The Big SwitchWhen we were married, my wife and I used to swap with other couples, not so much parties where disclosure almost certainly follows but with smaller numbers, where you could make friends with those you were meeting. We became friendly with one such couple. a little older than us, which wasn’t a difficulty (actually nothing was a difficulty, as long as the sex was good) and they were nice people. Bob, the husband, like me, as bi and his wife Angela was straight, so we were a good match. They both liked long slow foreplay, which suited us much better than joining people in a room, shooting all over the place as quick;y a possible and then leaving. After we had known them for a bit and met them two or three times, they had an idea for an afternoon that appealed. They had med a guy for threesomes, who was very well endowed and that appealed to us both and a a younger contact had agreed to make a seaside available, if he could partake. That seemed good too. We arrived at a smart, small house, with a neat living room and a bigger bedroom and everyone was present aside from the big dick- we hoped he would make it. After a glass of wine myself and Angela starting kissing and stroking, while Bob and the wife were illegal bahis exciting themselves on a sofa, while our much younger host was tidying up. We moved to the bedroom, where we were soon half naked, Angela’s pert nipples coming in for my attention, while I felt her cunt with two fingers inside and one, flicking and brushing her clitty. We heard the door go and went back to the living room, where the final guest be greeted with my wife on her knees and Bob on the floor under he sucking her tits, while our young host – with just a white towel round his waist – holding her by the hips, his delicious cock half erect resting on her ass. Our late arrival wasted no time in whipping out his nine inches, nicely thick and uncut, into my wife’s ravenous mouth and we were under way. Angela made her was to big dick and started kissing and licking where he had a few inches of spare flesh and i was interested in only one thing – our European host. But I had to be careful, after all I had no idea whether he was into men but there was a safe way to find out. He was a good looking guy after 5’9″ tall, slim waist, completely smooth although not shaved genitally and his dick was so hot. About seven and a half inches, youwin perfectly shaved with a half bell end poking through his foreskin, I had to have it. Pretending to be watching him enter my wife from behind, I craned over his shoulder as if to see, I made sure my cock was brushing against his buttock and my right arm leaned against his shoulder. Soon, he was easing his ass back into me and i reached with my left hand round his waist, gently kissing the back of his neck. The wife was so busy i thought, with the biggest dick on display shagging her mouth and her boobs sucked into submission, I reached forward and took hold of his dick and gently slipped the first two inches into her pussy. I saw her tummy muscles tense momentarily as she felt her precious place being invaded and started to gently wank him, my fingers round the base of his penis and my cock buried in the crack of his bum but not actually in his ass hole. His body felt so good against mine and we were both starting to get really hot, so with my left hand I cupped his balls and decided he was going to cum. Hr tried to kiss me but our body position were too awkward and in any case, he was soon trying to stop his cum from gushing out youwin giriş of that perfect rod. I pushed an extra inch into wife’s slit and tightened my grip on the other four inches, as he started to jerk, with no control of his body. Whimpering and jerking, his cum started to shoot into the rampant shagger and i darted my face down to get involved. I shoved my face under his balls and stuck my tongue against her clit until the sticky, warm, sweet juice started to seep out of her hole. It was so erotic, even dirty, to be lapping up this delicious guy’s cum from my wife’s gravy boat – having your cream and eating it, indeed. What I did not know, was that as soon as my mouth was full, my male lover was standing up, turned round and stuck his tongue down my throat. Just as you would with a girl, we wrestled through the cum in deep, wet French kisses and in that moment, I do not think I have ever been so sexually charged, in a life with several high points. During the rest of the day, she was fucked by all three cocks until the edges of her cunt were red with constant activity, so I kissed them better and off we went home. On the drive back, completely unaware of what had happened behind her active ass, she explained how much fun she had and how horny she had been. I smiled knowingly and said how pleased i was for her. To this day, a couple of decades on she has no idea of what happened behind her back, while she could not see the wood, for the dicks!