Wifes job interviewI’m not sure how or why but somehow I met and married the woman of my dreams. Not only is my wife Joyce hot but she also loves to try new things. Even though I married one of the sexiest women that I have ever known, lately I’ve been having these fantasies about my wife with other men.Now Joyce works in professional offices and has to wear skirts with hosiery. Every time that I watch her dress I think about how kinky it would be if she got some at work. On this day, Joyce was getting ready for a job interview and I made sure that she held nothing back. I wanted her to look hot, not for me but for herself. When we were shopping for her interview outfit I made sure that her skirt would be pretty short and showed off a lot of her thigh. What I loved was that on the right side of her skirt there was a slit that came up even higher showing off more of her thigh. Yeah, this skirt was nearly i*****l but damn did she look sexy.When she feels sexy nothing will stop her and she needed that for this interview. Watching my wife dress, the only thing that I cared about was that Joyce felt sexy, and the other was that she got the job no matter what. I told Joyce that she was one sexy woman and not to forget that, also that she should flirt and tease a little because that would put him under her spell.I knew that other men found my wife sexy and would flirt with her. Part of my fantasy was to find a hung lover for her to share and enjoy. Sure this is not normal to want to watch your wife take a fat cock but whenever I think about it I get rock hard.On this day I had the day off and well, I was being kind of lazy. I did start the coffee and returned with coffee for us before Joyce stepped into the shower. I jumped back in bed and adjusted where I was sitting so that I can watch her in the shower. I really hoped that I would be lucky and watch Joyce shaver her pussy. She did not shave but I think she did enjoy a little quick between washing her pussy and using the shower head but that is another story.Being a pervert I had to stop her and request that she stop and remove her panties. I told her that she should go to the interview with out panties. Course she wanted to know why and I told her that she will feel sexier and that will help with her confidence. Like most “wives” she said no she would feel like a slut. So I had to spend the next five minutes talking about how she wasn’t a slut and that she should feel like the desirable woman she was.Joyce gave me a puzzled look and then pulled down her hose, and then her panties. She tossed her panties at me, “You better be careful.” Then I watched her slip back into her pantyhose and then her black pencil skirt, white sheer bra, and nearly sheer white blouse. I could see her black lace bra through her blouse. Once she felt confident in the way she was dressed Joyce sprayed some perfume on. This was her second interview and I had a very good feeling about this job interview.Call me crazy, but I’ve always dreamed that she would come home one day with a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose, and she tells me about taking a hung stud at work. I don’t know why I find it so erotic but I really get off on the thought that she is at her desk with a guy sitting and sliding his ten inch cock into her really gets me off.Anyway Joyce left the house and I worked from home that day. Around three Joyce called me asking me to meet her for dinner at this restaurant in the city. Seems that her new potential boss wanted to meet me too and ask me some questions. Joyce sounded very excited and said that she had a great job offer and if the dinner went well we could seal the deal that night.Joyce gave me the address and the name of the restaurant. . I arrived a little before them and the hostess took me back to a very private table. About ten minutes later my wife and a man arrived. The man was wearing a dark power suit and had an air of confidence. He black hair parted to the side and he was well groomed. He had a chiseled face and I’m sure he could have any woman that he wanted. I watched them walked back to me and I got up to give Joyce a hug and shook the man’s hand. Joyce introduced me to Mr. Thompson and said that had to negotiate the last part of her employment contact. Yeah, I thought that was kind of strange but we really needed the money.Dinner was good and we were able to get to know each other. The conversation flowed as well as some wine for Mr. Thompson and Joyce. Since Joyce walked into the restaurant I noticed that Joyce’s nipples were hard and Mr. Thompson was sitting pretty close to her. Every now and then I noticed that he had placed his hand on her thigh. Then it started. He made the offer.After dinner I looked at Mr. Thompson as he said, ” Barry, , I think that Joyce is a beautiful woman and I want her to come to work for me.”I looked at my wife and smiled. What was his angle? What did he really want?”Barry, there are a few special things that she will need if she is going to be working for our company. One of those things is the need for a new wardrobe but I’ll be happy to help her out financially as far as purchasing the clothes she will need for work.””Really that is pretty nice and very generous Mr. Thompson.””We run a professional office and well we like to have beautiful woman dressed professional. “Now I was a little confused, “And how is she to dress?””Well I want her in skirts every day. I prefer short skirts and there will be several days that I will want to see her in a wrap around skirt.”I raised my left eyebrow, “And why is that?”In a confident voice Mr. Thompson responded, “Well, since you asked, I want to be completely honest with you Barry and I don’t mean to be crude or anything, but the truth is that it will be easier for me to play with your wife’s pussy since I can slide my hand inside of a wrap around and under a short skirt.”I was kind of taken back by what he said but in reality I knew he was touching her all night long, “And you intend to play with my wife’s pussy when she is at work?””Barry, again, I’m going to be blunt! I plan on doing more than just playing with your wife’s pussy. Part of her job is to make sure that I’m well taken care of.”I looked at Joyce who by the way had her eyes closed, and then turned to Mr. Thompson and asked, “And what exactly does that mean?””Well, for example, we will be doing a lot of travel, and when we travel we will share a hotel room. When were in town I will need to have her come to my condo at least one to two nights a week.” “At least one or two nights a week? I asked, surprised by what he was saying.”Well if you don’t like that Barry, maybe I can come over to your house, but the most important thing, Barry is that we get something straight here. There will be weeks where I will really want and need to fuck your wife to reduce my stress and I’m willing to pay generously for you being willing to share her with me.” I looked at Joyce, and asked “Joyce is this what you want?”Joyce asked, “So Mr. Thompson, since we’re being honest, can you tell me what you get out of this?”Mr. Thompson reached over and cupped my wife’s breast, “Oh my dear c***d it’s really very türbanlı konya escort simple. I’m not looking for any type of relationship I just want a little company some nights for dinner.” Mr. Thompson then added “And I want to fuck you whenever I want to fuck you.”I almost coughed up my dinner, “Is it that simple?”Mr. Thompson or as I should say Mr. Thompson looked at me then at my wife, “Joyce, it really is pretty simple. Let me ask you this? How much money were you earning at your last job?”Joyce smiled and tried to stay confident, “Around $23,000 a year.”Mr. Thompson reached over and placed Joyce’s hand on his crotch, “Joyce, if you take this job, you will be starting at $40,000 working for me. And of course there will also be bonuses on top of that. I believe in taking good care of my employees, especially the ones that take good care of me!”Joyce sat back, “I’m not sure that I understand. If it was just an affair you wanted then why did you insist that I bring Barry?”Joyce this is not an affair and I do not in any way want to hurt your marriage. What I want simply, is you in my bed a few nights a week when were in town, and when we travel for work you will be staying in my hotel room and whenever we’re together like that, we will be fucking. I’m not interested in this being anything more than good sex. This is why I brought Barry because I wanted him to know what the job is and the extra demands that will be made on you and I wanted Barry to know that it’s my intention that he will be sharing your pussy with me. I have no intention of hiding anything from your husband.”I had to ask, “And what about aids and STD’s?”Mr. Thompson smiled and looked very confident, “You know that the interview process was long; and that during that interview we took blood and urine samples. You thought that part was just for the d**g test. Well it’s not only a d**g test but an aids and STD test and you passed with flying colors. Certainly I’ll share the results of my own recent tests as well since the one thing that I insist on is that I won’t be wearing condoms when I fuck you Joyce.” Mr. Thompson turned to look at Barry, “I want you to know that I’m not going to be wearing a condom later tonight when I fuck Joyce and I want you to know that I intend to cum directly inside of her pussy every time I fuck her Barry! We have to be very clear on this as that is not negotiable.”Joyce’s eyes got really big, “You mean that not only do want to fuck me but you want to cum inside of me every time we do it?””Well not all the time Joyce, lets be reasonable. For example at the office there will be times when I need you to help with my stress. In that case I will be shooting my cum in your mouth.”Joyce started to stroke Mr. Thompson hard cock, “And what then?””And, you will swallow it, every drop.””You want me to do that? I don’t even do that for Barry.”Mr. Thompson looked at me, “Oh Joyce you will learn to love swallowing cum. My dear c***d you will be learning so much and Barry will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Now, why don’t you take my cock out just so that you can get a feel of what you’re going to be getting in that married pussy of yours.”Without thinking Joyce unbuttoned his slacks and then pulled down his zipper, she reached in and held his cock, “And so what, I’m being hired just to be your slut?”Mr. Thompson turned to look at Joyce, “No, Joyce you made it past the first round of interviews and testing, because of your skills and intelligence. You will be working in accounting just like at your last job except that you will be the Manager, and you will be using all of those skills, but I need something more and will want a lot more additional services from you.”I leaned over to see what Joyce was doing, “Is this part of her job description? “Mr. Thompson laughed and started to zip up his pants, “I think you passed the job interview. Now should we go to a hotel or your home to review the final details?”I looked at Joyce and smiled, “I think we should go to our home.” My thought was that Joyce would be more comfortable.Mr. Thompson cleared his throat, “Joyce are you ready?”Joyce smiled, “I think so. I just can’t believe were really going to do this.”Mr. Thompson looked at me, “And Barry, are you sure that you’re okay with all this?”I knew that we really needed the money but I had no idea how it would feel sharing my wife with another man and when they would be traveling together and out of town, I would know that she was in his bed and taking his huge cock and cum in her pussy. All I could say was, “Yes, I’m okay.””You mean that you want me to be a slut Barry?” Joyce asked.”No, a slut would sleep with everyone in the company. This is clearly something different in that Mr. Thompson sought you out and wants to make a special arrangement just between us. We both know that the money would really help us, and I’m sure you will have fun doing it too.”Mr. Thompson paid the bill and while walking out of the restaurant Joyce reached out and held his hand. It’s a strange feeling watching your wife walk in front of you holding another man’s hand. Worse was the fact that I was trying to hide my erection. Why was I so excited by this?Once outside of the restaurant Joyce reached back and grabbed my hand. We all walked over to our car.Joyce let go of our hands, and asked “Mr. Thompson can you give us a minute?”Mr. Thompson turned and walked away. Joyce kissed me on the cheek and bit my ear, “I’m so hot and aroused by all of this.” she told me.I smiled.Joyce smiled back, “So you’re okay with Mr. Thompson fucking me?” She reached over and felt my hard cock. “You really do like this don’t you? You know when we get home he’s going to fuck me right there in our marital bed, and he’s going to shoot his cum in my pussy, right?””Yes I know that.” I answered.Joyce gave me a puzzled look, “And nothing will change between us? she asked.”No, absolutely nothing will change between us.” I tried to reassure her. Joyce smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the lips before turning to Mr. Thompson and announcing “It’s okay Mr. Thompson we can go.”Mr. Thompson walked closer to us.Joyce turned to Mr. Thompson and reached over to feel his crotch and then turned to me and said, “I think you’re right Barry. I am going to admit that I am going to enjoy taking this big cock in me!” “Mr. Thompson are you ready to follow us home.”Mr. Thompson smiled, “Sounds good to me Joyce!”We all got into our cars and I drove Joyce home. How strange to be driving your wife home knowing that when you get there, another man is going to be the one to fuck her. I reached over and slid my hand up my wife’s thigh till my fingers found the big wet spot. Oh yeah, Joyce was aroused and I knew she wanted to be fucked by Mr. Thompson’s big cock and take his cum in her pussy. Needless to say the normally five minute drive home felt like a five hour drive. I pulled into our driveway and opened the garage door. Once I parked the car Joyce got out and went to great Mr. Thompson. She greeted him with a kiss and a big hug and reached for his hand. I saw her place it on her ass and then she turned türbanlı konya escort bayan and led him into our house. Chapter 2Once in the house I turned to Joyce and Mr. Thompson, “Well there is no need to stall what is about to happen so I think we should go to the bedroom.”Joyce blushed and she led Mr. Thompson to our bedroom while I followed behind. Mr. Thompson’s hands were all over her ass.Since I was wearing Dockers and a polo shirt I was the first to finish undressing. I moved up onto our bed knowing that I was about to watch my wife have sex with another man. The thought had me completely turned on.Mr. Thompson was the second to be undressed and I could see that he was in really good shape and I knew that he would be a great lover for my wife. I think the thing about affairs is the part of not knowing about the other man, and for me knowing that my wife would be pleased in bed was very exciting. I quickly saw that he had a big cock, a lot bigger than mine. I’m guessing he was at least eight inches and very thick even though he wasn’t fully hard yet. He moved and stood to the right of Joyce with his cock just inches away from touching her.All I could think about was that I was going to be watching that big cock separate Joyce’s cunt lips and fill her up with more cock than she had ever had before. The strange part is that I wasn’t at all jealous, at least not right now. Here my wife was about to get fucked by a guy who’s cock was a lot bigger and thicker than I was and all I could think about was how much I wanted to see her take it! I’m not sure that anyone else could understand my thinking right then, but knowing she had a well hung lover that was presumed to be very skilled sexually, and who clearly wasn’t looking for any permanent relationship, and one that was very wealthy, would probably keep her from having an affair with someone that I could actually be at risk of losing her to in the future. Yes, Mr. Thompson would be fucking my wife a lot I was sure of, but I also knew that they would be very discrete. This was so much better than finding out someday that your wife had been fucking her boss right under your nose and you had no idea.Mr. Thompson and I watched Joyce slip out of her dress. Less than three feet from me was my wife standing before us in her bra and pantyhose. Joyce’s nipples were clearly visible and already were rock hard.Mr. Thompson moved behind my wife and reached around her and like an expert, he unclipped the front clasp of her bra and helped Joyce out of her bra. He then cupped my wife’s breasts with both of his hands and I could tell his cock was touching her. Then he knelt down and helped my wife out of her pantyhose and they together moved closer to the bed until Joyce’s thigh’s were touching it.I moved closer to them and without thinking I reached up and touched my wife’s pussy. It was soaked! the proof of her arousal was running down her thighs. Mr. Thompson must have realized what I was doing because the next thing I felt was a hard thick cock brush up against my hand and that totally caught me off guard. I turned around and moved back on the bed. Mr. Thompson stood up and held his hand out for Joyce, “Here allow me.” Before she could move on the bed he gently grabbed her. Mr. Thompson gave her a bear hug while standing behind her and then I heard him say “Barry, wait come back down here I wanted you to see this.””Are you ready for this Barry?” Mr. Thompson asked. The way he was holding Joyce, he had complete control over her and he reached down and parted her legs just as I moved closer. I noticed his cock move between her legs and as Joyce leaned forward the tip of his cock started to work it’s way into my wife’s soaking wet pussy. Her thighs pressed into the bed as he slowly worked the tip of his cock into her. “Barry, are you able to see my cock entering your wife?” he asked?”Yes I can see it, and I have to say that watching this is so freaking exciting.” I answered.I continued to watch as Mr. Thompson slowly worked more and more of his cock deeper into my wife. Even from my awkward angle, I was able to see his cock pushing deeper into her inch by inch. Joyce was moaning now and telling him how thick his cock was and how much it was stretching her, and all the while Mr. Thompson was working more and more of his now hard thick long cock into her. “Barry, your wife’s pussy is so tight around me cock! Can you see my cock disappearing deeper into your wife’s hot tight cunt?””Oh hell yes and it’s so freaking hot! I told him. Then I added, “And I know my wife and she will be cumming all over your cock very soon.” Did I just say that?Finally all of his cock was in Joyce, and he stopped and just held his big cock deep in her pussy for a few moments, and then he started to work his cock in and out of my wife. I could see her pussy lips stretched tight around his big thick cock and as his cock withdrew, the lips of her cunt clung tightly to it like it didn’t want to let go and once it pulled it almost all the way out, he would feed it back deep inside of her again. Even though I was under them and didn’t have a completely clear view, from what I did see, I knew that Mr. Thompson’s thick cock was at least five or six inches longer than my cock and a lot thicker.I heard Joyce’s voice saying “Oh my god Mr. Thompson, your cock is so big and you are so deep in me. Don’t be upset with me Barry, but his big cock really feels so good in me.”Mr. Thompson said “Barry, your wife’s tight pussy fits my big cock like a glove. I’m really going to enjoy stretching her out and opening your wife’s pussy up until it’s big enough to easily accommodate this big cock of mine, of course, once I do, she probably won’t even be able to feel your little dick anymore, but still, I have a feeling that this little arrangement of ours might really work out well.”Finally the real show started with Mr. Thompson working his big cock in and out of my wife’s pussy faster now and even though the angle was awkward, I could see my wife’s juices beginning to coat his big thick shaft. He began picking up the rhythm now, pushing his big cock deeper inside of my wife’s pussy faster and faster and deeper and deeper until his balls were slamming against her ass and he had buried his big cock all the way into her womb. I could hear Joyce moaning and groaning with pleasure. “Oh yes, yes Mr. Thompson…..give it to me! Give me all of that big cock! Fuck me harder. Fuck me and make me your slut!”I heard a slap, then another and another and realized that Mr. Thompson had really started to give it to Joyce now and her body swayed back and forth as he pumped his big cock deep into Joyce’s stretched out pussy.”That’s it….. yes….that’s it! Oh shit yes, ………fuck me harder…….bust my pussy open….give me all that cock!” It wasn’t long before I heard my wife scream out in total pleasure. “Oh my god…..yes…….yes…….. I’m cumming on your big cock!….Oh yes….I love the way your big cock is fucking me!”Mr. Thompson did not stop fucking my wife, even though eventually her orgasm died down a little. He kept right türbanlı escort konya on working his big cock deep in her pussy and slamming his cock in and out of my wife and she came again and again, over and over, more than I had ever seen or heard any woman cum while being fucked before. Oh how I wanted to see her face as she kept on cumming with his cock deep in her pussy. I have to say that it was so erotic hearing her scream again and again from the pleasure Mr. Thompson’s big cock was giving her. Finally I heard Mr. Thompson start to grunt and I knew he was about to fill my wife with his cum. I watched as he pushed his big cock all the way inside of her until I heard his balls slap against her ass and then I heard one loud grunt from Mr. Thompson and I could see his balls lift up and down and I knew he was pumping his cum into my wife’s pussy. I know when I masturbate that my cock expands when I cum and I could only fantasies about how sexy it must feel for Joyce with Mr. Thompson’s big cock expanding even more as it was filling her pussy with his cum so deep inside of her.Mr. Thompson still had his cock deep in my wife, and all I could do was reach down and start to stroke my own little dick. I knew that I had to cum! Part of me was hoping that Joyce would take me in her mouth but she didn’t move. Mr. Thompson’s big cock finally softened enough that it slipped from my wife’s tight pussy with a loud “pop” sound and I saw that her pussy was still open wide. The gap was the size of a silver dollar and I could see the thick white cum deep inside now moving towards the opening. Joyce moved towards me and then I heard her ask me to eat her out. She told me that she wanted me to make her cum again with my tongue and as she began to move, a large blob of thick cum dripped out of her pussy and landed on my chest. I was caught totally off guard and realized that I’d never seen another man’s cum before and it was pretty kinky knowing that the cum just came out of my wife’s well fucked pussy.Joyce quickly lifted her leg over my head and moved up further on the bed until her pussy was just above my face and I felt her reach out and slide her hand behind my head and pull me to her, “Come on Barry, eat me. Eat that well fucked pussy of your slut wife and make me cum! You know how much I love it when you eat me and right now, what I want is to feel your tongue inside of me and I especially want to see you eat Mr. Thompson’s cum out of me.”How could I deny my wife that? I let her guide my head up between her legs. Yeah I knew that Mr. Thompson just gave me wife one hot fucking and that his cum was deep in my wife but I know that I had to eat her. She wanted me to do it and the truth was that I wanted to do it too.”Barry, please tell me that you are okay with all of this?” she begged.When I moved between her legs I noticed that Mr. Thompson was now lying next to my wife. I’m sure that he wanted to watch me eat her pussy and I hesitated a moment before I put my lips to my wife’s slit and began licking at it. Then I took my wife’s cunt lips in my mouth and began licking and tasted the thick juices inside of her and then I realized that his cum was still in her. Since Joyce was aroused I started to use my tongue to lick around her clit. Making circles around her clit with my tongue always drives Joyce wild and this night was no exception. She was so close to the edge that it only took me three minutes before her legs clamped tightly against my head and she screamed with an intense orgasm.Once Joyce freed my head, I looked over at Mr. Thompson who was stroking his cock and I saw that it was hard again. Joyce noticed me looking and she just chuckled as she rolled over and on top of Mr. Thompson. When I heard her moan, I knew he had shoved his cock in my wife again. Joyce loves being on top and I knew she would enjoy riding Mr. Thompson’s big cock.Watching Joyce ride Mr. Thompson, well it was like a work out for her. She really gave it to him slamming down hard on him. Her hands dug into his chest, allowing herself to push off him. I’ve never seen Joyce ride me like this before but then again I’m much smaller than Mr. Thompson. I was so aroused watching her enjoy herself and was proud that she could free herself to enjoy this experience.Joyce grunted and groaned while bounding off Mr. Thompson. I’m not sure who was enjoying this more! Mr. Thompson having his thick cock in my wife, or my wife taking his thick cock, or me watching them have sex!”Joyce, you keep that up and I’m going to fill that cunt of yours with my cum again!””Not yet boss!!!, don’t cum just yet! Wait, I’m almost there?.I?.I?wanna cum when you cum! Please wait! Don’t oh god, I’m so close.” she pleaded.Mr. Thompson squinted his eyes, “Ready my cock slave?? are you ready to cum? I?I?.can’t..hold it much longer!”Oh god yes, I feel it. Shoot that cum in me again, I want it so bad. Oh Barry, hon, he’s cumming inside my pussy again” Joyce slammed down on him taking his cock deep in her pussy.I could tell by the way her body started to shake she was cumming too. After several minutes of both of them cumming, Joyce finally collapsed on him and did not move. As her breathing returned to normal, there was an expression on her face that I had never seen before. it was pure lust!!! She ran her fingers through her hair, shook her head, and said “That was amazing.”Then she rolled off and lay next to me. The way that Joyce was rocking her hips I knew that she wanted some more. After watching her ride him my own cock came back to life. I move up and mounted my wife. When I slipped my cock into Joyce, she felt different. Her pussy was warm and so much wetter than normal. I guessed that was from Mr. Thompson’s cum. When I closed my eyes all I could see was how he fucked my wife. My toes started to tingle and my balls tightened. It was so hot watching him doing my wife and that image of him pumping his cum into my wife pushed me over the edge. I gave one final thrust and started to cum but only lasted a minute at the most.Joyce kissed me, “Oh baby, I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself.”I grabbed my robe while Mr. Thompson started to get dressed.Mr. Thompson looked at Joyce lying on our bed. Joyce’s legs were open and we could see our cum starting to leak out of her pussy. Knowing that the cum was a mixture of his and mine started to get me hard again.”Barry, I think this will work out for everyone. I’m looking forward to our business arrangement and will contact Joyce for a shopping trip. One of the other girls will take her shopping and help her pick out the type of clothes she will need for work. All of the items will go on the company charge account.””That sounds like a plan.” I told him and said “Mr. Thompson, my wife will accept your job offer”.Once Mr. Thompson was dressed I wrapped a robe around myself and walked him to the door and then returned to my wife. I took off the robe and got naked again and joined her in bed.”Honey are you sure about this?” Joyce kissed me.”Yeah baby, I’ve never loved you more than right now. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I love you and I’m totally comfortable with what just happened as long as you are also””I love you too hon, and I’m so glad you feel that way because I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to getting fucked by my boss anytime he wants and then coming home and telling you about it and having you clean me out with your tongue. I hope that you’ll like that!” “I sure will Joyce, I sure will….” Barry told her.