my stepdadit was mid winter and id just got home from school,i was 16 at the time and id just walked into the hallway and id heard an argument going on between my mum and my stepdad,i could hear her saying is that all you think about and with that the door opened and she walked past me and out the door,my stepdad came into the hallway and asked me if id heard any of that so I said yes,he said sorry I shouldn’t be hearing that sort of thing so I asked him if he wanted to talk about it he said no it wouldn’t be appropriate so I said I am 16 you know and he said okay we will have a sit down and have a chat so we did he told me he was thinking of leaving and I asked him why so he said hes only 40 and hes being made to think like theres something wrong with him for just wanting to still have sex,its not just about sex he said its about human contact kissing cuddling touching but she never wants to be touched,so I said I didn’t want him to go as id miss him she would miss him as well,so I said what if occasionally we had a hug and a cuddle,im not talking about sex obviously just getting into bed and beyoğlu escort having a snuggle up together,he said oh my god that’s really nice of you I would love that but I would get into a lot of trouble if your mother ever found out so I said well she wouldn’t find out from me I promise,he paused and said okay that’s fantastic that’s really nice of you,i said no problem anytime you want to just let me know, just say the words do you fancy a cuddle and ill know what you mean,anyway im off for a shower and get changed,i started to walk away and he said do you fancy a cuddle now so I said okay you get in bed ill be five minutes im just getting my shower and putting my nightie inI walked into my mums bedroom and he was in bed,i could see he didn’t have a shirt on but I didn’t know whether he was naked or not,i got into bed and said do you want me to cuddle you or do you want to cuddle me he said he wanted to give me a cuddle,so I turned over and he put his arm around me,we just lay there for a few minutes,it was really hot the heating had been nilüfer escort on all day,i said im overheating its far too hot so he said do you want me to stop cuddling you I said no,i then said I don’t want you thinking im being weird or something but is it okay if I take my nightie off as I don’t usually sleep with it on as I get far too hot,there was a slight quiver in his voice and he said er okay yes if you want to,he pulled his arm off me and I sat up and pulled my nightie over my head and threw it off the bed,i just sat there for a couple of seconds I could see he was looking at my breasts then I just lay back down,is it okay if I carry on cuddling you he said I said of course it is,he put his arm across my waist so I grabbed his arm and placed it across my breasts kissing his hand while I was doing it,he wasn’t fully cuddling into me so I moved my bum backwards so we were making full contact and with that I felt his erect penis pressing into me,he moved backwards quickly,sorry I couldn’t help it he said,im really sorry,its okay I said girne escort ill take that as a compliment laughing under my breath,did I hurt you I said,he said no I hadn’t,so I said are you sure because if I have I could always rub it better for you,he didn’t say anything for a couple of seconds then with a slight tremble in his voice said just a little bit,i turned round and said lie on your back which he did and I then gently started to stroke his penis,his eyes were closed I said open your eyes and look at me he did,does that feel nice,yes he said very nice I said yes while what about this and with that I wrapped my hand around his penis and started masturbating him,oh Christ he said that feels very nice,can I kiss you i said yes he said so I started kissing him gently on the lips and before long I had my tongue inside his mouth,I had my lips pressed so tightly against his he could hardly breath,i could feel his whole body starting to tense up and with that he started to cum,i was still kissing him while he was groaning and before long his stomach was covered in cum,i eased off and just looked at him,is that better I said,oh god yes thank you thank you so much that was amazing ive never cum like that before ,I said anytime,i mean it anytime,just say the words do you fancy a er cuddle I said giggling and ill know what you mean and I promise no one will ever find out it can be our little secret TO BE CONTINUED