Showed him photos of me at a bar and this happenedIt was going to be a typical evening at a gay/transgender friend bar for me. At least I thought it would be. Arriving at the bar dressed normally, but pure sissy underneath, I noticed a man across the bar who was staring at me. I looked back and gave him a shy smile. The next thing I knew is the bartender told me this drink was for me and from the man across. I took a sip, looked over at the man, and mouthed, “thank you”. He took that as his cue to make his way over to me and take the stool next to me. We introduced ourselves and engaged in conversation. It eventually turned into the “what are you looking for” question. I told him I was closeted cross-dresser and that these bars were my only real outlet where I felt I could meet non-threatening people. He told me I would probably look very hot as a crossdresser and he would love to see me in that role. After he said that I told him I could show him some photos on my phone of me. He said I was a smoking hot babe and he would love to have a date with me. As we drank more, I told him more, and he told me more things he wanted to do to me. He wanted me to go back to his home with him that night, but I was too scared. He then said that there was no pressure and I could meet him at the bar the next night and that would give me time to think about it. Then he would give me a ride to his home which was close by, and I could change in his guest room. He was making me feel so feminine and flattered. I was attracted to him as he was a little older and larger than me; perfect.So I told him maybe I would and that if he saw me at the same bar same time that it meant I would. We then exchanged information and I sent him the photos of me. He said that tonight as I was thinking of it he would think of me looking at my photos and what he would do to me. That made me about melt. I giggled shyly and told him I needed to go for the evening.It was not long after I left the bar, that I received a text halkalı escort message from him. It contained a video of him using my photos as he stroked himself. It showed him cumming all over as he lusted over a photo of me bent over with my legs spread. That made me wish I had let him have me that night and was set on meeting him the next night to see how it would turn out.That next evening, I could hardly contain myself in nervous excitement. I made my body smooth all over and painted my toes hot pink with sparkles. He told me he had woman’s clothing for me to change into when I got to his home so that was all I was prepared with.I got to the bar at the exact same time and there he was. He walked right over to me and hugged me, pulling me tight to him. He then kissed my neck and ordered us both a drink. The drink was consumed fast as he would not stop touching me and pulling me to him as we consumed more. He was being very aggressive and it was public. I almost decided to call it off but the alcohol was kicking in good. After several drinks, I was already used to him having his hands on my thighs, waist, and shoulders. No one said a thing because the bar was full of gay couples. It was flattering, him treating me like a woman even though I had not even changed yet. He said to me, “Are you ready to go to my apartment, Sugar and show me in person what you look like underneath?” I said quietly, “Yes.”He then grabbed my hand and arm and led me outside. We walked a few blocks to his house. As we walked, he continued to grab me as though I were his woman. I kind of liked it so I let him. Once we go to his apartment, he opened the door and kind of pushed me inside. As soon as I was inside, he grabbed me and put his mouth on mine for a kiss. I pushed him away and said I wanted to be a woman first. He leads me to his guest bedroom just like he said he would, opened the door, and there on the bed was nothing but spikey high silver nişantaşı escort heels, and a blonde wig. I said, “Where is the rest of it?” He says, “That is it. I want you in nothing but these. Change into that and apply your make up and then let me know when you are ready.” He closed the door behind him and left me there drunk and confused. I slowly took off my clothes and slipped into the heels. Then I put on the blonde wig and make up. Once I was done, fully nude with the exception of the heels, I opened the door and walked out. He saw me and immediately approached. I felt so vulnerable and weak standing there like that. He pushed me up against the side of the door way and started to make out with me standing there nude. He grabbed my ass as he did so and squeezed hard. He then picked me up, and started walking me to his bedroom, and then stopped in the living room, set me down on the floor, and said, “I am just going to fuck you right here!” He now had his body on top of me as he pushed my legs to the side and was kissing me all over. I resisted some and he removed his pants and was already hard. Still trying to stop him weakly, he pushed one knee up and the other down so he could enter easily. Since I had just a little bit of olive oil in me, it was not a problem. He went right in but only a little and started to pump like that. I was still trying to resist so he stops, pulls out, and says, “You know I can have you anyway I want right now and for as long as I want right?” I said, “Yes.” He then tells me to get up, walk over to his couch and bend over standing up over the back side of the couch. As I did that he stood there and watched me do so slowly. My legs were together and I was bent over the back of the couch looking back at him. He very quickly came at me, grabbed me, and shoved himself all the way in. It hurt and lost my balance as he did that. He grabbed my hips and ass and started to thrust very hard. As şişli escort he thrusted he pushed my back down and pulled my hips into him. The whole heavy couch was moving to his thrusts and I could barely hang on. It was not even three minutes where he started to cum. He came hard and he came deep. I could feel his man juices flowing inside me. He then pulled out very slow and pushed my shoulders down so I dropped to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and started to clean off the remainder of the cum with my mouth. After swallowing some, he was done and told me I could get dressed and go. So as I was going to the room where my clothes were, he asked if I wanted to stay in the nude as I had a drink before leaving. I was like, “Okay”. He poured me a glass of wine and I sat on the couch where he had just fucked me and sipped, keeping he cum inside me. He then said, “You know Sugar I don’t think I came enough just now. You turned me on so much I think I need it again.” I was really sore from his first fuck so I said, “Maybe I could just give you some sweet head until you do.” He says, “No that won’t cut it. I need some more of your fine ass.” With that, he poured the remainder of the wine into my mouth, started kissing me, and then said, “How about that floor fuck now?” He then pushed me down to the floor and was on me. Hard already again, it did not take him long to get inside me once he forced my legs open. There he was full body on me, kissing me, pinning me, and fucking me again, very hard against the floor. He stops kissing me to say, “This is what happens to you when you go around teasing, you get fucked hard.” He kept me in that position for quite a long time it seemed before switching ot an even more aggressive position. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs so wide it hurt. He then slid his hand under my knees to keep my legs that spread and started to fuck really hard against the floor. Each thrust I would let out a moan of pain as he would grunt. After what seemed like half an hour of hard deep thrusts, he started to cum again. As he was cumming, he was biting my neck and nipples. He then laid there for some time. Once he pulled out of me, he said, “Now you can go get dressed and leave if you want.” I was so tired by that time that I could barely walk. He helped me get my clothes on I was on my way.