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The Day My Friends Met My Mom & Sis

My name is Rahul. I live in Kochi (Kerala) with my mom, sister (Sonyia) & unmarried aunt (mealine). My father is abroad. I did not have much friends I first met peter at degree. His vast friends soon became mine and we came to be the bad gang. We used to do combine study which would end in smoking, drinking & blue films One such day peter, Seth, Ramanan, Ikbaal & me had gathered for study. By night we were drunk and after watching the movie we were too horny. It was peters idea to jump on the sunshade and watch the bathroom of our neighbour. we agreed and jumped down and watched our young neighbor (she studied with us in the tuition center- science academy).

Suddenly a light flashed on us and we thought we were caught and started to scramble when Seth pointed out it was only that someone had turned on the lights of a room We all came back, Seth looked down to see and so did we. I was stunned it was the window of our bathroom I tried to persuade them to not to watch. But they just brushed me off I could hear the tap being ones I looked to see who it was and found it was my sister Sonyia. She lifted her skirt and pulling down her panties, sat down to urinate I watched fascinated as the golden shower pissed out then she left and the show was over I literally pulled my friends who were waiting for my aunt to come.

When we reached above I started to quarrel and asked them what they would feel if I did something to their mother or sister? They said they would help me to fuck I got angry because in kerala we were brought up with clean thoughts and such a thought I couldn’t believe existed. Next day I wouldn’t allow combine study in my house so we decided to go to Ikbaal’s house. Ikbaal lived with his amma, grandmother, abu & sister bahis firmaları (Neilopher) who studied with my sister in 9th. When we reached there we found that his parents had gone to hospital. He called on to Neilo to bring cold drinks and we went to his room he showed his blue film collection and he played one It was a Malayalam sex (vaidyare/kuttare).

The movie got hot by the time Neilo came He made no move to off it but I grabbed the remote and offed it He asked her how much she got for English and she replied that she had failed. He said that was bad and she had to be punished. He pulled her near and slowly lifted her skirt, my eyes were quick to grab the view She wore a pink underwear He slowly pulled it to reveal a beautiful ass and he told her to touch her knees I could see her ass and pussy split open Peter opened his shorts and produced a small dick and slowly inserted into her small pussy she jumped up startled and I was surprised to see that she was surprised. I thought that Ikbaal had done this ealier but now I understood it was her 1st time.

Seth meanwhile joined the team as peter began to thrust his rod deeper, Seth began to suck her pussy Ramanan removed his loonkey and thrust his rod into her mouth within minutes all ejaculated and it was then I realized that my man was hanging out and I was rubbing it I slowly neared her and turned her around and tried to ass fuck her but it would not enter then I made her suck me and inserted her pussy as I was to cum I withdrew and fucked her mouth and pumped out to her mouth. Then Ikbaal told her not to tell anyone and send her I was still dazed and so when they asked to come to my house that I agreed. When Sonyia came we were lying on the terrecce Sethu asked her to dance she began to show him some steps whenever kaçak iddaa she turned or sat her underwear could be seen slowly Seth made her sit on his lap and pressed her breast I rose and freeing her told her to go.

After she left I hit him hard others came and pulled us back Peter said lets forget everything and he remined me of the fuck in Ikbaals house and with a sly grin said I could perhaps explain all to Ikbaals amma what I had done I understood he was blackmailing me in the end he persuaded me to let them watch once I felt there was no harm in letting them see thru the bathroom, but Peter had meant seeing straight ie in the night when everyone was asleep we tiptoped to the bed room Peter shone his torch to the bed and I saw mom and Sonyia asleep peter neared mom and slowly pulled her saree up to reveal her milky thighs and her red panties Meanwhile Sethu had started to lift Sonyias skirt and his hand was wading over her I pulled him back and reminded him of no touching only seeing Peter signaled us out and I thought it was over, but as we reached out he said to cover our faces so that if they woke we could run off.

I agreed and they covered their faces and peter said only one touch then we are off and before I could protest he went in He went to mom and once again moved her saree and slowly touched her ass then slowly began to pull the panties down Suddenly mom woke up and sensing she was to scream peter held her mouth and told her not to scream Ikbaal turned the light on now I began to fidget She began to struggle suddenly Ramanan took out a knife and threatened to kill her I began to feel it was the beginning of a nightmare with the point of knife he slowly pushed the pallu of moms saree and the swell of her breast in the blouse could be seen one by one he opened kaçak bahis it and peter tore off the bra, her breast jumped off as if freed for the first time.

I watched horrifying as they began to suck her tits Then they made her on fours and removed her saree she was now in her panties only Sethu came from behind and pulled her panties down and began to lick her ass he then pulled me and pulled off my loonkey and told her to suck my kuna (cock) I felt my moms hot lips on my cock as it plunged deep into her mouth and she began to blow her son unknowingly I tried to move but they threatened and I began to move with the rhythm and ejaculated in her mouth.

I could see her disgust but I was helpless then line by line all stood to be sucked After it was over they moved to Sonyia and now I protested saying she was a kid they said they would let her go if I fucked my mom so while they watched I splitted my mothers ass and inserted it went deep inside as she screamed I continued fucking her and pressed her ass and breast I was told to cum in her mouth so I began to fuck her mouth slowly I was so involved that I did not see Ramanan wake up Sonyia Seth had come behind me and pulled of my mask as I was to cum I could not hold back and the moment my mom saw my face I downloaded a mass of cum to her mouth she was starled to find her son by now peter had come behind her and was fucking her ass while Seth entered her mouth.

Seth meanwhile was on Sonyia they made her on all fours and removed her panties I surprised them by pushing them off and inserting my penis to her small pussy I now had nothing to loose I fucked her small ass then as the time came I pulled off and inserted into her mouth and exploded Seth came and inserted his penis in Sonyia and licked moms ass and while others took their positions and began to fuck mom & Sonyia in all places they could insert their penis from mouth, pussy, ass, breast, on the stomach I just cant remember where all but I do remember that I too joined them.