ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #2iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #2 – Chapter 1(AU story)Spun out of last series, this AU story has the gang gaining super powers thanks to a wish. Action, twists, and shocking moments abound.It had been a week since everyone had woken up with amazing powers. The Seattle based iCarly’s were planning to leave a couple days after the incident, but their plans got derailed when Spencer nearly tore the RV in half when his powers overwhelmed him. After his new girlfriend, Amy, threw him out of her apartment when he wrecked it, he had taken to sl*eping in the RV, feeling somehow creeped out about staying inside Jade’s house. One night, during an especially real nightmare, Spencer started a whirlwind, and by the time he had woken up, it was too late to do much of anything. The camper was currently getting repaired at a nearby auto shop. When asked what happened, the eldest Shay mentioned that a freak mini tornado came through where they were staying. Which was, honestly, about half right.Those that had voted together seemed to be sticking together. At Jade’s house, Carly, Freddie, and Jade each tried their best to get a feel for their powers in secret. Spencer tried his best too, but it was usually outside, at night and he was having far less luck getting his emotions in check, so he spent most of his time watching over the others, eager to help if they needed it. Carly had managed to really get a handle on her power, but she really needed to focus for it to work. Any distraction or fear and she just couldn’t pull things off. Jade and Freddie had both really mastered their powers, but it seemed to be at the cost of their relationship. While Jade could control her powers as long as she could focus, but, like Spencer, if her emotions became too great, she would burn things around her. This of course, made her immense sex drive problematic since she could only get so far into it before her fire would begin burning her plastic boyfriend. Which, really, was problem number two. Freddie had become extremely rubbery and was learning to make shapes with his body, but his skin was beginning to feel more like a mannequin’s. They desperately wanted each other and they still loved each other, but being physical was just too difficult, even if Freddie’s stretching could do some pretty amazing things in bed. Gibby also remained in the house, but rarely left the room unless to eat, afraid of bothering the others from their power handling, half out of jealousy and half out of feeling kinda useless.Tori, Nate, Andre, and Cat had chosen to spend most of their daytime hanging out at Tori’s house, though they rarely ever saw Trina. Their nights, however, were spent quite a bit differently. True to their plan, they had decided to become vigilantes to help protect the city. Cat, using her speed and her innate costume making ability had even made them some crime-fighting outfits. Cat realized, in addition to moving very fast, that she was also thinking really fast. She could read thick books and novels in only a minute or two, but it came at a real price. She was hungry all the time since her metabolism was in maximum overdrive. The others were also dealing with their own drawbacks. Andre had some insane static cling, and it seemed like everything that could stick to him, did. Nate had developed a very big problem with vertigo, as if being away from the ground made him weak. Tori, who was doing fine overall, was however suffering from the same power control issues that Jade was, finding herself turning into a puddle whenever her emotions took hold. Other than that, however, her ability to blast gallons of water from her body was proving quite useful.Despite the power setbacks, the team had managed to stop a few crimes, including a purse snatching and a couple gang attacks. There was also a mugging that Andre and Tori tried to handle together, but when their powers accidentally intersected, they nearly killed the criminal. Cat and Nate ran into a similar incompatibility problem when his earthquakes stopped her from being able to run, tripping the redhead before she could reach a fleeing robber. Tonight, however, the four of them believed that would finally get this act down pat.On the other side of town, near an abandoned construction site, the last four teens spent most of their time. Beck’s dad had found the place and once he knew that it would be deserted for a while, he decided to move his trailer out there, far from his f*mily. He still had not shown his blue face to his f*mily, but he had discovered that by keeping himself as warm as possible, his skin colour was just passably normal. His powers however were incredible, able to freeze a whole room with a flex of his hand, and could shoot ice beams with remarkable accuracy. Of course, he had a lot of practice in the construction site with Sam, Trina, and Robbie. Sam had yet to find her peak strength, buca escort but she still hadn’t mastered the gentleness required for everyday tasks, ripping doors off and nearly breaking Beck’s arms during every practice. Part of Sam was really sad not to be with Freddie, but the thought of him with Jade just increased her fury. She had even considered going after Beck again, but the one time she tried, his body was just too cold, and she knew it couldn’t work.Trina had luckily learned to keep her clothes on when she’d phase out, and managed to control her body so she could phase with objects and people. She did however constantly have a problem of maintaining focus and she could only phase for as long as she could hold her breath which took a few days to really master. Much like Jade and Freddie’s problem, when she would fool around with Robbie (something that seemed inevitable since he was becoming more confident), she was apt to fall right through the bed, and the room at times. Robbie seemed to be pretty happy to have Trina back, both of them putting the past behind them. He was extremely careful about using his powers around his three friends, knowing that his psycho-mimetic abilities could really put off the others and make them overly suspicious that he might be misusing the power.The four friends spent a whole night trying to figure out what to do for their first act out in public to announce their existence. Somehow the topic of robbing a bank came up, and no one seemed to have any real objections, and they all could certainly use some money. They even came up with a contingency plan for if their friends showed up. And so they came up with a plan.* * *It had been two days since Robbie had gotten a hold of the bank’s schematics and developed the best plan to commit their ‘funding’ crime. At 11pm exactly, the four abandoned Beck’s truck about three blocks from the bank and slunk towards the empty bank, trying not to make themselves noticeable. Everyone had a very specific role, and if everything went according to plan, then no one would get hurt and they would have zero complications.”We have to do this fast…” Trina said, reaching her arms out. “I can’t really hold this for long with three people hanging all over me.”Then let’s go,” Sam said, coldly, gripping her left arm while the guys took her right.Trina let out a few quick groans as she pushed all of them through the thick bank walls with her, taking all her strength to get everyone inside.Once inside, Robbie headed for where the guards would be, and just like he had expected there were only two of them.”Hey k*d!” one of them shouted, placing his hand on his gun.”Relax guys,” Robbie said as the men slouched before him. “You never saw me and you need to go grab some dinner down the street and come back in an hour.”Just like he expected, the two guys casually let themselves out, and locked the door behind them, never to give the teens a problem again.While Robbie was doing his puppet master thing, Beck was working on the security cameras. He took out each of the cameras without a single problem, the task becoming like a game after a while. Once all of them were done, he headed to Robbie and the security area, where he completely destroyed the computer console, freezing it so hard that it began to crack. Beck and Robbie shared a quick high five, which caused Robbie to pull his hand back quickly when the searing cold touch his skin, as they headed to the back where the girls were busy.At the vault, Trina was trying to work up her strength to do another phase session. “You’re going to have to give me a minute…” she said, taking deep slow breaths.”Dude, quit your bitching. Let’s do this.”Trina rolled her eyes as she took Sam’s hand and the two entered the vault, which was lined with tons of boxes and metal containers. Sam smiled for the first time as she went to work as the muscle.”This is actually kinda fun,” she said, punching boxes and panels and prying them open to try and collect as much cash as possible. Trina went to work on the other side, reaching inside for any sort of cash that she could find. Finally, Trina looked around and saw what they should have been looking for all along.”You know, you could try the actual steel boxes with cash in them instead of utterly destroying those safety deposit things…””You know you could not be such a cunt.” After a few seconds of angry stares, Sam ripped open the mother load, revealing stacks upon stacks of cash. “Bingo,” Sam said, a smile creeping across her lips as she pulled two heavy duty trash bags from her jacket.Beck and Robbie could hear some noises from inside the vault, mostly the two girls sniping at one another, as they waited patiently for the girls, every so often seeing Trina’s hand come out of the hard metal and dropping a bag off, catching the tail end of a “bitch,” “whore,” and the ever popular “twat”. Once escort buca the third one was dropped out, Trina and Sam emerged from the vault together, each looking ready to kill the other.Once all four of them had gotten everything out, Trina took them through the walls, one by one, making the job easier, instead of nearly giving herself an aneurism phasing three people, plus their loot, again.As the teens celebrated and headed to Beck’s truck that was parked a couple blocks away, they quickly realized, as a small fist flew at Beck’s face, sending him onto his back a few feet away, that they may have celebrated a bit too early.”Oh my god!” Cat exclaimed, realizing who she just hit. Behind her, three other figures emerged from the night. Each was dressed in a specific colour. Cat was naturally in a pink outfit with speed lines, Andre had a white outfit on with little lightning bolts all over it. Tori’s was a light blue and featured waves. All clearly the work of a ch*ld… or someone with a ch*ldlike mentality.”What are you doing, Trina?!” Tori shouted at her s*ster, realizing that the bank robbery that would put them on the map as heroes was being perpetrated by her s*ster and her ex-boyfriend. Seeing Robbie and Sam as the other criminals sent a wave of sadness and anger to the youngest Vega.”This is none of your business, Tori!” Trina shouted back. “And you guys look ridiculous… Did Cat make those?””I actually don’t hate them,” Nate said, stepping up beside his girlfriend, revealing his hunter green and brown uniform.”Oh, well if the guy who looks like he’s wearing vomit likes them…” Trina responded snidely before Robbie put his hand on her arm.”Tori… this isn’t a big deal,” Robbie said, stepping forward, “This place is insured, and no one is really losing this money.””That don’t matter, man!” Andre said, afraid he’d have to use his power on his friends. “Doesn’t change the fact that this is seriously wrong.””Look, guys,” Beck said, getting up and dusting himself off before calmly touching the wall behind him. “We’re going to take this money, and you do not want to try and stop us. We can sit here and talk about right and wrong, but you guys don’t want to get caught with us and the longer we stand here, the guiltier you’re going to look when the real cops show up.””No! This is bad! You’re doing bad things!” Cat shouted as she sped towards them, but thanks to Beck slowly and subtly icing the area around them, Cat lost her balance and sped herself right into a brick wall, nearly knocking herself out.”See what I mean?” Beck asked, preparing himself for the others to respond as well. “We don’t want to hurt you guys, but we are going to walk out of here.””Like hell you will, you bastard!” Tori said angrily, raising her arm and aiming her spouting fingertips at the four of them, her body looking more and more like liquid.”I’m really sorry… but Andre, please stop Tori.”Upon hearing Robbie’s words, Andre did as he was told, and as soon as his hand touched the Latina teen, the two of them dropped like violently shaking ragdolls before Nate stepped in to separate them.”Ok, you guys have seriously pissed me off,” the Texas born ‘hero’ said, tossing his hand forward as a giant rock hand rose up beneath them. Robbie and Beck managed to get out of the way, but Trina and Sam were grabbed tight by it. Trina phased once more, setting the two girls free.”My turn,” Sam said coldly picking the rocky arm up from the ground and swinging it like a baseball bat. Nate was struck hard and launched at least a quarter mile before landing on a car, setting off the alarm.With their opposition decently handled, the four criminals ran, trying to resist feeling guilty, to Beck’s truck and drove away, as Trina looked out the back and hoped that Tori wasn’t seriously hurt.* * *It took almost a half hour with Beck taking all the back roads before Trina, Robbie, and Sam made it back to their ‘hideout.’ The four were feeling completely wired from their heist and their great escape from their friends. Despite making plans for that possibility, they were completely surprised by how easily their friends had gone down. This surprise certainly didn’t assuage the guilt for almost all of them. The four ‘heroes’ had made the papers a couple times, and Robbie was actually a bit scared of them. But his plan really worked, from the bank robbery to the systematic defeat of the others. They rushed from the truck into Beck’s trailer where they went to counting what they had gathered up.After nearly two hours, they had come up with just short of $400,000, which meant that each of them was walking away with almost a hundred thousand dollars. The money was separated into four stacks, bagged and was quickly hidden away by all four of them together, taking an oath, each one hoping that the others wouldn’t try and steal it all.Now that all the business was over, the four grabbed a couple buca escort bayan cases of beer which Beck cooled off for them, and they all set out to drink their guilt away and celebrate themselves for doing the impossible. Despite everyone feeling like talking, nobody said much of anything for the next couple hours.Eventually, Robbie and Trina hobbled over to his car, both incredibly dr*nk and managed to land in his roomy backseat. Robbie had no business trying to fool around with Trina at this point, and he knew with this level of intoxication that he wouldn’t be able to perform, but that didn’t stop him from trying. After an awkward twenty minutes, the two teens fell asl*ep on each other, desperate for warmth as Robbie’s mouth, unashamedly latched onto her voluptuous chest for most of the night.Beck tried to get a bit closer to Sam, his cool attitude now matched by his physical form, and she just got the chills from the touch of his hand. She was still attracted to him for sure, but this just felt really awkward. She didn’t want to be alone, and yet she didn’t want to be touched. In a lot of ways, it reminded her a lot of what happened with Spencer. Luckily, Beck took the hint, and stopped his romantic assault. Once they felt dr*nk enough, they slept in the trailer, but certainly not together, Beck gladly giving the tired blonde his bed as he crashed on the couch, watching her and, as he looked into a window and saw his reflection, for the first time since he got his powers, hated what he had become.* * *It was nearly three in the morning when four very exhausted and defeated teens arrived at the West mansion. They barely had the strength to knock, and after several minutes, Jade answered the door in her sexiest robe, and was utterly surprised by the damaged teens before her.”What the fuck happened to you guys? And what the fuck are you wearing?””Jade…” Tori started, and then felt herself grow weak as she collapsed on the welcome mat.The others helped her into the house and they all buckled on the couch as Carly, Spencer, and Freddie headed downstairs to see what all the commotion was about. Jade ran to the kitchen and got some drinks for the four of them. Tori’s hair was standing on end and her skin was flushed. Andre looked very similar, but he was clearly the in the best shape of the four. Cat was still her bubbly self, but she was holding her nose up, holding bl*od back from busting it on the wall. Nate looked the absolute worst, his head was bleeding a bit and he was covered it cuts, scratches, and the beginnings of serious bruising.”What’s going on?” Freddie asked, sitting across from the visitors.”We have a major problem,” Andre said. “Your girl, Beck, Trina, and my boy Robbie robbed a bank tonight.””What?!” Carly exclaimed. “Sam? I mean, she’s… but she wouldn’t, right?” she looked back and forth at the others hoping that someone would agree with her.”I don’t know, Carls…” her br*ther said, rubbing her shoulder. “Sam’s always been an impulsive character.””And I’ve lost count of the times she’s been to juvie,” Freddie chimed in.”Whatever,” Carly said. “So what happened?””Well, they used their powers to get in and out of there pretty easily and took a lot of money from the look of it.” Nate said, rubbing his head where he had a massive knot from being flung into a car.Cat chimed in, “We dried doo sdop dem, bud-“”…But,” Tori said, “We got our asses handed to us, is what happened.”Nate stroked her hair, and saw that some pieces were severely frayed from her accident with Andre.”I’m really sorry about that, Tor,” Andre said, looking back at her as several strands fell out. “I just-“”I know… you were kinda under Robbie’s control. I’m not mad at you. I’m more angry at Trina.””So…” Jade said, tying her bathrobe tighter. “Much as I hate to be the bitch here, which I don’t, why exactly are you four in my house at this hour?””That’s the thing… I think we need your help,” Tori said, taking a deep breath. She knew Jade and the others didn’t really want to use their powers if they could help it. “All of you, if possible.””If you guys got your butts kicked, what exactly do you expect us to do?” Freddie asked.”For starters,” Andre said, “Numbers are always a good thing. And I thought you might be able to talk some sense into your girl, and that’s their bruiser out of the way. Add you guys’ powers, and Jade could melt whatever Beck puts out, and you iCarly’s might be able to stop the others with some telekinesis or stretching or wind or-“”Look… I know this is some heavy stuff.” Spencer said, heading for the stairs. “But my powers are way more dangerous and out of my control… I probably should sit this one out. Besides, I think someone needs to stay with Gibby. I’m kinda worried about him.”Freddie, Jade, and Carly shared a few looks before finally agreeing to join the other four first thing in the morning. Jade took a deep yawn and showed the others to three empty rooms, each equipped with showers, so that Tori and Nate could share while Cat and Andre got a room to themselves. Once they were settled, she joined Freddie in her bed and the two held each other, afraid that tomorrow was going to change everything.