susan is pulling her clit away from my mouth, flooding my face with her sweet pussy juice. I drink as much of her flowing sauce as I can, while Susan and Mom embrace in an impassioned kiss. We did it! My mom, my sister and I, in an amazing threesome, all of us cumming together in an i****tuous orgy of love, lust and blissful satisfaction! If I died right here, right now, I can’t imagine that I would be missing anything that could compare with this moment. If there is a heaven on earth; this is it!When I finally doze off, sandwiched between my sexy mother and my voluptuous sister, I remember the transmitter is dead. Drowsily, I wonder if I’ll be able to get it recharged. I don’t even know what kind of battery it uses. Even if I never get it working again, my mom and my sister are fully cooperative sexual partners and I still have the triggers on Nicole and Ms. Edwards. Life is good!