Young DomsJamie was finally going to have a lesbian mistress after months of extensive search on the web. At age 42, she had given up on marriage. Her first two was total failures. She had found what she always desired were women and more in being dominated by them. The thought of suffering to their whims were driving her crazy in desire to achieve her goal. Her new mistress was only 22 and she was to meet her in a restaurant that night.She arrived early and took a booth to await her.”Are you Miss Morris,” a young beautiful blonde lady asked around 20 years old.Yes, I am.”I am Linda,” said the lady sitting on the opposite side of the booth. She had a large bag which she placed to the inside of the booth seat.”I am so glad to…””Hush up, cunt. I’ll tell you when you can talk.” The woman commanded.Jamie pussy wettened at the tone of her voice.When the waitress came, Linda ordered her a steak meal and a burger for Jamie. She took the bag and placed it under the booth.Take the bag to the bathroom and do what is in the note in it. Hurry cunt or your food will get cold.Jamie picked up the bag noticing Linda was not even noticing her and went to the bathroom going in one of the stalls. Opening the bag, she found the note on top.1. You will remove your clothing and take a piss in the plastic container in the bag and put the lid back on it before you put it in the bag.2. You will take the rubber panties in the bag and put them on. You will afterwards put on the rubber bra in the bag. Your old bra and panties will be thrown in the trash.3. You may then put your dress back on and report to me.Jamie needed to pee and had little trouble going in the container prior to finishing in the john. When she picked up the rubber panties, she was shocked to see two pongs in them. Wet at looking at them, she struggled to pull them up her rather large thighs and slowly began the painstaking tasks of inserted the dongs in her pussy and ass. She could barely move as the panties were so tight they almost were cutting her breath off. The bra had small spikes in the cup even through they were dull. She didn’t think she would have much trouble till she tried to put it on. It was extremely tight and the spikes were digging in her tits. Her dress was then retrieved and put over everything. The problem came when she tried to put her shoes on. The panties were so tight she could hardly reach her toes and the pongs were pushing in her holes causing severe pain. She finally decided to stand up and step in them and pull her leg behind her so she could reach them.Gosh it was tight she thought. Her cunt was on fire and totally damp from its restraints. She zipped the bag back up and found out immediately that walking was going to be a great chore. She could only take small steps and it felt like someone was fucking her with each movement. She slowly made her way out the stall back to the diner avoiding anyone who may be looking. She was surprised to find another young brunette girl about Linda age sitting beside her on the booth.”Sit cunt,” Linda told her. “This is Paige, my friend, who is going to help train you.”Jamie was embarrassed that the girl had said it loud enough for several people nearby to have heard. Slowly she tried to sit down on the booth opposite the girls to avoid any suspicions but her asshole was assaulted by the plug as she sat down causing her to yelp. With effort, she was able to sit all the way even with several people glancing in her direction. Her asshole was totally stuffed like a turkey. She was very uncomfortable hoping they would eat fast so she could get out of here. Her face was totally red as she continued to look down to avoid anybody that may be looking at her.”Take your cup out of the bag and pour it in your glass cunt.” Linda commanded her.Jamie looked wildly at the girl for a moment and slowly reached down and got the container pouring it in the empty glass nearby. Both girls were smiling at her knowing how she had fought the urge to resist and run for it. They were having their fun.”Now eat your burger cunt.” Linda demanded.Jamie reached down and got the burger and tried to take a bite without choking. It had a pungent smell to it like it was bad or old. Linda noticed her look and demanded she eat it all.”By the way cunt,” Paige decided to favor it up for you with some of her pussy juice. Really adds to the favor. “You’ll get to eat the real thing later.” Linda told her.Jamie was aghast at the thought of what she was doing but continued to try to chew the burger while the girls talked about college ignoring her.”Remember to drink your piss,” Linda turned at her with a stern look on her face.Jamie picked up the glass and closing her eyes swallowed as much as she could taste in one gulp. It tasted terrible but she was scared now of what the girls would do if she didn’t. Her asshole was in pain down below from the plug and she was fighting the urge to run to the bathroom and throw up but she continued on to their amusement. Her cunt was still wet from the dildo in it and getting more and more excited. She finished up the burger and finally the rest of the piss as they chatted about boyfriends and school events.”I think the slut is done eating.” Paige said smiling at her. “Boy what a slut. Bet she enjoyed the meal.”Jamie watched as Paige picked up her fork and dropped it by the side of the booth on the floor.”Oh me.” Paige said smiling. “Slut pick it up.”Jamie looked at the fork lying on the floor with panic. To get it, she would have to get up and then bend down and pick it up. With the plugs inside, she didn’t know canlı poker oyna how she was going to be able to do it. Finally, she got the courage to try as she struggled to get back up and stepped out the booth. She bent her knees as best as she could to get lower enough to get it as she gasped in pain from the plugs entering in rear and front so deep. She knew people must have heard her as she tried to ignore everything around her. Grabbing it she rose back up shaking all over from the intruders in her holes. She knew people must be thinking something was wrong with her as she placed it back on the table and tried to get back down in the booth. The pong pushed up deep in her asshole again causing her to curse.Both girls were staring and smiling at her.”Spread your legs wide slut.” Linda commanded.Jamie spread her legs as wide as the skirt would allow. She felt something hard sliding up her thighs and knew it was one of their shoes. It finally came to rest on the dildo in her cunt and started pushing it in and then backing off only to repeat. Her cunt was on fire as there she was sitting there in a restaurant being dildo fucked by a girl half her age with her shoe. She squirmed in the seat as she felt herself getting more and more excited. She could see them smiling at her discomfort and pleasure as her foot kept dildo fucking her cunt. She felt herself near climax despite her efforts not to. “Poor slut wants to cum.” Linda smiled at Paige. “Cum for me slut. Come on cum.””Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Jamie yelled out loud she came.She was still shaking all over as she glanced around to see people staring at her and tried to regain her composure. Linda removed her shoe to her relief.”Say thank you mistress for fucking me.” Linda demanded.Jamie was totally humiliated and excited beyond her belief as she spoke up.”Thank you mistress for fucking me.” “Only a whore cums that quick.” Paige said. “Oh that right. She is a whore.”Linda and Paige was both laughing at her discomfort.”I think she needs a little makeup,” Paige said. “That color is all wrong for those pucker lips of hers.”Jamie watched as Paige reached in her purse and got a tube of lipstick opening it up.”Push your little pussy face closer so I can put it on you proper.” She continued.Jamie leaned forward knowing she was going to dread it. She quickly found out how much as Paige smeared the red lipstick all over her lips. She knew she must really look like a whore.”That’s better.” Paige said. “Now she looks the part.””We’re going out to the parking lot to wait on you.” Linda told her. Go pay the bill and meet us there. We don’t want to be seen with a whore like you.”Both girls got up laughing and started for the door as Jamie tried her best to get back up. Her thighs were wet from cumming but the plug in her ass was just starting to feel a little better as she grabbed her purse and made her way up to the counter to pay for the meal. Several people was noticing how funny she was walking and the red smear across the mouth as she finally managed to lay the ticket down and pulled out the money to pay for it.The cashier was staring at her but rang the bill up and put the change back down on the counter.”Next time don’t come here.” The woman told her. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”Jamie retrieved the change and returned it to her purse and started out the door relieve she had made it out. She had never been so embarrassed in her life as she started crying as she got out in the parking lot.The girls were laughing at her as she made her way to her car and Linda demanded the key. Paige led her to the back seat and helped her get in while she sat down beside her.”Are we ready to go?” Linda asked. “People are beginning to stare at us.””Just a second.” Said Paige reaching over and ripping Jamie blouse apart exposing her rubber studded bra to anyone looking. “Now we are.”Linda started the car out the parking lot while Paige started slapping on Jamie bra covered tits. Even though the needles were dull it still hurt as Jamie pleaded with her to stop. Finally Jamie quit slapping her tits and grabbing her chin in her hand squeezed.”Does my little slut want some pussy juice to lick on?” Paige asked. “Or do you prefer to tongue my sweet puckered asshole.””Yes mistress.” Jamie replied.”Yes what?” Paige demanded shaking her head from side to side.”Yes mistress. I need some pussy juice.” Jamie replied weary the girl was going to beat her up.Paige released her jaws and moved to the end of the seat and raised her dress. Jamie had a clear view of her hairy cunt glistering wet underneath.”Come here piggie and lickie some pussy juice.” Paige demanded. “Pucker those whore lips of yours in my cunt.”Jamie crouch down in the seat to get in position. As soon as she was close enough Paige grabbed her hair roughly and shoved her face in her cunt. She had little choice but to start tonguing her clit as she jerked her hair from side to side rubbing her clit all over her mouth. Her own cunt was getting soaking wet worshiping the girl’s clit. This was what she dreamed about for years.”Boy you should see how the piggie is sobering all over my pussy.” Paige was telling Linda. “Faster piggie. Wag your tongue faster. That’s it you old hag. Worship my cunt.”Paige words was turning her on as much as what she was doing as Jamie started lapping as fast as she could. Finally, she felt her gushing all over her face rubbing it around her mouth and nose.”Say thank you mistress for letting whore lick your pussy.” Paige demanded pulling Jamie face from her crotch.”Thank you mistress for letting whore canlı bahis lick your pussy.” Jamie replied still licking her lips as her head was being jerked back.”I think the whore was getting off licking my pussy.” Paige yelled out to Linda. “Turn around whore and let me see your butt.”Jamie turned around as best as she could in the seat as she felt Paige hand running all over her rubber panties across her ass and down to her cunt. The rubbing on the dildo was driving her wild in excitement as she tried to give her more access. “Yep. The old whore is cumming all over her panties.” Paige yelled out to Linda. “Bad little whore.”Slap, slap.Jamie felt the first two slaps on the plug in her asshole as she jumped in pain as the plug dug deep. Slap, slap, slap.”Quit love tapping and really give it to the old whore big ass.” Linda yelled from the front. “I can hardly hear those smacks.”Paige was really slapping her ass now as Jamie was squirming all over the seat to avoid the continuous slaps. She started pleading with her to be a good little whore and do whatever they wanted. Finally, Jamie quit to her relief.”Boy, I bet that big ass is totally red under those panties.” Paige was laughing. “I don’t think the bitch is getting off now. Are you bitch?””No mistress.” Jamie pleaded. “My ass hurts mistress.”The car was finally slowing down and drove up to an old rundown house Jamie saw as she looked out the windows still smarting from her ass whopping. There were woods all around and she didn’t have the faintest idea where they were. They parked it in front.”Remove all clothes except for the panties and bra slut.” Paige demanded. “You want need in your new home.”Jamie started removing what was left of her bra and shirt as both girls got out of the car and walked around to her door. Linda opened it up.”Get out on your hands and knees slut.” Linda demanded.Jamie got out and immediately got down on her hands and knees. She felt Linda straddling her from above and her full weight coming down on her back as she sat down.”Getti-up piggie.” Linda yelled down at her and slapped her ass hard in back driving the plug deep as she yelp in pain. “Paige can you be kind and open the door. I think piggie is going to be very slow.”Linda brought her hand down again on Jamie ass.”Oink piggie. I want to hear you oinking.” Linda was yelling slapping her ass.”Oink, oink, oink” Jamie started yelling trying to crawl to the door with the weight on her back and her sore ass being slapped.Linda was showing no mercy as she struggled not to fall and finally made it to the door where Paige was holding it open and laughing at her plight. She had expected to be dominated and humiliated but never like this. As Linda finally got off her back she signed a heavy relief and hoped they would let her rest for a moment. She glanced at the small rundown building and could see several old and a couch in the living area. The kitchen off to the side was small and very dirty. The house itself was very hot as she watched as the girls turned on fan units in the windows.As soon as the fans were on, Linda immediately started stripping and sat back on the couch and raised her legs above her head.”Paige help hold my legs up.” She told her friend.”Come here piggie” She yelled at Jamie. “Tongue my ass and cunt till I cum all over your worthless face.Jamie crawled forward in the room at the girl as Paige was helping holding Linda legs up to give her full access to both her holes.”Make me cum first in my cunt and then my ass.” Linda demanded. “Or I’ll beat your ass raw.”Jamie started lapping the girl soaking wet cunt in earnest contracting mostly on the clit while darting her tongue inside every once in a while. It didn’t take long for her to cum on her face as she lower down to her pucker anus and started rimming the small hole at first and then driving her tongue in and out. It took longer but she felt her whole ass rocking on her face and knew she had succeeded. She hoped she was going to relax for a moment as Linda laid back on the couch relaxing from her climax but Paige immediately grabbed her hair and pushed her on her back on the floor.Paige stripped and walked over standing over her squatted her ass right down on her face.”My turn slut.” Paige yelled. “Clean my ass with your tongue.”Jamie started tonguing her asshole much like she did Linda’s earlier. It took less time as Paige was cuming down her chin and rocking her ass on her face wildly above.She gasped for air as Paige got off her and made it over to a chair and sat down. Both girls were now relaxing after enjoying their climax while she laid exhausted on the floor with her pussy in desperate need of attention. She tried to reach down to push on the dildo but Linda warned her to keep her legs spread. She just laid there desperate for some relief to the fire between her legs. The girls were chatting again ignoring her and her needs.Finally, Linda glanced down at her.”Don’t worry piggie,” she told her. “The rest of the sorority will be over later tonight to enjoy that flabby tongue of yours.””I think we should fix her up before the guests arrive.” Paige said. “I’ll go get the scissors and razor. Can’t have all that nasty hair laying all over the floor.”Jamie started moaning. They were going to cut her hair. She saw Linda getting up and grabbing her by the hair leading her to a chair in the kitchen. She slapped her ass and demanded she get in the chair on her knees and bend over the back of it as Jamie did reluctantly. She watched as Paige returned with a couple of pairs of scissors, shaving cream, and razor. bahis siteleri The thought of losing her beautiful hair after all these years of trying to get it right brought tears to her eyes as she remained still as the girls started working on her. Linda was cutting large blocks of her hair dropping it on the floor while Paige was cutting her pussy hair below as she tried to remain still hoping they wouldn’t cut her. She felt cool air between her legs and on the back of her head. “Time to squirt her up.” Paige laughed as Jamie felt shaving cream being squirted on her pussy and ass. “Be still sweetie. We don’t want to cut your pride and joy.”Jamie could feel the razor sliding between her legs as her head was being foamed about by Linda. She dared not move. The tingling down there was making her feel like she had to pee as she felt the razor sliding up and down on her head. Her ass was being spread in back as the dildo was still firmly inserted as the razor started making its way around it. She was totally humiliated as the girls were finally getting down and wiping her private areas with a towel to get all the foam totally off. “Now she truly does look like a piggie.” Paige laughed as they slapped her ass a few times. “Maybe more like a piglet.” Linda said. “Get on your hands and knees and pick up all your nasty hair and put it in the trash whore.”Jamie got down and starting trying to pick up all her beautiful hair as the girls took turns swatting her ass yelling at her to hurry up before the rest arrived. She was near done when the door opened and she heard lots of voices entering the house.”Where’s the old bitch.” Someone yelled. “Can’t wait to slap some big ass bitch around.”All the girls were commenting and yelling as they entered as Jamie turned around on all fours to see about 5 or 6 girls entering the room laughing at her plight. She turned all shades of red and stood still not knowing what to do.”And to think we have this bitch to ourselves all year.” One of the girls laughed.”Looks to me like someone been having all the fun.” Another piped up. “Couldn’t even wait on the rest of us.”Let’s form a spanking circle and have the bitch walked around bent over so that her fat ass sticks out.” Another yelled.There was a lot of agreement on that one as Linda grabbed Jamie by the arm and dragged her up on her feet. She didn’t even try to cover herself as she knew what the girls had in mind. She watched as they made a circle around the room as Linda pulled her to the center.”Listen bitch.” Linda warned her. “You are going to parade around the room while we slap your big stinking ass. Grab the back of your knees and don’t let go unless you want to suffer the consequences later.Linda bent over grabbing her knees in back as Linda gave her the first slap on the ass and demanded she start walking. She started to make the circle as the next slap hit her ass and she yelped in pain but kept going. Another and another rained down on her sore up tilt ass as she dared not release her hands. She was totally in tears by the third round and the girls finally had enough of their fun. She was then made to get on her knees and tongue each of their royal assholes till they were satisfied. She was exhausted but so excited she came despite trying to hold it. All of the girls were laughing at her calling her names.She started to cry when suddenly they heard a loud noise and several men and a woman entered carrying guns in their hands. All the girls jumped in fear and started covering themselves.”I told you those girls were up to no good when you rented the place to them.” The woman yelled out behind the men. “Looks to me like they were having an orgy of some kind. Maybe you and boys should show them how its done.”A large man with a beard walked in the center. “Sounds to me like these bitches need a little special attention first. Like a good spanking.” All the girls were begging and covering their privates as Jamie remained on her knees still crying and not knowing what to do.”Bend those white butts over so the boys can give ya what you deserve. A good whipping.” The woman yelled. “There’s not a house within twenty miles of here so no one will know if any of you where here.”Jamie watched as the woman cocked the gun and the girls started crying cringing to each other.”You heard the woman.” The man yelled. “Turn around and bend over or Lilly here is going to shove that gun up each of your assholes.”The girls still crying all turned around and bent over.”There you go boys.” The man yelled. “Ain’t that the prettiest white tail asses you seen in years. Go get em.”Jamie watched in horror as the boys put their weapons to the side and immediately stepped forward and started spanking whatever ass they could get to first. The girls were all yelling and begging them to let them go as they screamed as their asses were turning bright red.”Looks like the boys are going to have a lot of fun tonight.” The man said to the woman. “A little more of this, and they will be begging to suck cock the rest of the night.””What about you.” The woman asked. “Don’t you want one of those filly asses for yourself?””Naw,” The man replied. “They’ll probably wear me out. I think I’m going to enjoy shoving my big cock in that fat ass mom ass on the floor there.”Jamie heard the man and started trying to crawl out the room as he immediately came down on her back pinning her on the floor and the zipper of his fly being opened. She screamed out for mercy as the dildo was jerked out her asshole and she felt his wet cock at the entrance.”Don’t wear the cunts out to soon.” The woman yelled out to the boys who were now stripped and grabbing a girl at a time forcing them to their knees. “My cunt got an itching for some young snatch tongue.Jamie didn’t hear the rest as the large cock pushed up her shitter in one push.