Brandi came downstairs as everyone else was leaving. The red tank top she wore laced up the front and showed plenty of big tit cleavage, her black blouse was buttoned under her tits accenting them even more, while her skirt barely passed her voluptuous ass. Brandi’s black leather boots laced in front and went to her knees with an inch platform and four inch stiletto heel. She wore a set of gold hoops and diamonds in her ears with her reddish brown hair was up on the sides and long strands framing her face. Brandi was the last one to leave so they quickly got in the Durango. Brandi could feel her pussy tingle as she sat next to Scott.

They started chatting as they sat in traffic. Brandi wanted to have some fun, so she gave Scott a good view of her big tits. Being in the very back had its advantages as Brandi gave Scott’s knee a squeeze. He was still looking at her tits as she ran her hand up his thigh. Scott leaned in, and Brandi let him kiss her. They kissed slowly for a minute, her tongue sliding in his mouth. Brandi shifted in the seat to face him, giving Scott access to her thong.

“Play with me.” She said.

Scott slid two fingers in Brandi’s skirt, gently rubbing her pussy. Brandi pulled the ties holding her boobs in check. She opened her top, exposing her big tits. They continued to kiss as Scott rubbed her clit. Brandi opened her legs wider, giving Scott deeper access to her pussy. Soon Scott was finger fucking her fast and hard. He attacked her neck with his mouth, kissing his way to her big tits. Brandi pulled Scott back to her lips, ramming her tongue in his mouth. Scott was working Brandi’s hot fuckhole, letting his thumb rub her engorged clit. As he did Brandi was grinding her pussy into his fingers. Brandi’s tongue was sliding back and forth across Scott’s as her pussy got worked. Brandi licked her way across isveçbahis Scott’s ears as she ran her nails across his head.

“You better put your cock where your fingers are!” Brandi told him.

Scott was rubbing her clit furiously while they kissed.

“Is my pussy wet enough.” Brandi whispered.

Scott pulled his fingers free, as Brandi licked her juices from them. Brandi let Scott grope her as they got closer to the club. He played with her big tits as she reached over to tease his cock. Brandi groped Scott through his jeans, letting him open them. She slid her fingers in his pants, her nails teasing him.

A minute later they were parking the car, and going inside the club. Music was coming from everywhere. Their group went to the bar, getting shots for everyone. Someone handed Brandi one as Scott came up behind her. They finished their shots quickly, both of them hungry for sex.

They left everyone else as Brandi pulled Scott to the dance floor. She quickly got into a rhythm, the alcohol and music helping. Brandi turned her voluptuous ass into him, pressing herself on him. Scott had her hips, grinding on her. As crowded as the dance floor was Scott let his hands slid over Brandi’s curves. He felt her hand on his cock, and he ran his hands across her tits. Scott groped Brandi’s big tits roughly as she pushed her ass back. Scott matched her and soon they were grinding on each other. Scott spun Brandi around, putting his arms around her waist. Brandi continued grinding on Scott, as his hands went to her ass.

Pulling her into they kissed deeply and then down to that beautiful titflesh. As he kissed her tits Brandi groped his cock roughly. Scott kissed her again as Brandi continued grinding into him. Pulling back, she put her ass against his manhood. Scott held her waist as Brandi pressed her ass on him. isveçbahis giriş The music slowed down and they made their way across the dance floor looking for a secluded spot. They stopped at the bar for two more shots. Scott took Brandi to the back area of the club, looking for an empty room. He found an unlocked door and pulled her inside.

They started kissing immediately. Brandi grabbing for Scott’s cock as he kissed his way to her tits. Brandi leaned back against a desk spreading her legs. Scott pushed three fingers in her as he sucked on her tits again. Brandi pulled him to her mouth, ramming her tongue in his mouth. Scott went to his knees, holding Brandi’s thong aside as he pushed his tongue in her pussy. Brandi moaned loudly as Scott slurped on her wetness. He sucked her clit in his mouth and then flicked it with his tongue. She pushed him back, sliding off the desk. She squatted down in front of Scott, taking his cock in her red rimmed lips. Brandi bobbed up and down on Scott’s shaft, leaving it tinted red and covered in saliva. Scott grabbed the back of Brandi’s head, thrusting his cock down her throat.

Brandi opened her mouth wide, eager to take him as far as she could. She slid her tongue all over his thick shaft, letting her tongue run across the bottom of his cock. Brandi stood up, moving to the desk again. She leaned back, her legs in the air. Scott went in, holding her legs while he slid his cock into her hot pussy. He started fucking Brandi hard, ramming his cock into her. Scott had his hand on Brandi’s legs pumping his cock into her. Brandi gripped the desk as Scott fucked her hard. Scott grabbed Brandi pulling her up, wrapping her legs around him. Brandi was holding herself up with one arm, the other around Scott’s neck.

Scott pulled the strings on Brandi’s top, freeing those giant tits. Scott pulled isveçbahis yeni giriş out, flipping Brandi around putting his cock back in her. He pushed her over, slamming his dick in her. Brandi grunted loudly as Scott fucked her. He reached around, groping Brandi’s tits as his cock slid in and out of her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!!” Brandi screamed.

Scott felt Brandi’s nails on his balls, then on his cock. She reached back spreading her ass open. Scott pulled out, burying his face between Brandi’s thick cheeks. He pushed his tongue around her asshole making her gasp and squirm. Scott probed her ass with his tongue sliding it all over. Brandi slid a hand to her pussy, pumping two fingers in her snatch while Scott worked her asshole. Pulling her fingers free Brandi teased her ass. Scott sucked on her fingers before she pushed one against her asshole. Scott used his tongue on her ass as Brandi probed herself. He stood up sliding his cock inside her wetness. Brandi exhaled as Scott started fucking her pussy fast and hard. She kept rubbing her tight asshole as Scott held her hips, slamming his dick into her. Brandi moved her fingers back to her clit, rubbing her hot button furiously as Scott fucked her from behind. Her big tits were bouncing, Scott groping them roughly. He wanted to cum in the big titted brunette, wondering if she’d swallow his cum again.

“You ready for another shot?” he asked.

Brandi instantly knew what he meant and let him slip from her wetness. She went to her knees, wrapping her red lips around his hard cock. Scott held her head in place as he fucked her mouth. Brandi opened her mouth wide, letting her tongue slide along the bottom of his cock. Scott felt his cock erupt, Brandi letting him spew his seed down her throat. Brandi swallowed it all, licking his cock clean. She quickly stood up, pulling him to her lips. She rammed her tongue in his mouth a few times before stepping back. She fixed her skirt, then her top, smiling seductively.

“C’mon, I’m not done yet.” She said pulling him back to the dance floor.