The ChauffeurThe ChauffeurI’ve been Mr. Herrington’s chauffeur nearly a year now and I’m workindamn fuckin hard to keep the position as long as I can. I mean what’s notto like about this job?!When the agency sent me out for the interview, I wasn’t expectmuch. I’dhad three, maybe four, rejections already that week alone. Couldn’t get ajob as a fuckin dishwasher even. Noone liked the fact that I’d spent timein the joint. Herrington was willin to overlook all that, though as a manof considerable means he would have had plenty of cause to worry aboutsome ex-con wanderin around his home. Maybe it was the fact that he hadhad his own sc**** with the law. All those speedin tickets and DWIs werewhat lost him his license in the first place and sent him lookin for achauffeur.I remember it was fuckin hot the day I pulled my ’89 Mercury into hisdriveway the first time. He greeted me at the door in a robe, flipflopsand swimsuit. Just about to take a swim, he told me. Great day for it, Isaid. Come on, join me, we can talk in the pool, he said. I stammeredsomethin about not bringin my suit but he was insistent and I figured Ibetter humor him if I didn’t want to blow another interview.So I followed him around back and got my first look at that fabulouspool. He took off his robe and flipflops and dove in. I got my shirt andshoes off, and took the wallet and keys out of my khaki shorts. Then Iclimbed down the steps. Feels real nice, I said, on such a fuckin hotday. I immediately wondered if I should have used such language with myprospective boss. Shit yes, he replied, and I smiled.As we paddled around leisurely, he began askin what I knew about cars.And he explained why he was suddenly in need of a driver. I began torelax. Cars were my thing ever since high school. Cars and tight asses. Iboasted I could retune any engine, and make it purr like a baby.All the while we talked, I was studyin Herrington. I figured he was aboutten years older than me, (fifteen I later learned). He kept himself inshape, probably worked out. And I loved how his speedo clung to hisbuttocks and package. I guess he was lookin at me too. After he exhaustedthe car talk, he remarked that my khakis looked uncomfortable in thewater. Why didn’t I slip them off. I stammered that I wasn’t wearin anybriefs that day. In truth, I didn’t own any briefs. Never felt likewearin them. He chortled. Said he often didn’t wear briefs, loved thefeelin of trousers rubbin on his skin, on his cock. I remember even now,he actually said cock. He continued, But not in the pool. Wet pants justdon’t ever feel good. With that he pulled down his speedo and releasedhis pent up mantool. Then he reached over and pulled my khakis canlı bahis down mylegs. There, don’t that feel better? Fuck, yeah, I told him.Bare assed he took off down the length of the pool and I swam after him,like a hound dog retrievin a stick. After four quick laps, he hopped outon to the pool’s edge and let his legs dangle in the water as he grabbeda couple towels from a nearby chaise. I sat beside him and he handed me atowel. I dried my face, hair and chest and d****d the towel over myshoulders. He began tellin me about the job. I could live in theapartment over the garage. I was to keep his Jag, Hummer and Bentley allin top workin order. Then I was to be on call to drive him at any hourany day. When he told me what he’d pay me, I sure as fuck had nocomplaints. Plus, he said there’d be some extra perks. Boy, were thereever!I tried to act cool, like I was deliberatin his offer, but in less timethan it took him to finish gettin dried and stand up, I told him I’d takeit. Good! He reached down and shook my hand. His thick dick was inchesfrom my face. Unthinkingly, I opened my mouth. Then comin to my sensesquickly shut it tight. Hell, young fella, nothin feels as good after astrenuous swim than a good blow job. Go on, have a taste! I opened mymouth again and engulfed his uncut head with my lips. I closed my eyesand suckled him in. I was in fuckin heaven! I had just been given a job,a real fuckin job. I had just been given a place to stay, and now I had ahuge fuckin cock in my mouth. I licked his shaft up and down, I lickedhis balls, still tinged with chlorine. He turned, and straddled my faceso I could lick his asshole. He spread his legs and pulled his cheeksapart so I could do more than lick; I suckled his asshole. He was groaninin ecstasy. Then he backed up and I took his cock i! n my mouth again.After a couple minutes, he pulled out, his cock now swollen to a fullnine inches and throbbing. He let loose a series of cumshots thatshowered my chest. Young man, you’re hired! You are fuckin hired!——From that first day, I loved workin for Herrington. The cars were a dreamcome true. The apartment was real comfortable. And Herrington seemedready for a blow job at least twice a day. He had me fitted for auniform, instructin the tailor to make sure the pants were good andtight. I drove him to his club, to his office, to the stores, and out tothe country just for a spin in the Jag. I kept all three cars clean andhummin. He had me ditch the Merc. It just didn’t look right parked besidethe Bentley.Herrington lived alone. His business manager came by every other day. Hehad a cleanin lady come in once a week. He sent his laundry out. Hemanaged to rustle up bahis siteleri his own breakfast, and nearly always went out forlunch and supper, usually meetin someone and doin business over the meal.When he had a party at his home, he had it catered. But most of the weekthere wasn’t another soul around. I began walkin around the place bucknaked. For one thing, I didn’t see why I should get my clothes all greasyworkin on the cars. For another thing, I knew Herrington loved watchin mewiggle my bare ass.So one day about the third week, there I was with my head inside the hoodof the hummer, loosenin the plugs, when I felt somethin hard pressedagainst my asshole. I just closed my eyes and whispered, Oh, yeah, fuckme, Boss. And he did. He plowed into my tight ass so deep that only hisbig balls kept him from goin further. When he pulled out, he erupted allover my back, even gettin some splooge on the Hummer’s engine. Don’tworry I’ll get that cleaned up, Sir. Forget it, young man, now it’s yourfuckin turn. And he meant it literally. He stuck his head under the hoodand positioned his ass to get fucked. Yes, Sir, whatever you say, Boss.After that, he made sure that we had a fuck some time at least once aday. If the day was too busy, then at night he insisted I sleep with himin his bed, so we’d get in the fuck we both needed.Sometimes we’d be drivin late to some important business meetin and he’dhave me stop on the side of the road, get in the back seat and sit on hispole, fuck the damn meeting.After six months, Herrington remarked that I had a birthday comin up. Gotsomethin special planned, he winked at me. Of course, I was excited. Onthe day I turned 26, he had a fabulous meal sent in. All my favorites.And a big gooey cake. But I knew there was somethin else coming. After wefinished dinner and the caterer had left, he suggested we get comfortablein the pool room. I knew that comfortable meant buck naked. We laid downon the pool table and 69ed a while, when I realized there was someoneelse in the room. I turned and beheld this magnificent stud. Not just anyhunk, mind you, but Jason B, the star of a dozen skin flicks which I hadjerked off to repeatedly. I had a small collection of DVDs in myapartment and those with Jason B were practically worn wafer thin from somuch use. My mouth fell open. Herrington explained that he had Jasonflown in from LA just for me. I turned and kissed my boss on the lips andimmediately Jason attacked my cock still wet wi! th Herrington’s saliva.Happy birthday, my boy.Jason sucked me off, then I sucked him. He fucked my ass, then I fuckedhim. And Herrington watched it all smiling. C’mon Boss. Get over here.Herrington didn’t need a second güvenilir bahis invite. As I pulled my cock out ofJason’s ass, Herrington stuck his in. Then I shoved my cock in Jason’sthroat. I don’t know which sucked harder, Jason’s mouth or Jason’s hungryass. The Boss and I kissed again as Jason swallowed our cocks into bothends. The evening continued with circle sucks, double fucks, and everyonerimmin everyone. I laid down on the pool table thinkin I was fully spent,when Herrington grabbed the remainder of the birthday cake and pushed itdown on my cock. Then both he and Jason went to work eatin it off my cockall three of us laughin like little boys. In the mornin I drove Jason tothe airport in the Bentley and even though he had a flight to catch, Itook time to pull over for a roadside fuck.——Speakin of the airport, I was often dispatched to meet some importantbusinessman at the airport and bring him back to Herrington’s home or tohis office. The deals being negotiated were always at least sevenfigures. I’d stand outside the baggage claim area in my chauffeur’s capand jacket, boots, and of course those tight tight pants, holdin a signfor “Mr. Philips” or some such big wig. A couple of times that firstyear, the Boss gave me instructions before headin off to the airport tobe sure that the client is well-taken care of. I understood what thatmeant. To secure the deal, Herrington had promised said client a tastypiece of ass. My ass. I’d take a certain route from the airport thatallowed me to pull over in a discrete location. I’d get that talented assof mine into the back seat and have it properly stuffed with a big fatcock. The next week, I’d find my pay envelope stuffed with a big fatbonus. Herrington once started to apologize to me, sayin he hated t! heidea of pimpin me like that, but I shut him up. Fuck, it’s business,Boss. And what’s more, it’s fuckin great when you can mix business withpleasure! After that, Herrington seemed to have lots of clients whorequired that little extra incentive to close the deal.About once a month, Herrington would have me take the Bentley and we’dcruise down State Street, until he found a whore boy that suited hisneeds for that night. The k** was always excited about gettin picked upby a Bentley, and I know he doubled or tripled his askin price.Herrington didn’t care; he was always generous to his clabbers anyway.I’d drive them to whatever motel the lad did business with, and once theywere safely ensconced in their room for the evening, my time was my own.I usually headed for a leather bar where my uniform and boots were alwaysa magnet for leerin eyes and gropin hands. I could always count on findina good tight asshole there — or two or three — before I needed to getback to pick up the Boss and his date. When we’d drive home after such anight, we’d both be well-satisfied. Of course, that never stopped us fromhavin another fuck back home.