TRUE STORY – Louise’s Lesbian Submission WeekLouise’s Lesbian Submission Weekend – a true story related by her husbandThe CastLouise – submissive bisexual wife, in her mid 50’s. Huge tits, overweightMary – dominant bisexual black woman, mid 30’s. Slim buildJane – dominant lesbian white woman, possibly early 40’s.PreludeLouise has been very submissive since her early teens. She loves being abused by dominant black women. She has hd trysts with Mary before. This weekend tryst was set up beforehand, and eagerly anticipated by Louise and her husband. The tale is as related by Louise’s husband, and as related to him by Louise after the event.Friday Night – 10th January 2015Lou was wearing a skirt, knickers, hold ups, a quarter cup bra with her tits pulled out over the top and her blouse practically undone the whole way, exposing massive amount of boob. Mary (Louise’s black mistress) knocked at the door. I stood by the window looking at the door but leaving the room free. Lou opened the door and said welcome ma’am. Mary walked in and as soon as the door was shut without saying anything she grabbed Lou by the hair and dragged her in the room, I could see her tits wobbling and nearly out of her blouse as she was dragged into the room.Mary said “So you want to see this cunt slapped around before I have her for the night?” As she said this she straightened her hand forcing Lou to bend over, Mary’s hand still grabbing her hair. I replied “The harder and more humiliating the better”. Mary replied “good!” and pulled Lou against the wall, raised both of Lou’s hands above her head. Holding her there with her hands Mary kissed Lou really hard for about a minute, really pressing hard against Lou. Mary then dragging Lou sat in a chair near me and just said “kneel cunt”. Lou knelt in front of Mary she then grabbed Lou by the hair and slapped her across the face really hard as she started to say “do you understand tomorrow night Lou is going to a lesbian club?” As she spoke she kept on slapping Lou, getting harder and harder each time she hit Lou, her face got redder and redder and she whimpered. Mary then said “stand cunt, hands on your head” and like a well trained bitch she did. Mary got up, stood behind Lou and slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. She ran her hand around the front, sliding her hand straight into Lou’s knickers. Then with the other hand pulled her knickers to the side, so I could her exposed cunt as Mary started playing with Lou. Mary said “this cunt is not smooth enough you will shave again tonight as I watch. Understand?!” Lou replied “yes miss”. Louise was standing with her hands still on her head. Mary slid a finger into Lou’s cunt and said “open your legs wider” and again she did as ordered. It was so horny watching her stand still and being fingered I nearly came in my pants.Mary then got quite hard and fast with her, fingering Lou’s cunt, really pounding her finger in. Then she used 2 fingers, hard and fast it was soon obvious Lou was really turned on. Mary said in her ear “you are such a fat submissive cunt, aren’t you Louise?” Lou said “yes miss”, and was told to remove her knickers as Mary pulled her fingers out. As soon as Lou’s knickers were off Mary pushed her fingers in Lou’s mouth and said “taste your cunt, bitch, and lick my fingers clean.” Once again Lou, standing there with no skirt or knickers and lots of tit on show did as she was told and sucked Marys fingers clean. Mary stood in front of Lou, and ordered “hands behind your back”, and then grabbed a handfull of Lou’s fat belly, shaking it, and looking at me said “hopefully tomorrow this will be whipped and caned”. I just said “make it hard. Make her scream. And please mark her big time.” Mary said “do you hear that, fat cunt? Do you understand you are mine?” Lou replied “yes miss. I am your fat cunt.” With that Mary started playing with Lou’s clit, practically making her cum but stopped before Lou did. Mary then slowly undid the remaining buttons on Lou’s blouse and pulled it apart, looking at her big tits. Then she reached up, grabbed them both really hard – opening and closing her hands to get hold of as much boob under her hands as possible, and started to squeeze really hard. Lou moaned under the pressure. As I watched her big tits were forced out off shape, and grabbed and mauled for nearly a minute without any let up. Mary stepped behind Lou and slapped her boobs a few times really hard, making them swing and jiggle before slapping the front of Lou’s thighs close to her cunt, until her thighs were red. Mary ordered Lou to remove her blouse and bra and bend over the chair. I loved watching her tits dangle when she was bent and Mary started slapping them hard. We both watched them swing as she hit Lou hard and her hand prints appeared on the side of her dangling tits. With Lou bent over naked apart from hold ups, Mary reached under Lou and slid in a finger and started to bring Lou to orgasm but again stopped. Leaving her finger in Lou, Mary started to spank Lou’s ass and the back of Lou’s legs. Lou’s tits wobbled as she was hit time after time. Mary asked if she could use my belt so I quickly gave it to her and, removing her finger from Lou, stood back a little and belted her leaving some nice red marks. Lou’s squirmed and wriggled as she was belted about 20 times. Then Mary said “now it is now for just us two to be alone” so I had to leave watching and retire to another room, as Mary grabbed and squeezed Lou’s dangling tits hard. Mary and Lou used the master bedroom, and I moved into the spare room.While have been typing this I have had 2 short phone calls. One from Lou saying she was receiving another belting for not shaving her cunt well enough. She had now shaved again as Mary watched, and I could hear the belt landing, the second call from Lou saying she was licking Marys ass .(This section was related to her husband by Louise after she returned from the lesbian club.)As soon as the door was closed Mary said to Lou “get on your knees. Crawl here. Lick my shoe’s – the tops and bottoms. There is no rush, now we can take our time.” Lou crawled over and as Mary sat on the bed with a drink Louise started licking Mary’s shoes (she told me her mouth was full of grit) top and bottom before being told to remove the shoes and do the same to Mary’s feet. Louise did as she was ordered, ensuring all Mary’s toes entered her mouth and were cleaned as was the bottom of Mary’s feet. Mary then ordered Lou to refresh her drink and to run the shower. making sure it’s not too hot nor too cold. Lou did this, then Mary came into the bathroom, bent Lou over the bath and spanked her and slid a finger into her ass, asking if she had ever been taken anally. When Lou said she hadn’t Mary said ” oh good! That will make for good fun later then”. Lou was told to shower Mary and do it properly. Lou said “yes miss, I understand” and proceeded to shower Mary all over, paying particular attention to her ass casino siteleri and pussy. She obviously did not pay enough attention to the rest of Mary. Mary grabbed Lou by the hair, yanked her head back, and, grabbing the bar of soap, placed it on Lou’s tongue and told her to bite deep into the soap, making her gag. Mary told her to shut up and carry on now with her tongue. As she licked Mary the soap was replaced on her tongue. When Mary was happy she was clean she said “now slut. Shave so I can watch, but leave a little tuft on the top of your cunt so I can yank it out later”. As Mary stood in the shower Lou had to sit on the edge of the bath, spread her legs wide, and let Mary watch her shave. (she said she was really humiliated) when she had finished Mary rubbed all around Lou’s cunt, making sure it was smooth before telling Lou to dry them both off naturally drying Mary first.When they were back in the bedroom Mary laid face down on the bed and said “you know where your face belongs, cunt. Put it there right now”. Lou got onto the bed, her tits rubbing Mary’s thighs, and buried her face into Mary’s ass, massaging Mary’s ass cheeks, running her hands over Mary’s boobs as she used her tongue on Mary’s ass, trying to get her tongue into Mary. Lou said she was there for ages, and as Mary got really turned she turned over and said to Lou “rub your tits into my cunt”. Lou grabbed a boob and pushed it up and down Mary’s pussy, watching Mary’s face. When she thought it was time she moved and used her mouth and fingers on Mary’s cunt, making her cum in Lou’s mouth. Lou then rubbed her face all over Mary’s pussy, covering her face in her juice – trying to be a dirty slut for Mary. When Mary had recovered she told Lou to lie on her back on the bed, and tied her there spread-eagled. Mary got her make up out and made Lou’s face up like a cheap whore ( she never normally wears make up). Then, grabbing Lou’s tits, said “tell me about your sex life. All of it. I want to know everything and everyone.” As Lou started Mary got the vibrator and pushed it into lou’s cunt, ramming it in deep and hard. Lou was answering questions as Mary fucked her, occasionally stopping to remove the vibrator and force it into Lou’s mouth, squeezing and slapping her tits at the same time, then back with the vibrator either in or on Lou’s cunt, now and then opening Lou’s cunt wide and giving her a lick. At other times slapping her belly and thighs. Lou couldn’t hold on, and as Mary had her cunt open wide with vibrator in deep and was licking her she exploded, and came. Her legs were shaking and strained from how hard she came and Mary let her finish, saying “oh there’s plenty more of that if you do as your told, cunt. Understand? But first you have to show just how good a sub slut you are and receive a few more beatings and humiliation”. Lou nodded and sighed “yes OK.” Mary left her there for 10 minutes with her own knickers shoved in her mouth before she phoned me, removed the knickers. and let me in to cum in Lou’s mouth, as follows:-(Related in the first person by Lou’s husband)About 11 last night her I took a call from Mary saying I could go in as Mary wanted a bit of time off. I went in to find Lou tied spread-eagled to the bed with a large pink vibrator in her cunt. and she had thick make up and thick deep red lip stick on, making her look like a cheap whore. Mary was playing with Lou’s tits, opening and closing her hands on them and squeezing hard. She said to me ” I am sure you want to use her which is fine, but she has been a good girl and her tits, cunt, ass and lips will be aching so don’t be too rough on them.” She then removed the vibrator, as she spoke she played with her tits and slowly fingered her. I asked Lou if she had pleasured Mary properly. She just replied she hoped she had. Mary said “oh yes!” she then told me to use her mouth. Make sure she swallows but not to fuck her and that she would give me 30 minutes with her, and left the room. Playing with Lou’s tits I asked her if she had made Mary cum. She said twice, and had licked her ass, cunt and feet for ages as soon as I had left. Mary had given her best orgasm ever and would do anything no matter what Mary ordered. I could not wait any longer and put my cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth until I came really deep in her, like I hadn’t cum for ages, and made sure she had it all in her mouth. She said when we had more time after the weekend she would give me more detail, but had found it really humiliating when Mary watched her shave her cunt again. I made her suck me a bit before Mary returned, and untying Lou, said she was spending the night and a little of the morning with her, and that they were going to shower and go to bed. I whispered to Lou that she was going to be peed on again. She nodded her head. Mary called Lou to her, kissed Lou, played with her boobs and ass, letting me watch. As I left Mary whispered to me “… in her mouth.” Knowing Lou like I do I know she will be really humiliated and not enjoying that but will do as she is told.Saturday 11th January 2015On the Saturday we all met up around midday, and Lou was told by Mary to go and buy new underwear, hold ups, bra etc, ensuring it was tried on. So we bought her a very very revealing black and purple bra and new pair of hold ups and new black knickers, all from Ann Summers. She tried on the bra, showing me so I could give it the thumbs up.That evening Mary arrived at the hotel around 7:45 to take her out for the evening. She said I could walk to the lift with them, but no further. When we got to the lift entrance I said to Mary “don’t be shy with her. Abuse her. Humiliate her. Hurt her. Give her a brutal beating. I hope what we bought was acceptable.”Mary said “oh I have forgotten to inspect her”, then turning to Lou she said “lift your skirt” which Lou duly did. Mary said “nice now pull your knickers down.” Lou hesitated which earned her a quick slap across her face which echoed across the hallway. Lou quickly pulled her knickers down so Mary could run her hand over her cunt to check it was shaved smooth, apart form a little tuff of hair above her cunt. Lou was embarrassed in the hall as anyone could have come into the hall or out of the lift and seen Louise with her knickers around her knees. Mary fastened a dog collar and lead to Louise’s neck, undid Lou’s blouse so a large cleavage was on show and said “come on slut, we’re off”, and they got into the lift and left. The remainder of the tale is as told to me by Lou.Lou walked behind Mary out of the lift and hotel on her lead, her head down, embarrassed that others were seeing her submission to another woman in public. They walked to the lesbian club, which was about 10 minutes away. As they walked occasionally Mary would yank on the lead, pulling Lou around. If they crossed a road Mary made Lou stand by her side as she ran her hands over her ass under her skirt, occasionally patting her on the kaçak casino head, making her feel like a dog. When they arrived at the club Mary dragged Lou inside, and they went to a high table with several high stools, in the corner. Lou was told to stand by the side of Mary for a few minutes, looking around at the other couples and single ladies in the club, noticing that some light petting between a few couples was going on. Mary slipped Lou’s leash, and ordered Lou to get drinks, ensuring they were large or doubles. As she walked to the bar she felt everyone was watching her, staring at her like fresh meat. Mary and Lou chatted for a while, having a few more drinks. Now and then Mary would kiss Lou and run her hands under her skirt or inside her blouse, groping her. Lou noticed each time that they were watched by others in the bar and that the bar was filling up.Lou thought they had been in the bar for about 30 minutes or so when another lady joined them, and she turned to Mary and said “so this is your new toy then?”. Mary replied “and a very enjoyable one at that”. The other lady, Jane, sat with Lou and Mary, spending a lot of time staring at Lou, then said to her “undo your blouse more”. Lou said that she would be showing everything, which earned her a good hard pinch on the thigh from Mary. Jane said “I will punish you later for that disobedience, bitch! Now do as your told.” Lou undid another two buttons, so her large tits were almost completely on show, only her bra stopping them being completely exposed. After a little bit of talk between Mary and Jane, Jane got up and said “come with me”, and started to walk out the room towards the toilets. Not wanting to upset Mary or Jane Lou got up, and, with out saying anything, followed Jane into the toilets. As soon as the door closed Jane slapped Lou really hard across the face, and said “don’t ever be rude or disobedient around me again! UNDERSTAND?” Lou lowered her head and said “I am sorry”.Jane then said “remove your knickers and give them to me”. which Lou did without hesitation. Jane took the knickers to one of the toilets, ran them around the rim, brought them back to Lou and shoved them in her mouth, saying “this is your punishment for your misbehaviour”. After what Lou said felt like ages, and she was feeling totally disgusted, the knickers were pulled out of her mouth and thrown in a bin. Jane then said “wash your mouth out”. As Lou bent over the sink trying to wash her mouth out Jane lifted her skirt and ran her hands over her ass, then pressed a finger against Lou’s asshole and said “I hear this ass has not been used before, well it will be tonight. Now turn around.” Lou turned around to be kissed hard on the mouth by Jane. Jane slid a hand under her skirt to her cunt, and started to play with her cunt, pulling on the little tuft of pubic hair. As Jane was running her fingers up and down Lou’s slit the door opened, and another lady walked in. Jane did not stop at all. Lou’s eyes were open wide as a complete stranger stood and watched as she was kissed and groped. The strange women just looked, and said “nice!” before going into a cubicle.When Jane led Lou back into the club she was told to stand in between both ladies as they sat at the high table, to shut up as they chatted, and every now and then being told to go to the bar to get more drinks. After about a hour Jane said “drink up, let’s go back to my place and put this cunt through her paces see what she is capable off. “The three of them got into a taxi, with Lou in the middle so Jane and Mary could run their hands up her legs and pinch or scratch her thighs as Lou sat as still as she could. Her blouse was now done up a few buttons but still showing a lot of cleavage, and wearing her her collar and lead. She said the taxi driver was paying more attention to her than driving. When they arrived at Jane’s place Mary said “pay the nice man, bitch”, dragging her out of the taxi by the dog lead. As she bent over into the driver’s window to pay Jane slapped her ass. She was then dragged in Jane’s house, which was quite scruffy and in a run down area. As soon as the door was a closed Jane just ordered “skirt off cunt! NOW”, and like a good slut she is, she simply pulled her skirt down and stood still. Mary then said “…and the blouse”. As she took her blouse off she was slapped on the back of her thighs by Jane hard as she said “faster, bitch”. As she stood there with just her hold up stockings, shoes and collar Mary dragged her into the front room and said “bend over the couch. We are going to inspect you.” As soon as Lou was bent over, her ass exposed & tits dangling, Mary opened her ass cheeks and said to Jane “I know you want this don’t you? But I am going to have this first”, as she spread Lou’s cunt wide. Jane said “stay still bitch”, and proceeded to spank Lou. As she was spanked on the ass and legs they commented how she wobbled and shook each time she was hit, and that her fat belly and heavy tits also swung nicely.After a few minutes of spanking Lou’s ass they changed around, and Mary started to spank Lou, the spanks getting harder and and harder. Lou could feel her ass and the back of the thighs were stinging, and getting redder and redder. The spanking stopped, and Lou was told to stand up straight. Jane stood behind her and held her so she could not move her arms or move at all. Mary stood in front off her and started to slap her tits really hard, laughing as Lou struggled and tried to move, squirming and trying to turn away from Mary’s tit slaps but was held firmly in place by Jane.Mary stopped, then proceeded to her cunt where she forced two fingers in to her cunt and rammed them in as far and as fas as she could. Lou could not help but get turned on and become wet. Mary taunted her about getting turned on by the mistreatment she was getting. Mary ordered Lou on to her back on the floor. As she laid down Mary and Jane both stripped off. Mary instantly straddled Lou, both thighs on her shoulders and pushed her pussy on to Lou’s face, saying “you know what to do, so it bitch!” At the same time Jane grabbed Lou’s hair and pulled her head and face deep into Mary’s pussy, watching as Mary wiggled on Lou’s tongue. Lou’s tongue was busy licking Mary’s cunt and clit, her face becoming wet with the juice that was coming out of Mary’s cunt. Jane said “you ain’t getting up until Mary has finished with you, so do it good slut!” Lou licked harder and faster as Mary came on her face she reached behind her grabbing Lou’s nipples and yanked them upwards and shook her large tits around cumming onto Lou’s wet face and into her mouth.Lou said she had been licking for what seemed ages and could hardly breathe by the time Mary got off her, Mary grabbed her hair and saying “well done cunt, but we have only just started. Now get on your hands and knees.” Lou quickly adopted the required position and Jane knelt by her side, reaching under Lou to her large canlı casino dangling breasts, grabbing then hard. Ensuring she has a lot of flesh in her hands squeezed harder and harder, making Lou moan and squirm. Mary grabbed Lou by the hair and in a head lock saying “be still cunt. How many times do we have to tell you”?Jane released her tits, grabbing Lou’s nipples instead, and twisted them hard, causing Lou to scream. Using Lou’s nipples as handles, Jane proceeded to shake Lou’s large heavy dangling tits around hard and fast, causing her fat belly to move as well. Releasing the nipples, Jane grabbed one boob tightly in one hand, causing the flesh to bulge and spill out of the side of her hand. With her other hand Jane dragged her nails along Lou’s flesh, causing red welts and bringing tears to Lou’s eyes. She did it time and time again, with Lou nearly crying from being held and the breast tortured. Jane released Lou’s tit, and said to Mary “turn around and look”. Mary saw the welts and releasing Lou, watched as Jane then started to slap and spank the red sore dangling tits, both watching intently as they slap echoed round the room, and the struck tit shook and wobbled. Jane continued slapping the dangling breasts, making sure both were completely red. Mary went around the back of Lou saying “look isn’t this what you wanted?” and spread Lou’s ass cheeks so Jane could look at her as-hole. Lou pleaded for no more pain, and Mary said “shut up cunt. You knew you were in for a rough night so shut up wingeing, or I will throw you out in the street naked without your purse or bag.” Lou dropped her head and said “yes miss. I’m sorry. I won’t complain again.”As Mary spread her ass cheeks and Jane pushed her tongue into Lou’s ass, and began to lick her, Lou felt the tongue licking and lapping at her ass. Turning her head she could see that Mary was fingering and playing with Jane’s clit as Jane licked her cunt and then her ass and then back again. Lou’s dangling tits swung forward and back from the force of Jane’s licking, and as Jane began to cum Mary said to her ” go on, push your tongue in her. Use her. She is nothing but our fat useless cunt. Our private fat pig”. This took Jane over the edge and made her cum. Mary said “well done cunt. Now before we shower it’s time for you to have some fun. Stay still, you are going to have some thing you have not had before”. Opening her ass again, Mary said to Jane “go on. You want to do this, so do it”. Jane pressed a finger against Lou’s exposed ass and started to push a finger into her ass, which is something she had never experienced before.Lou was determined not to be beaten any more so remained still, with gritted teeth, as the finger slid in to her ass, then she felt Jane’s finger moving in and out of her ass, slowly at first then faster and a little harder. Then she felt Mary slide two fingers straight into her exposed and wet cunt. Mary and Jane soon had a rhythm going – one in the other out and each time Mary slid in her fingers she rubbed Lou’s clit. Lou had never experienced anything like it before, and with the stinging of the beatings and humiliation she had endured, then with two sets of fingers in her she could not restrain herself, and practically collapsed as she came hard and fast over Mary’s fingers, collapsing on the floor on her stomach as both Jane and Mary withdrew their fingers at the same time.After Mary and Jane had used Lou for their pleasure and made her cum they laid on the bed to rest. After a while Jane said “Cunt. Get us a drink.” So lou, wearing only holdup stockings, got up and poured some wine for each of them. Mary said “Slut. You sit on the floor, not the chair or the bed.” They watched as she sat there, enjoying the sight of her red tits, ass and belly, and her struggling to get comfortable on the floor.When Mary and Jane had finished their drinks Lou was tasked to get refills. As she served them Mary said to Jane “you are obviously into asses, so why are you not using the slag’s ass now? Go on, finger it!” Jane turned Lou around by pulling her fat belly, and pushed a finger into her ass, forcing it in and out as she drank her wine. Jane said to Mary “I thought you like peeing on your sluts?” Mary replied “I certainly do, so let her go. I need to pee and she might as well have it.” Jane removed her finger, and slapping her hard on the ass, said “Get in the bathroom, and get in the shower on your knees, cunt”. when Lou had been knelt down for a few minutes they both entered, and Jane said “go on then Mary, use her”. Jane grabbed Lou’s hair and yanked hard. As Lou screamed Jane spread her legs over Lou and peed into her open mouth. Lou was not enjoying that and tried to move, but was held firmly by Jane. When Mary had finished Jane said “now clean your teeth, cunt. I am not kissing you until you have.” Mary said “No! Lets shower her”. Jane turned on the water really hot and pushed Lou into the shower. Mary said “Well, as she is my toilet perhaps I should wash her with the toilet brush.” Jane poured shower gel all over Lou, and Mary proceeded to scrub her. Lou said she was scrubbed all over her tits, her ass, her legs and her belly until she was glowing red and in agony. Mary was lifting her tits from underneath with the toilet brush and letting her big tits slide over the brush, making her tits red raw, while Jane and Mary laughed at her plight. Ater about 5 minutes Mary told Lou to get dried off and get into bed. Lou had to sleep in the middle between Mary and Jane, and was told that if either Mary or Jane wanted her during the night then she was to do as she was told. Lou was woken up twice in the night to service her mistresses, once by Jane playing with her ass for a few minutes, and later by Mary grabbing her tits, fingering her cunt and saying “get down on me cunt! I want to cum”. Lou worked hard, pushing her tongue in and out of Mary until she came, and Lou was let to sleep for a few hours. Sunday 12th January 2015When they awoke the next morning Lou had to shower both Mary and Jane, then they both watched as she showered herself, giving her the odd slap and pinch or squeeze. As they went for breakfast Jane said “I think someone is over dressed, don’t you Mary? Take your knickers off and get your blouse undone. We have a present for you.” when Lou had removed her knickers from under her skirt, and exposed her tits, Jane lifted her skirt and slapped her several times on the back of her thighs and ass. At the same time Mary grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, before sliding a finger between her legs and, using two fingers, rammed them in to her wet and willing cunt and began to kiss her hard on the lips. At the same time Jane slid a finger deep into Lou’s ass. They took turns to kiss her, calling her a cunt and a slut, Mary’s free hand grabbing her tits or fat belly, Jane telling her to cum for being such a willing and good sub. The senasations and humiliation took their toll on Lou, and she came on the fingers deep inside her. Once she had come down and recovered she was told to hurry, and was taken back to the hotel, and told that she was a really good sub and that they both wanted to use her again…to be continued (perhaps?)