The Marathon – Night 2Early the next night, she asked me what was next.“You’ll see. Put on the shortest skirt you have and the loosest shirt. No underwear.” I saidWithout hesitation: “OK”I packed a bag of goodies in the car, and called her outside. As she came around the front of the car, I pushed her down onto the hood, and lifted her skirt up over her back. I proceeded to give her a quickie in our driveway. Once done, I let her up and we got in the car to go.I drove around for a while, to build the suspense. After a half hour or so, I turned down a street and pulled in next to the local biker bar.“Is this the place?” she asked.“Yep, put this on.” I replied, handing her my favorite leather collar from the goodie bag. She dutifully put it on. “Your going to be a working here tonight”“OK, how’s that going to work?”“I made a deal with the bar owner. He’s short staffed, needs help, and likes my plan.”“Oh, what plan is that?” She asked coyly.“You’ll see”We got out and walked into the biker bar. I noticed about 40 bikes parked outside as we walked in. The bar was almost full, and some girls were dancing up on the pole stage. We moved straight towards the bar to the owner, a big burly guy in his mid-50s who was tending the bar.“Here’s your newest employee” I said. He winked, “Great, could use the help. Those’ll be your tables over there” he said, pointing to a group of about 10 tables, all occupied. He handed her an order pad and pen. “Get to it”I sat down on an empty barstool as she started over to the tables. She started taking orders and running between the bar and kitchen like a pro. She had waitressed in college. As she would bend over to take orders or deliver drinks and food, pretty much everybody at every table got an eyeful of her 44DDD tits.After about 20 minutes, the real fun started. She was bringing a large drink order to a table with about 8 bikers and their ladies, when she dropped an empty glass on the floor. Without thinking, she bent over to pick it up. She was facing away from the table, so they got a great view of her plump ass and pussy peeking out when her skirt came up. The biker closest to her reached out and grabbed her bare ass. She shot back up, red in the face, as the whole table broke out in whoops and laughter. She quickly started to set down their drinks. As she circled the table another biker reached up under her dress and grabbed her crotch, slipping a couple of fingers into her and pulling her towards him. With his other hand, he lifted up the front of her skirt for a better view. She grabbed his hand and pulled it out of her and walked back to the bar.This went on for another hour or so, with various guys playing grabass with her and she shooing them away. One even offered her a $100 tip to let him stick an empty Bud bottle in her, and she let him, going so far as to bend izmir escort all the way over for him to stick it in.A short time later, she came back to the bar, with a big smile. The DJ came on the PA system with an announcement. “We’ve got a special guest here tonight that’s going to perform for us. By day she’s a suburban housewife, by night she’s a wild c***d! Please come on up Mrs. Smith!”Her eyes got wide as she looked at me. “Yep, you’re going to put on a show tonight. You’re going to get up there an dance for the good people, and strip right down!”“Oh shit” was all she said. After a few more moments of hesitation, she started to walk up to the stage. I walked behind her and got a good seat in front. She stepped up the back of the stage and was walked behind the curtain by the DJ. The music started and all the attention turned towards the stage. She came out from behind the curtains, hesitantly at first. The crowd applauded and whooped and hollered. She started to gain some confidence and started to dance. She sidled up to the pole and started working it. Every time she’d lean out or lift her leg, the crowd got a good peek at her snatch and tits, which got them worked up even more.After a few minutes of dancing, she looked over to me. I mouthed “Take it off!!” She nodded. Leaning back against the pole, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it over her head. Spinning it over her head she twirled around the stage giving everyone a good view, and then threw her shirt far off the stage.The crowd was really getting into it, whistling and yelling like crazy. She lay on her back on the stage and then lifted her legs in the air, and pulled her skirt off and tossed it off stage. She spread her legs as far as she could, opening up her lips and giving everybody a good view. She then got up on all fours and prowled the perimeter of the stage. Many hands reached out and groped her ass, dangling tits, belly and crotch. Bills started to fly on stage. She got down off the stage and walked over to a nearby patron. He was sitting facing the stage and she straddled him, burying her face with her breasts. She started to grind up and down on him, faster and faster, while he kept his head buried in her chest.After she was done she got off him, and he had a wet streak from his crotch halfway up his t-shirt. The crowd went wild over that.She got back up on stage and danced some more. The DJ cut in “Let’s hear it for Mrs. Smith!!!!” The crowd cheered loudly. She bowed towards the audience, and then turned around and touched her toes, opening herself up for one last view.She gathered up the cash thrown on stage and walked down the stairs. I met her at the bottom. “That was awesome!” she said “Now where are my clothes?”“Hell if I know. You threw them way off stage.”We looked for a few minutes but they were escort izmir no where to be found.“Oh well, I said, I guess you’ll have to finish the night like this?”“Finish?”“Yeah, your shifts not over.” I said.“Crap” she said.She went back to the bar, and got her apron, if you could call it that. Not much bigger than a fanny pack, it didn’t cover anything. “One last thing” I said. I pulled out a leash and clipped it onto the front of her collar.She walked back over to her tables and started taking orders. Hands at every table couldn’t help themselves, occasionally reaching out and grabbing her wherever. At first she batted them away but as the night wore on she started just letting it go. At one point she had one guy with his fingers inside her and another groping her tits, all while still taking orders from the table.Two hours later, and the end of her “shift” was coming near. She walked over to her rowdiest table, 10 guys and 6 women of various ages and sizes. “Any last requests boys?”In response one of the guys grabbed her leash and pulled her down until she was half laying on the table. “Just you sweetheart”“I’m not on the menu” she replied.“We’ll take it a la carte” he said. With that, he handed the leash to one of the women across the table and got up. Two other guys took one arm each and held it. He walked around behind her, admiring her plump white ass. “Whoo-whee! This is a big round ass!” He slapped her right ass cheek, leaving a pale red handprint on her pale white skin. “There sure is a lot here to fuck!” He looked over to me, and I gave him a “Go right ahead” gesture.He unzipped his fly and pulled out his already hard dick. He kicked her legs wider open, then thrust into her, with half of the bar watching. He fucked her for a good 2 minutes pounding her against the table. He gave a loud grunt, grabbed the flesh of her ass with both hands and pushed himself up on to his tiptoes as he came inside her.“Who else wants dessert?” He said loudly. Now everyone was paying attention.I walked over, and took her leash from the woman. I led her over to two bar stools I had pushed together in the middle of the room. They were about her hip height, so I bent her over them. I then produced a few more goodies from my bag: two pairs of handcuffs, ankle shackles connected by a 40” wooden rod. I handcuffed each wrist low down on the stool legs with a pair of cuffs, and then shackled her ankles, running the bar behind the two outer legs of the stool. “Dessert is served!” I said.With that all hell broke loose. Lines formed at both ends of her. About 15 guys started to run a train on her ass, alternating between her pussy and asshole. Taking advantage of her head hanging over the edge of the bar stool, about a half dozen guys skull fucked her, she obediently opening her mouth for each as they grabbed izmir escort bayan the back of her head and started thrusting into her. This went on for about 30 minutes. About 8 other guys joined the original group. The last guy finished, and then grabbed a pool cue off the nearby table and shoved the fat end inside of her. Everyone went back to their tables.I walked over and surveyed her. She was sweating, panting, covered in sticky cum, dripping from every hole. Her hair was sticky and matted and hung over her head so you couldn’t see her face. I grabbed the cue and twisted and thrust it inside her a few times then withdrew it.I grabbed four pool balls off the table, the 8, 13, 4, and 1. I walked over to her. “One more bit of entertainment.”To the crowd, I yelled “OK, one last show people! Who wants to take bets on how long she can keep these in?” I could hear her moan behind me.The crowd started taking bets “One minute!” a buy yelled “5 minutes” one woman said.“OK, showtime” I said. I took the 8 ball and pushed it up against her lips. I rolled it around to cover it in lubricant, and then pushed it in deep. I repeated the process with the other three. The number 13 was still slightly showing between her lips. To make it a little more interesting, I grabbed the pool cue again, and her head shot straight up and she screamed as I pushed the fat end up her cum-slicked ass about 9 inches and propped the other end against a nearby column. Panting, she collapsed onto the stools again.Everybody went back about their business, occasionally keeping an eye on her. Surprising everybody, after 14 minutes they were all still in. I grabbed the pool cue and gave it a couple of hard twists and then pulled it out to where only an inch or so was in her, and then rammed it back in further to where about a foot was in her. She screamed and bucked again, but the balls stayed in. I started to rhythmically pull out and thrust the cue deep in her ass. After a minute or so of this, she arched her back and let out a low moan. Juice flowed out of her as the balls started to slip out one by one and bounce on the hard concrete floor.“OK, guys, last call!” I said.Another half dozen or so guys got up and gave her another good pounding. After they were done I pushed the 8 ball back inside her to hold it all in. I unshackled her legs, and hands. She stood up as the bar cheered. I re cuffed her hands behind her head to a d-ring in the collar. I led her to the front door and out into the night.I had moved the car three blocks away on the other side of the street. Even though it was close to 1, the area was still busy with cars and open bars. I walked her down the street on her leash, butt naked and dripping. With every hoot and holler I made her stop, spin around and take a bow. We reached the corner and waited for the crossing signal. When it changed, I started to walk her slowly across the street in front of the waiting cars. Got a couple of good honks. We got to the car and got in. As I drove home, I said to her with a grin “You hungry for some Taco Bell?”