We decided to run away for a few days. We arrive home from work, rush into the house and pack an overnight bag, and of course our bag of tricks. Once in the truck and on our way we ruthlessly tease each other, not caring who sees.

Tony tugs my pants out of the way with his right hand as he is driving down the highway. He is pleasantly surprised that he touches my bare clit as I have no panties on. He begins rubbing his fingers around my clit, and he notices that I am squirming. I lean the seat back, and spread my legs for easier access. Tony moves his hand down further and finds my hole soaking wet and ready for pleasure. I see him smile as he continues to watch the road ahead. He places one finger inside of me, and withdraws it from my pants and places it in his mouth. He groans with pleasure letting me know that it tastes good, not really able to speak. He reaches down my pants again and finds my slit. This time placing two fingers inside. He begins to stroke in and out slowly. I begin rubbing my breasts. Even though I am fully clothed, I easily feel my nipples getting hard from the pleasure. Tony places three fingers inside now, and continues stroking in slow motion. He begins massaging almanbahis giriş my clit a bit more and it is obvious that I am getting close to an orgasm. He reaches again for my clit and begins to rub in a fast circular motion, and I explode with a climax. He licks his fingers once more and smiles knowing I am satisfied.

We find a hotel soon after, and pull in for the night. Once we are in our hotel room we can hardly wait to play. Tony picks the toy of choice tonight, and he has picked my favorite toy. He has chosen the silver bullet. This toy is my favorite because of the multi-speeds. The best speed is one that is slow and pulsating. It is so nice to have a little ping of pleasure, and then a moment of anticipation waiting for the next pulse to arrive. This vibrator is great all alone, but when you add a “pineapple” ring to the tip, this toy really comes alive. The little prongs of the pineapple dance around and tickle my clit into ecstasy. It feels like 50 tongues lashing at my clit all at once. For this reason, it is Tony’s favorite gadget. He enjoys pleasing me. He can keep me begging all night long with this toy.

First, Tony has me lie on the bed and he starts kissing almanbahis güvenilirmi my neck! This sends me into orbit. He is tickling my nipples with the bullet and squeezing my breasts with his free hand. He begins to wander down my chest and my stomach tickling me with the pineapple that is on the end of the bullet. This is an incredible feeling. He makes his way to my barely there pussy hair and dances the bullet around making me want more. He gives my left leg a tug, and I spread open wide. I am already wet, just from the anticipation. He loves to turn me on. Tony knows just what to do to please me. He continues to tickle me with the vibe and begins to change the speed enjoying the view as he watches my jerking reactions to the pleasure.

Next, he props my legs open and up on his shoulders as he dives in with the bullet. He turns off the vibrator. I sit up in a panic and ask what is wrong. He smiles and tell me to relax and enjoy the ride. I tell him that I cannot wait any longer for a climax. Tony assures me that it is not yet time. I relax back on the bed as he turns the bullet back on, and resumes play. I begin to squirm and moan. He continues pleasing me and almanbahis yeni giriş starts to lick my clit as he plays with the speed control on the pulsating vibrator deep in my pussy. Only moments later, I am over the edge, screaming as I have an amazing climax. Tony is pleased to have sent me over the edge. Tony quietly asks me if I am ready for the real thing. I reply almost begging that I am ready for him to be deep inside of me. The grand orgasms do not come without his rigid cock filling my wet and already throbbing pussy.

Tony gets up on his knees, and grabs my ankles. He throws my legs straight up in the air, and he sticks his rock hard cock in my hole. He eases it in slowly, knowing that I want to savor every moment of him filling me inside. My pussy is soaking wet with a mixture of his saliva and my puddles of cum. He thrusts his dick deeper and deeper until he is completely inside of me. He continues teasing for a bit, pumping in and out slowly, waiting for me to beg for him to move a bit faster. I beg, and he begins the real pumping. He is grasping my ankles very tightly and now pumping very fiercely. His balls are slapping against my ass. I begin screaming with pleasure, telling how much I like feeling his balls slapping against my backside. He pumps faster and harder until we finally climax together. Tony collapses beside me on the bed and as we fall asleep in each others arms, Tony tells me that it has been one long day, but it was well worth the wait.