Part 3 – Lisa Comes InMake sure you read “Back in College with Kelly” and “Meet up with Kelly”.Lisa came in, setting her bag on the dresser and sat on bed next to me while I was trying to hide. Teasingly she said, “Are you naked under here?” while tugging at the top of the covers. I tried to tell her, “No! Stop!” but she quickly exposed me from my refuge. Nervous and embarrassed, I tried to cover myself with my hands and pull the sheet back up. Kelly came over telling me, “Stop, its ok. She knows.” “What do you mean, she knows?” I asked. “I told her about us and that’s why she is here” she said, while trying to put me at ease. Lisa stood up and reached for my hand, pulling me to my feet.“Cute nightie and sexy stockings too. Turn around” she ordered. I was reluctant at first, but did turn around. I felt a hand slide over my ass and cup my butt cheek, giving it a squeeze. She released and I turned back only to see Lisa taking pictures of me. I tried to reach out and grab her phone and she said, “No! You will do as we ask or I will send these out to everyone.” I looked at Kelly with a “What should I do look.” She looked back like she was helpless too, but didn’t offer any consolation. I thought to myself, “How bad can it be? What was it that she was going to ask me to do?”Lisa went over to the dresser and brought her bag to the bed. I was standing in between her and Kelly as she said, “Let’s get this off of you” pulling the slip up and over my head. “You even have him in your bra.” Lisa remarked to Kelly as she felt me up, giving my nipples a squeeze. “Let’s take that off too” Lisa said, pulling me tight against her tits while she reached behind me, unhooking the bra. “You can leave your panties and stockings on sweetie” Kelly said as she took corset out of bag saying, “Let’s put this on you.” I have seen women wearing corsets in magazines and videos, but never in real life. I always thought how sexy they looked, matching the curves of a woman and enhancing their bust. Kelly slipped my arms through the straps and Lisa hooked it up in the front. Lisa put her hands around my sides to hold the corset in place when I started to feel a snugness as Kelly tightened the laces across my back. I watched in the mirror as the corset slowly transformed my figure. Kelly continued to tighten the laces and Lisa clipped the garter straps to the tops of my stockings. When it was all said and done, there was such a tightness about me. I couldn’t move or bend easily. I couldn’t take deep breaths easily to which Lisa said, “Just relax and you will get used to it. Just look how cute you are” as we both faced the mirror. I was starting to get turned on by the look of the corset and the garters. The garters felt so incredible sliding and tugging at the stockings as I walked around and then it was at this point that I realized that I still had the butt plug in and couldn’t very well take it out unnoticed. Kelly probably also forgot about it and I knew I didn’t want Lisa to find out. Kelly went into my top drawer and grabbed a couple pairs of socks. She stuffed them into the top of the corset to give me some tits saying, “Not as nice as mine…but they will have to do for now.” Looking in mirror really turned me on seeing how it gave me a girly shape. I reached down feeling the garters canlı bahis şirketleri stretched across my ass, then sliding my hands up my stomach reaching my tits. They weren’t as nice as feeling Kelly’s tits, but I figured nothing is as nice as hers (or Lisa’s for that matter). I was caught up in the moment of checking myself out when I heard, “Get over here and kneel on the bed, Bitch!” Lisa was tugging at the back of my hair, pulling me over as Kelly turned music up a bit. I kneeled on the bed as I was guided by Lisa’s hands to make sure my ass was facing outwards. Lisa was brushing her hands across my back to my ass, then back up and around my sides to feel my tits pushing out the top of the corset. It was like heaven to feel her hands touching me. At this point, there was no way to hide my enthusiasm. Lisa’s hands went back to my back as her fingers glided across the lacing like strumming a guitar and then, “Smack!” Her hand came swiftly down onto my panty covered ass. I heard it before I felt it, and immediately stood up on my knees. Lisa waved a finger at me telling me to get back down. Then there was a smack on the other cheek. The sting was biting. I didn’t want anyone to hear so I buried my face into the pillow to muffle my cries. She continued slapping my ass until I felt her hand sliding over my panties, cupping the stinging sensation. Her hand slid from cheek to cheek then down into the crack of my ass touching the plug that I forgot about again. “What’s this?” Lisa asked tugging on plug in my ass. She knew damn well what it was and I am sure Kelly told her about. With one hand, Lisa was pulling on the base of the plug and the other reached under my panties, feeling my cock. “He really likes his ass played with” Kelly said as she came nearer. I hadn’t noticed but Kelly took her jeans and top off again. Sitting on the bed next to me with her breasts towards my face. “Are you staring at my tits again?” Kelly asked just before she smashed her tits in my face. “Suck them, suck my nipples.” She said, feeding me her tits. I eagerly licked and sucked them making her nipples stiff. I always liked to grab and pull at her nipples with my mouth being sure not to bite too hard. While I was enjoying Kelly’s tits and not getting my ass slapped, Lisa tugged and slid plug in and out of me. By this point my cock was dripping in my panties. All I wanted to do was to fuck both of them really hard, but I knew they both had another agenda. “Stand up” Lisa said while Kelly moved the pillow to sit on bed, taking her panties off. Lisa pushed me down to my knees saying, “Kneel on the floor and lick her pussy”, pushing my face into Kelly’s spread legs. I always loved eating out Kelly. Her pussy was really swollen and wet. I was really enjoying this when Lisa came down next to me saying, “Why should you have all the fun”, pushing my head aside and pushing her tongue into Kelly’s wet pussy. She and I took turns licking Kelly’s pussy, not that I really took a turn, but was rather forced back into her pussy. It was so hot watching Lisa eat out my girlfriend’s pussy, much like I had always dreamed of. I can always bring Kelly quick to orgasm, but with Lisa and me switching off, Kelly was holding out. When I was back to licking Kelly’s pussy, I had the mobilbahis feeling that she was getting close. Lisa was behind me pulling on plug again and feeling my cock. She would pull it all the way out, rub the tip around and push it back in. The sensation was awesome. Lisa kept sliding the plug in and out a couple more times but the last time was different. It went deeper and felt fuller and more textured too. I stopped sucking and sat up a bit, looking behind me to see Lisa topless, wearing just her panties with a strap-on in my ass. “Did I tell you to stop?” Kelly said, grabbing my head and forcing it back into her pussy. With every thrust from Lisa’s dildo, my face pushed into Kelly’s pussy. “You like my big cock in your pussy?” Lisa asked, slamming against me. I let out a muffled “uh huh.” Lisa’s strap-on felt incredible, sliding in and out, rubbing against my spot. Lisa was really getting into it, as if she was fucking herself while fucking me. My cock was dripping so much that my panties were soaked. I tried to reach down to feel my cock and Lisa slapped my hand away saying, “No, you can’t get off yet.” But then suddenly, almost at the same time, Kelly and Lisa both came like they timed it. Lisa was convulsing, slapping my ass and Kelly grabbed my head with her legs and held me tight to her snatch.Lisa pulled out and sat on the bed next to Kelly. Both of them were soaked with sweat and look exhausted as they panted. Lisa sat there stroking her big cock as if it was natural. This was the first time I saw it. Big and black, seeming way too big for me, I guess I was loosened up by then. Both girls were sitting there, hip to hip, propped up on their elbows. They both looked so hot, like something out of a magazine. I was kneeling on the floor, just staring at their tits. Lisa’s tits were bigger, but Kelly’s seemed a little perkier with less sagging. My hand dropped down to my panties, stroking my cock through the wet satin. Lisa stuck her hand out pointed a finger at me saying, “Come here” with her other hand still stroking her dick. When I came close, she grabbed my head, shoving her dildo in my mouth saying, “Show me how good you suck cock.” I opened my mouth allowing the tip to go in. “Put your lips around it and suck you slut!” Lisa ordered, which I did just like Kelly would do many times to me. I was only taking about 2-3 inches of it in at a time, trying to match with my breathing. “Kelly sat there and said, “Here, let me help you”, pushing my head down further and holding it there until I gagged, then letting me up. My eyes began to water and before I could contest these actions, Kelly pushed me down again, gagging me with Lisa’s cock until I could take almost half of it in. This went on for a few more minutes until the last time Lisa pulled on my head and held it much longer. I was struggling to breathe and trying to push myself up off the bed, but her grasp on my head was tighter, until she released me and I fell to the floor. I was gasping and drool was all over my mouth and chin. Lisa got up from the bed and slapped her cock on my mouth saying, “You will be ok. Now you know what we feel like”, which followed with her wiping the spit off my mouth and chin and smearing it on to her cock.Lisa went over and sat on mobilbahis giriş the chair, telling me to straddle her backwards while she was adding some lube to her dick. I came over, pulled my ass cheeks apart guiding the long dildo into my tight hole. I slowly lowered while moving up and down taking in the entire length. Kelly came over, telling me to lean back making my cock stand straight up. Kelly climbed on top of my cock as I did my best keep the dildo moving inside of my ass. Lisa reached around grabbing my tits as I let her cock fuck me again. Kelly sat on top of me, rotating her hips, feeling my cock deep inside her. We really couldn’t get much action this way since I had to do all the moving and trying to lift Kelly at the same time but feeling Lisa’s long cock deep in my ass was incredible. Kelly climbed off of me and laid on bed, spreading her legs saying, “Come on over here and fuck me good baby.” I went over to Kelly and pulled my panties aside, releasing my cock. Lisa grabbed my somewhat soft cock, sticking it in her mouth to get me hard again. Her warm tongue wrapped around the head as it slowly grew to size. She took it out giving it a few good stroked saying, “you’re all good now.” I stuck my cock into Kelly’s pussy and slowly fucked her while thinking of Lisa’s mouth wrapped around me, wishing I could have had more. I kept thrusting my cock into Kelly as she reached up grabbing my tits, almost holding my up by them. I was really involved in fucking Kelly and hadn’t noticed that Lisa was kneeling next to us with her tits positioned in my face. “Here, suck on these” she said, offering me her huge melons. She squeezed them together as I sucked on her tits and nipples, alternating from one to the other. My pace was picking up when Lisa moved behind me, sliding her cock across my ass. I felt her grab it and guide the tip back into my ass, pushing into me. She took her time, allowing me to relax and get used to the size again which made me slow down a bit with Kelly, but soon we all had a rhythm going. I was thrusting and Lisa pulled me back by the strings of my corset making me kneel straight up. Her dildo rubbed firmly against my spot, making my cock started to throb. A few more pumps and I pulled out, releasing a huge amount of cum onto Kelly’s belly and tits. It seemed to go on forever which Lisa helped it a bit by stroking and squeezing it to get every last drop out. I sat on the edge of the bed when Lisa scooped some cum up in her hand, bringing it up to my mouth saying, “Here, have some.” While forcing her hand into my mouth while I was trying to turn away. She did this a couple of times while saying, “A good slut always swallows the cum”, especially since I spit it out the first time. She made sure I swallowed it, holding my mouth closed until I did.I laid back onto the bed and watched Lisa take the dildo off. Then she straddled Kelly’s face. Kelly raised her head to meet Lisa’s pussy, spreading her lips and sticking her tongue in deep inside. This went on for a few minutes or so with Lisa grinding her pussy on my girlfriend’s mouth. She grabbed Kelly by her head, pulling her in tight, then having a massive orgasm. It was again so surreal to watch them together, enjoying each other, wishing I had some more energy to join in. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Lisa climbed off, still a little weak in the knees. I was exhausted and when Kelly got up, I laid in the bed, along the wall. The girls grabbed the washcloth and wiped each other off before climbing back into the bed with me, passing out.